StackRox cooperates with AWS in many areas, especially because many StackRox customers use our platform in their Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) environment. As the world’s most popular managed cubernet service, EKS, like all other AWS services, operates according to the model of shared responsibility for safety.

AWS is responsible for the safety of its online services, such as EKS. AWS customers are responsible for security in the cloud. In particular, you must ensure that images of containers running in EKS do not contain any serious vulnerabilities, that the installations are safely configured and that the workload is protected during runtime. StackRox helps customers take joint responsibility for safety when operating cube network clusters in EKS or EC2. Customers use StackRox to safely accelerate the implementation of cabs in AWS, even in the most critical cases of container security:

  • Vulnerability Management – Identifying and preventing weaknesses during the assembly phase with IC/CD integration and automation, and monitoring operations initiated for newly discovered volcanoes.
  • Configuration management – ensures that the workload and infrastructure components are not misconfigured by performing automatic configuration checks.
  • Standard Compliance – provides CIS references, NIST, PCI and HIPAA audits in a single click for standard compliance/audit reports.
  • Detection of execution – Monitors the execution of programs to identify suspicious behavior or threats, including malware and network execution, cryptomination, malware installation and privilege escalation, using a combination of rule/heuristic and behavioral modeling and basic analysis techniques.

EKS Safety Manual

EKSFinal Safety Manual

Learn how to secure your EKS installations, from creating secure images to performing container-oriented workloads.

Download now.

In this article we will elaborate on our integration in the AWS Security Centre.

With the AWS Security Center, our joint customers can easily get a complete overview of the security status of the entire cubenet. By receiving StackRox data at the security center, customers save time and effort in processing and limiting high-priority security alerts for all their AWS accounts. In addition, customers benefit from this integrated look whether their Cubernetes run on Amazon EKS or on a stand-alone Cubernetes on EC2.

With this integration, customers using the StackRox Kubernetes security platform on AWS can now

  • Collect, organize and prioritize security breaches (or findings) at all stages of building, implementing and operating your container applications.
  • Get detailed information on safety performance and detect safety risks earlier.
  • to allow the use of glass for security and forensic purposes.
  • Identify, investigate and prioritize the most critical issues by aggregating security results and comparing them with website data.
  • Increase the value of the AWS Security Centre by adding container and cube security features

This integration is one of the many examples of our close cooperation with the DWS. StackRox is an advanced technology partner with container expertise and many of our joint customers benefit from our availability in the AWS market, including support in private procurement. We support the use of Kubernetes on EC2 and Amazon EKS and integrate with the Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) to manage vulnerabilities during the construction phase.

There are more Kubernetes workloads running on Amazon EKS than on any other platform, and there are more StackRox clients running on Amazon EKS than on any other mode – self-managed, other cloud services or other distributions. Among Aptos’ regular customers are Athens, Greenlight, Informatica, Splunk, Sumo Logic and Vlocity.

Informatica recently joined AWS in a webinar to discuss the power of the StackRox cubic architecture to secure Amazon EKS. Because AWS manages and updates the Kubernetes control layer, the Informatica team was able to focus on protecting its containers, Kubernetes configuration, and customer data with StackRox.

The deployment of Amazon EKS enables us to get as much of the administrative work from the introduction of Kubernetes as possible, says Patrick Patel, head of cloud security at Informatica. By connecting to Kubernetes and AWS, StackRox benefits from the relief of our team and extends this to the way we protect our systems. StackRox gives development teams direct feedback on the systems they already use and provides low-friction security throughout the development process and operations. The close integration of all these functions with Amazon EKS enables us to increase the efficiency of our employees in all safety processes.

According to Informatica’s Patel, the security of containers and cubes must be integrated into the DevOps workflow and tools to be effective. The integration of the StackRox platform with the AWS Security Center is another way of ensuring a smooth workflow. We would like to show you the StackRox platform in action, in the Amazon EKS or any other Kubernetes bet – sign up here for your personal demo. The StackRox security platform is also available on the AWS StackRox security platform market.

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