IP is a simple graphical application used to display network information in Linux operating systems. Thanks to this IP address everyone can easily find the IP address of the local, public and virtual network interface. You can copy your IP addresses with one click.

Not only the IP address, but also which IP can provide you with a list of available eavesdropping ports on your system and check if they are publicly accessible. It also provides an overview of the network devices in your local network.

Another noteworthy feature is the display of your location based on your IP address. All details are displayed in a simple and compact graphical interface!

What IP is, is an open source application written with the Python 3 and GTK3 widget toolkit. The source code is freely available in GitLab under the GPL3 license.

Determination of the IP address to be used under Linux

What kind of IP is flat packet. So you can install it using flatpak’s command line interface. If you have not yet installed a flat pack on a Linux computer, please read the following manual:

After installing flatpak, run the following command to install What IP on Linux

$ flatpak installation flathub org.gabmus.whatip

Whatever intellectual property is also available in the AUR. If you are using Arch-Linux and its variants such as Manjaro-Linux, install What IP with AUR support tools such as Yay :

$ yay – doodad

Display of network information in Linux enabling IP

Start the IP address from the menu or the application launcher. You can also execute What IP of the terminal with the following command:

$ flatpak run org.gabmus.whatip

This is what the standard IP interface looks like:

Displays network information in Linux using IP

As you can see from the screenshot above, the IP interface is very simple! The following three tabs are located at the bottom:

  2. Ports.
  3. LAN

By default, the IP address of your public interface, your LAN interface (wired and wireless) and your VNI are displayed in the IP tab. Copying IP addresses is only a mouse click away! Click on the copy button next to the IP addresses to copy them to the clipboard.

Have you noticed that it shows your location from above (under a public IP address)? Yes, it’s true! Which IP indicates your location based on your IP address, so you can easily check if your VPN is working or not!

The Ports tab (second tab at the bottom) lists all the ports that listen to your system.

To check if the ports are open to the public, click on the globe button next to the port number. If the port is available, a check mark will appear. If the port is not available, a cross (x) will appear on the port.

The third tab is LAN. As the name indicates, all devices in your local network are displayed. You can copy their IP addresses by clicking the Copy button.

List of all network devices in your LAN that use IP

What incredibly simple intellectual property! If you are looking for a simple network information tool for your Linux desktop, what kind of IP can be a good choice! It works exactly as advertised.

What kind of intellectual property is no longer necessary? Simply remove it from the system by executing the following command:

$ flat suit remove flathub org.gabmus.whatip


remove $ flatpak org.gabmus.whatip


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