The Most Inspirational Women in Cyber UK 2020 – winners announced:

Gender diversity in the field of safety is improving. According to the latest figures from the CSI(2) , the percentage of women in cyber security is around 24% and more and more women are appointed to decision-making positions.

It is widely recognised that one of the most important factors in attracting more women into the industry – or even the transition to cyber security – is the existence of role models. The digital event, where the winners were announced, took place last night on the 28th. The event, organised by the computer security guru on 10 October, was made possible thanks to the support of sponsors who want to promote the role of women in cyberspace. The sponsors are BT Security and Kaspersky Platinum, the gold sponsors are BAE Systems AI and KnowBe4, the silver sponsor is ISC(2).

This list is intended to identify the most inspiring women in today’s industry on which our jury has voted. The jurors themselves *(see below) are not included in the list, but were selected for their own role in promoting the role of women in cyber security and promoting diversity in the recruitment process and beyond – and are of course inspirational personalities themselves.

The judges nominated their candidates, nominations were also accepted via the computer security guru’s website, including self-dominations, and then the judges chose the top 25, with those who received the most votes being the winners – although we extended the list to 26 with a few strikes of votes.  The winners are not ranked, so the following results are not in any particular order:

Lindy Cameron, CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre.

The COWID 19 pandemic has led to an increase in cyber attacks against businesses and consumers, making the role of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) more important than ever. As the new executive director of NCSC since October 2020, with a summary of how the organisation responds to hundreds of cyber incidents each year, Lindi Cameron is at the heart of the process. Cameron has an impressive resume, including 20 years of experience in national security policy and crisis management. She started her career in the private sector at McKinsey and worked for the government, both nationally and internationally. Although she has just arrived in her current role, the appointment itself is inspiring.

Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Chief Security Consultant at Microsoft.

Sarah Armstrong-Smith has an inspiring CV and has held positions at the London Stock Exchange and Fujitsu. She is currently senior security consultant for Microsoft Cybersecurity Solutions Group. She works with strategic clients across Europe to help them develop security strategies and capabilities to support the digital transformation and implementation of the cloud.

Armstrong-Smith has experience in business continuity, disaster recovery, data protection, privacy and crisis management. By combining these elements, it provides a comprehensive picture of the cyber security situation and how to proceed proactively to ensure effective operational sustainability.

Eliza Mae Austin, founder and director, ladies of the London Hacker Society.

Austin is the founder and director of the Ladies of London Hacking Society, an organization that provides women with the opportunity and a welcoming space to develop and refine the technical skills essential to success. Austin feels that her colleagues inspire her and therefore gives her a well-deserved place on the list, but she opposes the idea of lists and awards for women only because she feels they impede the progress women have made in the industry.

Playing women against each other in an already small industry is confusing for me, she says. It would be great if we could go to a place where we learned a good job, no matter what kind of reproductive system someone has.

Austin believes that the diversity of opinions, thoughts and experiences is incredibly important and useful for the creativity of the team. Prioritize, and you still end up with other people.

Chani Sims, founder of SHe CISO Exec.

Simms has been active in the information technology sector for over 17 years. He is a passionate entrepreneur, a C-level consultant, a vCISO, ISO27001 and IASME auditor, a Cyber Essentials evaluator and a specialist in helping organizations implement and manage information security and privacy programs.

Simms is a technology specialist who worked for IBM UK in 2015 as an independent IT infrastructure security consultant and co-founder of Meta Defence Labs.

Simms’ own experience and passion for the industry led her to establish SHe CISO Exec, a platform designed to address the gaps in the industry by expanding the circle of talented and emotionally intelligent cyber security managers.

Holly Foxcroft, Neuroscience Consultant, Associate Lecturer in Cyber Security at Chichester College, Practice Leader in Beta Technology and Cyber Security Specialist at Highbury College.

Dr Foxcroft is a university lecturer at Chichester College, where he teaches a combination of technical and non-technical cyber security topics and is developing a future curriculum with modules on cyber security.

At the same time she works as a consultant at the University of Neuro and cooperates with schools, colleges, individual helpers, parents and companies. As an inclusionist, Foxcroft works tirelessly to create a platform for equality and advocacy for neurosurveurs and to offer career opportunities in the field of cyber security. She is currently completing her final year at the University of Portsmouth, where she researches neuro-differentiated cybercriminals to provide support and advice to practitioners.

Adenike Cosgrove, Director International Product Marketing, Proofpoint

Cosgrove is an advocate of diversity and believes that the more new and diverse views, based on different life experiences and backgrounds, emerge in the cyber security industry, the better informed the industry will be.

During the day, Cosgrove develops a cyber security strategy for Proofpoint and defines the marketing strategy for the European and Asian-Pacific market. She was also elected vice-chairman of the working group on authentication indicators, whose task was to develop a tool to provide consistent message authentication information to end-users, which also led to the introduction of the BIMI specification for e-mail.

Lisa Forte, partner of Red Goat Cyber Security.

La Forte is inspired both in her daily work and beyond – she is a mountaineer trying to climb Everest in May 2021. In addition to his current role as Red Goat’s cyber security partner, Forte is also a co-founder of the Cyber Volunteer Initiative 19 – 3000 strong volunteers who help hospitals across Europe stay safe during the pandemic.

Mrs. Forte began her career at companies that placed armed guards on merchant ships to protect them from Somali pirates. She became a member of the British Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Service and then the British Cybercrime Unit. Three years ago, she co-founded Red Goat, a company that provides social engineering and cyber-attack services to companies around the world.

Forte runs the popular blog Reboot, has been filmed in several documentaries and is currently working on a series for a British TV station.

Dr. Victoria Baines, Visiting Scholar, University of Oxford, Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Bournemouth.

Dr. Baines is the leading authority on trust, security and cyber security on the Internet. It also provides research expertise to various international organisations, including Interpol and the Council of Europe.

Dr. Baines is not only a professional musician, but also the co-organizer of the Cyber Warrior Princess podcast, which aims to demystify cyber security for a popular audience.

Before her current position, Ms Baines was responsible for the trust and security of Facebook for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Prior to joining Facebook, Victoria led a strategy team at Europol’s European Cybercrime Prevention Centre, where she was responsible for analysing cyber threats in the EU. She designed and developed iOCTA, Europe’s flagship cybercrime threat assessment, and wrote the 2020 scenario for the future of cybercrime, which served as the basis for the successful series of short films of the same name. She’s currently writing a book on the rhetoric of security.

Sharon Barber, head of security at Lloyd’s banking group.

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, especially for those working in the critical financial sector. Ms Barber heads this position as head of security for the Lloyds banking group, a position she has held since 2017, after joining the bank in 1985.

As part of his duties, Mr. Barber heads the security department at Group headquarters, which is responsible for cybersecurity and physical and information security activities. It manages the operational sustainability strategy and its implementation for the team, in close cooperation with regulators and government. It also leads the group’s response to the VIDOC crisis 19.

Jenny Radcliffe, social engineer.

Jenny Radcliffe, known in the industry as a hire thief, is a social engineer hired to circumvent security systems through a mix of psychology, art, cunning and deception. Ms Radcliffe, who regularly works on the voice channel and is employed by several EFILE companies, has spent her career conducting personal conversations in secure locations, protecting clients from fraud and leading fake criminal attacks on organisations.

Radcliffe’s focus on the human aspect of safety is reflected in her Human Factor podcast, in which she interviews industry leaders, bloggers, experts, fellow sociologists and crooks about the safety and prevention of social engineering victims.

Elizabeth Denham, ICE Information Officer.

As the party responsible for imposing sanctions on companies that violate the general update of the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since its entry into force in May 2018, Denham is fully committed to increasing consumer confidence in the way his personal information is handled. Of course, this means that companies must be transparent to the public about how personal information is used, and Denham has already done research on Yahoo, Camelot, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Previously she worked as Information and Privacy Commissioner in British Columbia, Canada and as Assistant Privacy Commissioner in Canada.

Neira Jones, Consultant, Spokesman and NED in the United Kingdom.

Jones is a recognized expert in payments, financial technology, regression, cybercrime, information security, regulation and digital innovation. With over 20 years of experience in financial services and technology, Jones believes in change through innovation and partnership, and always strives to capture the excitement of current issues.

Jones is also a member of 1. PCI Pal Advisory Committee and Chairman of the Mobile Innovator Ensygnia Advisory Board. She’s an ambassador for the New Payments Association and a friend of the Global Cyber Alliance.

Its clients are companies in the financial services, financial institutions, retail, legal, consulting and information security and technology sectors.

Rowenna Fielding, head of human rights and ethics in the protection department.

Fielding, who previously worked for IT and Infosec, is now a privacy anorak. With interests such as data retention and knowledge management, Fielding constantly monitors privacy developments to analyze and explain them to others.

As a strong supporter of consumer privacy, Fielding often comments on the business approach of updating EU data protection legislation (GDPR). Fielding also holds an ISEB data protection certificate and a GDPR IDM award.

Mivey James, Director of Digital Conversion and Head of the Consulting Department at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

James is currently director of Digital Conversions and head of the Consulting Department at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. He has 25 years of experience in the technology industry and works in the public and financial sector.

After starting his career in cyber security as an analyst/programmer, James is now working with UK government agencies on their digital transformation strategies, focusing on security and enterprise architecture.

She is a STEM career advisor and founder of the organisation’s network for gender balance, working with UK clients on their own gender balance initiatives. It also played an important role in changing the composition of the IQ protection speakers, which were previously reserved for men.

Cyn John, OIE, Senior Security Advisor for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Microsoft.

COVID-19 has brought employees from all over the world to work, making digital conversion and teleworking a core business for Microsoft. As senior security consultant for EMEA, John plays a key role in working with customers to quickly adapt security implementations. John also leads the EMEA security consultants who work with Microsoft customers to help them develop cybersecurity strategies and best practices.

She was awarded the Order of the British Empire in the Queens 2018 New Year’s Honour List for her cyber security services. She is a researcher at the Chartered Institute for Information Security and chairman of the TechUK Cyber Security Management Committee and the Digital Economy Advisory Council of UK Research Councils.

Jacqui Chard, Deputy Director of Defence and National Security National Cyber Security Centre

The role of the National Cyber Security Center is more important than ever because the Covid 19 pandemic is accompanied by a deluge of phishing emails from criminals and foreign opponents trying to steal IP addresses and valuable corporate funds. This does not include the additional threat of spies intercepting important government data.

As part of her role in the NCSC, Mrs Chard, who has worked for the GCHQ and the Government for 30 years, is responsible for ensuring that the United Kingdom is sovereign in its ability to provide information and communicate at national level. This allows the government to do business safely at the highest level.

Diana Moldavskaya, Aviva’s Head of UK eOperations and member of the Executive Board of SHe CISO Exec

A Moldovan mentor, speaker and cyber security expert leads Aviva’s team that responds to incidents and hunts down threats. She enthusiastically returns to society to help people who want to start a career in cyber security and collaborates with various organizations such as NCSC and STEM Social to support schools and students.

As an advocate for diversity, Moldova is also a member of the Executive Board of SHe CISO Exec. She is a CISSP, GCIH, GCIA, GSEC and PRINCE2 certified specialist. She has nine years of experience in the cyber security sector and regularly participates in conferences and roundtables to share her experience.

Professor Alison Wakefield, Professor of Criminology and Security Studies, Center for Cyber Security and Criminology, University of West London.

Allison Wakefield, PhD in CSyP FSyI, is president of the Institute for Security, the largest association of security professionals in the United Kingdom, and Professor of Criminology and Security Studies at the University of West London, where she is a member of UWL’s Executive Centre for Cyber Security and Criminology and director of the professional doctoral thesis in Police, Forensics and Security.

Wakefield has also written a number of award-winning books: She received the Emerald Outstanding Paper 2018 Award for co-editing the Journal of Criminology Research, Policy and Practice on Countering the Bottleneck of Fraud. There’s collateral in their books: The private police in the public space, Lexique des Sages on the police, ethical and social perspectives on crime prevention in the situation. Your fourth book, Security and Crime: Converging visions of a complex world in 2021.

Gemma Moore, co-founder and director of Cyberis.

Mr Moore has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of security advice, helping clients in various sectors to assess risks and improve security. It performs infrastructure and application penetration tests, assesses information risk, performs due diligence, conducts forensic investigations and simulates targeted attacks.

Mr. Moore is also chairman of the CREST Steering Committee on Penetration Testing, which recently organized seminars and webinars as part of CREST’s Cyber Security Access Day. The workshops focused on best recruitment practices to attract more women into the security sector. Moore looked at whether the government, industry or academia could do something to attract more women to the industry, and if not, why not?

Didar Gelici, Cyber Security Risk Manager, Travelex.

Gelici is a talented cyber security and privacy professional who works as an information risk manager during the day while actively volunteering in the security communities she cares about. She has 12 years of experience in risk management in the financial sector and is a member of the Ladies of London Hacking Society and SHe CISO Exec and other projects.

Gelsey says she is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience and wants to help others feel welcome and enthusiastic about the industry. Your pet hates the poor risk management of others and ignores the right to privacy.

Daewoo, CISO, Xoserve.

Deu has an impressive CV, with more than 14 years of experience in managing companies in various sectors, including banking, financial services, manufacturing, automotive, insurance, retail, real estate and utilities.

She was the first CISO at British Land, the UK’s largest property development and investment company, where she created, implemented and managed a new function. She currently works for Xoserve, where she acts as CISO for the UK gas industry, redefining and implementing security and privacy arrangements.

Deu is proud of its global and human approach to customers, stakeholders and suppliers. It focuses on awareness through intellectual leadership, transparency, knowledge transfer, strategy and change, and guiding others to support them in their work.

Poppy Gustafsson is the director of Darktras.

Gustafsson, a well-known name in the industry, is the CEO of Darktrace, a company that has reached an estimated $1.65 billion in less than five years. She’s also a certified accountant, formerly CFO. Prior to Darktrace, Gustafsson worked as a financial controller for the technology and venture capital sector. On her birthday in 2019, Ms Gustafsson received the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her achievements in the field of cyber security. She now focuses on leading the black race into the future, including teamwork in Red and AI cybernetic risk assessment.

Jane (Snellgrove) Meir, Assistant Commissioner, West Midland Police.

Jane Meir is currently deputy chief of the West Midlands Police Department, responsible for crime fighting. Since the beginning of her career with the municipal police in 1996, she has made great strides. In the metropolitan region, it has participated in numerous operations, including in support of the response to the terrorist attacks of 7 September. It is also involved in the coordination of law enforcement activities in the fight against terrorism in the context of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Mrs Meir was praised for her role as head of the Fraud and Linked Crime Department, the main training department of MPS – FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime On-line).

In 2016 Meir was transferred to the West Midlands Police and became commander of the local police in Wolverhampton. In 2018 she was subsequently appointed director of the secret service and in May 2019 she became deputy chief of police.

Indra Joshi, director of RN at NHSX.

As clinical head for the NHS England’s Empower the Person portfolio, Dr. Indra Joshi oversees national digital civic initiatives within the NHS, focusing on evidence, data, digital health standards and guidelines for RN.

His impressive experience includes policy, management, digital health and marketing, strategy and implementation of national projects. At the same time, Dr. Joshi is the clinical director of One HealthTech, a network that focuses on the need and importance of better integration of all knowledge, skills and disciplines in the field of medical technology.

In addition to his position as Vice President of the British Computer Society (Health Care), Dr. Joshi is an international speaker and consultant on digital health issues and a qualified emergency physician.

Colleen Rose, CISO, UK, to Barclays.

Rose has been working for financial giant Barclays since 2018, when she joined the company as Infrastructure and CISO Control Officer. She is currently CISO of Barclays’ UK division, where she is responsible for security, including protecting the company against COVID 19 cyber attacks in this challenging environment. Prior to joining Barclays, Rose spent 14 years at Unilever, where she held a number of senior security and IT roles.

Elizabeth Murray HSBC, Cyber Security Awareness, Culture and Education, HSBC Operations

War veteran Murray has become HSBC’s leader in cyberspace after a successful 20-year career. During his military service, Murray became the first female tactical air traffic controller, instructor for anti-aircraft artillery and served as a military project manager in a high-tech simulator training centre. This is the latest role, she said, in which the skills she now uses in cyberspace in banking have been honed.

Murray specializes in education and uses his experience as a suicide trainer, resilient specialist and first assistant in mental health care to teach about human factors, diversity and inclusive learning.

Although the number of winners that can be included in a digital event is limited, some women have only missed one vote, and although they are just as inspiring, they are our highly valued winners for the event:

Zoe Rose, cyber security specialist, Cisco champion and Splunk certified architect.

Lee Ann Galloway, head of Cyber Security at Positive Technologies.

Helen Rabe, CISO World Organization, AbCam.

Elizabeth Zaccaria, founder of the Safe Glee Club.

Annabelle Berry, CEO, Sapphire.

Kat Goulding, CISO, Nominet.

Jacqueline De Rojas CB, President of TechUK.

Of course, different judges would have had different opinions, as this selection is subjective, based on the judges’ opinions, but we are sure that our judges have sufficient authority, so even if they have omitted the people you want to add to the list and neglected the favorites of some individual judges, all the women on our final list are worth winning.  Our judges:


Jane Frankland, Cyber Security Impact and more, Independence.

Nicola Whiting BIE, Chief Strategy Officer, Titania

Becky Pincard, Director of Information Security, Aldermor Bank.

Kate Oh Flaherty, author on cybersecurity, Forbes, Wired UK, Info Security, The Times, computer security guru…

Deshini Newman, Managing Director, EMEA (ISC)², Inc.

Amanda Finch. Director-General, CIISec

Mandy Heburn Little, CEO, BRIM Business Resilience International Management

Claire Johnson, founder of Women in Cyber Wales and USW.

Emma Philpot MBE, Executive Director of IASME.

Tony Morbin, editor-in-chief, computer security guru.

Dr. Jessica Barker, co-director, Siegenta.

Emma Smith, director of Global Cyber Security, Vodafone.

Yvonne Eskenzi, director, co-founder of Eskenzi PR & Marketing.

Lynn Studd, BT’s head of security.

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