In this modern era, free internet on Android is one of the basic needs of our life. It is considered one of the greatest creations and inventions of mankind. The internet has given us the ability to easily connect with people from all over the world.

Free Internet on Android provides information on traffic, weather, politics, news, makeup and much more. All the information and solutions to your problem are just a click away. The internet is fast and you can access it from anywhere in the world. Our lives are incomplete without the internet.

Some would say that the internet has many drawbacks and is ruining the lives of young people who are constantly connected to the internet with their mobile phones. However, the Internet has more advantages than disadvantages. Thanks to the internet, students can now connect with famous university professors from all over the world.

However, using the internet on our phones, tablets and laptops can be hard on the wallet due to the high data rates. In that case, the user may be thinking about how to use the phone without service or Wi-Fi. They still have to use the Internet to get answers to their questions. Because for every problem there is a solution on the internet.

If you want free internet on all Android devices, you need your own data plan. These plans provide access to the Internet even when you are not connected to your local network equipment. Different service providers offer different data plans that offer a bundled plan based on your needs.

These internet tariffs are more expensive than normal packages. Some operators also offer free calls and messages, and of course mobile data plans. Because of the high speed of these data collection plans, some people try to get free services. But they don’t know how hard it is to break into the security of these providers.

If you don’t have free services and you’re not within range of your LAN device, does that mean you can’t access the Internet? Can’t reach your loved ones? Can’t access information or use social platforms that are only available online?

Well! That’s not the case. Now, you might be wondering how to get free internet on Android without maintenance? It’s not hard at all. There are a number of methods that can be used to access the internet without services.

How to get free internet access on Android without maintenance

You can use the free internet in different ways. With these methods, you can avoid paying for internet services. They are easy to understand. These methods allow you to be active on all your social platforms, and more importantly, they don’t bring viruses to your device.

However, before using any of these methods, you should make sure that you meet all the conditions that apply to using any of them.

  1. You must have a zero balance on your phone.
  2. You do not need to subscribe to a plan for the device.
  3. Get better results with OS versions 4 or higher

If you are sure your device qualifies, you can try to get free services. Some of these methods are described below;

1. VPN

Internet is now available everywhere: in cafés, train stations, restaurants, bus stations and airports. Free internet access is available in the form of a free WiFi connection. This Wi-Fi device gives you access to the Internet, but it is not secure. So, to ensure that no one tries to breach your security, you should use a VPN.

A VPN ensures that your connection is now secure and that no hacker can access your data, which is possible by using a VPN with free Wi-Fi. VPN acts as a security layer for our device and protects us from viruses, malware and hackers.


  • Safe method
  • Retained information.
  • No one has access to your location
  • Your information will not be passed on to service providers.


  • Decreased internet speed

2. DatabaseApp

The Databack app is available in the Google stores and you can easily get it from there. Databack is a free app and any Android user can get it. After you have started the application, you need to run it. This application stores redundant data used by all your applications when executing commands.

This application stores the data subscription details that you have used. So when you are not connected to one of your service providers, you can use the internet stored by this application. Moreover, you can also get bonus data if any of your friends or family members get this application through your recommendation.


  • The data is stored
  • Data on premiums received


  • I’m not sure.
  • The interface is not user-friendly

3. Gigat application

This application is available in the Play Store for all versions of Android phones. The Gigato app is very popular among young people to get free internet. With the help of this application, you can earn free internet and use it later for your needs.

To use the free internet, make sure you don’t have any credit on your mobile phone. The Gigato application also offers another application that works in a similar way, so you can enjoy the Internet more.


  • Applies to all androids
  • Easy to use
  • trusted user


  • Time consumption
  • I’m not sure.

4. Wi-Fi password

You can use the Free Wi-Fi Password application to get free Internet access from other Wi-Fi devices. This application is available in the store for Android users. This application generates random numbers that can be used as keys.

Keys generated by a combination of different algorithms are used as passwords for Wi-Fi routers. These keys are so powerful that they can crack the password of the existing router and let it open the Wi-Fi for you. You can use this Wi-Fi as free internet on all your devices.


  • Available for all versions of Android phones.
  • The availability of high-speed internet is guaranteed.
  • The information is protected


  • It’s hard to understand
  • Your location is required
  • Ethically wrong.

5. Opera Mini Achusoft App

You can use this method to get free internet with Opera Mini web browser. By using a proxy server, you can browse the internet for free in a particular browser.

Access to your data is only possible online via the Opera mini browser. This proxy does not apply to other browsers. If you want to use this method, you need to uninstall other Opera browsers. After uninstalling another browser, restart your device.

Now download the latest version of Opera mini browser, go to settings and select network setting. After you open the network settings, connect and add a new VPN to the access point and add the following proxy information.

Name: AchusoftConfig

Proxy :
Connection : 80


  • Unlimited internet available
  • High Speed
  • Compatible with all versions of Android phones


  • Only on Airtel Sim.
  • Internet can only be used with the Opera mini browser.

6. Kikbit App

You can use the free internet on your Android phone by downloading the Kickbit app. This application is more for users who like to shop. This application gives you free access to the Internet when you shop on free sites.

In addition, this application offers a free online form that you can use to fill out various surveys. If you complete each survey, you get a certain amount of free internet. So, if you have enough time to kill, this method to get free internet is the best for you.


  • Available under
  • easy to use
  • Compatible with older versions of Android phones


  • Time consumption
  • Intended for a specific type of audience

7. FreedomPop application

The FreedomPop application provides free Internet access for all types of mobile phones and operating systems. It is compatible with Android and iOS. You can sign up for a free plan through this method.

It offers you data plans that allow you to surf online and use various social platforms. The data plans of this app are not as attractive as those of the service provider, but you can sign up for free internet access while you can.


  • Ease of use.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

8. Centred application

The last work looks more like a Gigato application. This application will give you a list of other applications, from this list you need to choose an application and download it. If you download this application, you will receive a $5 reward and a free internet connection.


  • Helps you make money
  • Easy to use
  • trusted user


  • Requires more space
  • Time consumption
  • The security of the data has not been confirmed

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I get free internet on my iPhone without maintenance?

Answer: Yes, you can connect your iPhone to the Internet. To connect to the internet, you need to connect your iPhone to your laptop. Your laptop must be connected to certain devices on the local network to provide Internet access to your iPhone. This method is compatible with all generations of Apple, including the iPad and iPod.

Q: How do I get internet without service?

Answer: To get free internet, you have to make an effort to get internet. You can connect your device to a network other than perhaps a local IP, LAN service or another laptop. You can also access the Internet by connecting it to a free Wi-Fi server or hotspot device.

Q: How do I get free internet on my android phone?

Answer: You can connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network by connecting to a nearby hotspot or by using the free Wi-Fi devices available in your area. Moreover, you can also hack the router using hacking software. With this hacking software, you will get a key that can be used as a password for the Wi-Fi router you want to use.

Remember, piracy always has a price. So if you are considering hacking a device, always consider the consequences of such an act.

Q: Can I use the internet for free with a VPN?

Answer: If you want to know if a VPN works as a service, the answer is as follows: Yes, it’s true. If you want to know if you can connect to the Internet with a VPN, it’s impossible. Because the VPN itself works with the Internet. It starts working as soon as it is connected to the internet.

However, it can be used as a free proxy site to get free internet. Remember, a VPN does not provide you with the Internet, it provides you with proxy sites that provide you with the Internet. You should keep in mind that it will not give you the same speed.

This will give you a slow internet speed. In addition, the VPN server is not secure. They always pose a threat to your data processing on the Internet, as it is easy for a hacker to break into these proxy sites.


Free internet is a blessing in disguise. Nowadays, people are always looking for a way to get free internet access instead of paying for it. This free internet access can be used through hotspot devices, free Wi-Fi routers or even a free proxy server.

To get free internet, remember that privacy is more important than free internet. You can use a VPN to access the internet so that no one can know what you are using on the internet, not even your internet service providers. You need to access the Internet for free through applications or websites, but remember that your security is more important. So if you get free internet, you should use reliable, safe and easy to use methods.

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