Many Minecraft players have the problem that the Minecraft local network doesn’t work when they want to play locally with their friends. And as frustrating and nasty as it can be, fortunately it can be remedied. Here’s how:

1. Temporarily disabling antivirus software

2. Make sure network discovery is enabled

3. Make sure each computer is connected to the same network.

4. Make sure all players are using the same version of Minecraft.

5. Make sure all participants have the same IP address.

6. Try a direct connection

7. Try playing without mods

8. Reassemble the tank

What’s wrong with Minecraft LAN?

The local area network (LAN) is used, for example, to connect different computers in a local area. B. in a school, university, residential complex, etc. The connection is made via an Ethernet cable or via W-LAN connections.

For those who play Minecraft on Windows, it’s pretty common to encounter an error like. B. that the local network cannot be used or that it is not possible to use the local network at all.

However, this does not mean that your device is not connected to the internet, it just means that Minecraft cannot use the local network to connect to other devices.

It’s very frustrating and spoils the mood. But just go to the control panel, open the Windows Defender firewall and allow Minecraft to access the Internet by checking the private and public sections for Java.exe or Java(TM)…. . This solves the problem of the local network not working in 90% of the cases. However, if the problem is still not solved, try one of the methods described in the Troubleshooting section.

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Details about enabling Java in the firewall

The Windows firewall does not allow Minecraft to use the Internet unless the user gives permission. However, it would make sense to expect a popup with a request to grant Minecraft access. But it’s not. Minecraft is actually a Java file, and to access the Internet, you must enable Java.

If you’re not getting this popup, here’s what to do.

Step one: Open the control panel. You can search in the Windows search bar

Step two: Click on System and Security

Step three: Click on Windows Defender Firewall

Step four: Click the Allow application or feature through Windows Defender firewall button.

Step 5: Select the private and public columns for JAVA and click OK.

Check the connection to the local network. If this still does not work, disable the firewall and try again.

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Other corrections

1. Temporarily disabling antivirus software

The antivirus program on your device may interfere and affect your LAN connection. Even though it’s risky, temporarily disabling it can help solve the problem.

You can disable it by searching for your antivirus in the search bar and then disabling it for an hour or two while you play.

2. Make sure network discovery is enabled

To make your local network work in Minecraft multiplayer mode, you need to enable network discovery on your computer. That’s the way to do it,

Step one: Search for Advanced Sharing Settings in the Windows search box.

Step two: Click the Manage advanced sharing settings button.

Step three: Click on the Enable Network Search button

Step four: Click on Save Changes

3. Make sure each computer is connected to the same network.

If all the devices that want to connect are not on the same network, there will be a problem connecting to the local network.

This is especially a problem in places where you need to connect via wifi, because one device may be connected to your home wifi, while another device is connected to the free wifi at a neighbor’s house or a neighbor’s wifi that you may have already used.

Therefore, make sure that all devices have the same internet connection.

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4. Make sure all players are using the same version of Minecraft.

If the client player and the host player are using different versions of the game, a bounce occurs, i.e., the connection is first established and then broken again, displaying a similar message:

To do this, the host must update the version number of the player’s Minecraft client. To do this, launch the Minecraft launcher on the client machine and click Edit Profile. Select the appropriate Minecraft version from the Use Version drop-down menu.

5. Make sure all participants have the same IP address.

If one device is connected to a wireless connection and the other to a wired connection, the two devices will have different IP addresses. Therefore, make sure that all devices are connected to a wireless or wired connection.

Another problem is the isolation of HAs. This is the configuration of the wireless router. When enabled, this setting prevents a device connected to the network via a wireless connection from accessing resources connected to the same network via a wired connection.

Therefore, we need to disable the access point isolation. This is how it should be done:

Step one: Open the command line. You can search for cmd in the search bar.

Step two: Type ipconfig and press Enter. You will then see a list. The IPv4 address is your IP address, and that’s what you need.

Step three: After entering the IP address in the URL bar, call up the router’s configuration page.

Step four: In a description, look for the phrase Enable wireless access point or Access point isolation. The Wireless Configuration tab on the router’s browser configuration page usually contains settings to isolate the access point.

Step 5: Uncheck the box to configure AP isolation for your router.

Step six: Reboot the router after disabling AP isolation.

Seventh step: If you are not the host, tell the host to check its own AP isolation configuration as described above.

6. Try a direct connection

You can also opt for a direct connection. To do this, you will need the IP address of your host computer, which you can obtain by following the steps above.

If you have the IP address, you need the game port you get when you start Minecraft on the host computer, at the bottom of the screen.

Click Connect Directly, enter the IP address and game port when making the LAN connection, and you’re ready to go.

7. Try playing without mods

Mods can be very appealing because they allow the player to look different in the game. However, mods can also disrupt the multiplayer experience and cause Minecraft’s local network to fail. So try playing without mods and that should solve the problem.

8. Reassemble the tank

If all else fails, you still have the hope of reinstalling Minecraft and logging in again for multiplayer. Hopefully this will fix the local network not working and you can continue with your Minecraft adventure.

The problems listed here are the most common ones that players face. Especially the Windows firewall. Usually players get java popups that they keep canceling because they think it has nothing to do with Minecraft.

If it’s not a firewall, it would certainly be one of the problems listed above as a solution.

I hope you found it useful. If you have other suggestions, please comment below.


frequently asked questions

How can I make the Minecraft lan not work?


Why is my LAN world not working?

Correction 1. Make sure each computer is connected to the same network. If you cannot connect to a LAN session, check that all computers involved are connected to the same network. It is possible that you and other players are not connected to the same network, causing Minecraft LAN to not work.

How can I play Minecraft in LAN 2020?

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