You will receive the following error message every time you try to access your Minecraft game:

Server connection failed. $AnnotatedConnectException : Connection delay.

Most Minecraft players must have encountered this problem at least once when trying to connect to the game server, but eventually received the error message mentioned above. So let’s look at what this mistake is, why it’s happening, and then at all possible solutions to correct it.

What is the channel$annotatedconnectexception exception? in Minecraft is essentially a dead time connection issue, in case you can’t connect your device to the game server. Although there are many causes for the Minecraft error, the main cause is the common IP connectivity problem. The others are discussed in detail below.

Why does the Minecraft Exception Error keep appearing?

Sometimes the version of your PC’s operating system is the cause of the solution, which can reduce the timeout of the connection. This will also solve other common problems caused by a software error.

An inaccurate IP port is the reason why the Minecraft error often occurs. Therefore, make sure that you link the IP address to the exact port that needs to be transferred in order to successfully connect to the client server. It is rare for an IP address to change over time and for multiple users to connect to the same IP address. The other causes of the error are: Server blocked by Windows firewall, unstable software and outdated JAVA software.

Solutions to correct errors in small craft

The$AnnotatedConnectException error in Minecraft cannot be limited to a single game server, but all servers. This can prevent players from accessing the game server. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of procedures and tips for troubleshooting connection timeout errors:

1. Internet Reset

Sometimes the Internet is blocked in the middle of a seamless connection, so we can see Errorin and Mac windows in sync. In this case, all you have to do is disconnect the Internet connection cable, reset the network settings, and then DNS hides them via the router’s power-saving mode.

Here’s how:

  • Unplug the router.
  • Reconnect the cable to the Internet router after 5 minutes.

Once you have access to the Internet, try connecting to the Minecraft game server and see if the Connection Timed Out error persists.

2. Adding exceptions to firewall settings in the Minecraftfolder

By adding exceptions to the Windows Firewall settings, the error of the connection timeout can be fixed. Since Windows Firewall and VPN sometimes restrict users’ access to the Minecraft Game Server, some exceptions are added to correct the connection error.

Here’s how:

  • Go to the Windows search bar and select Updates and Security.
  • Then go to the Windows Security section, located on the left side of the screen, and select Firewall & Network Security.
  • Go downstairs and click on the option Allow another application through the firewall.
  • Then click on the option Change settings and select Yes.
  • Select Allow another request.
  • Now navigate to the folder in the installation folder and select the executable file you want to run.
  • Repeat the last two steps. But this time navigate to the directory where the Minecraft servers are installed.
  • Accessing Maxwell via the Minecraft server folder
  • Repeat the process and allow the Java binaries present in the directory.
  • Repeat the fourth procedure, and instead of clicking Allow another application, simply scroll down to the Java OS platform’s list of binaries.
  • Switch the Java SE binary options platform through a public and private platform
  • Go to your Minecraft launcher and see if the error persists.

3. Add the IP address and select the correct working port

Using a dynamic IP address and port can cause a Minecraft connection to fail. Therefore, change the IP address and paste it into the Minecraft Launcher to correct the error.

Here’s how to do it:

4. Use a reliable source for VPN connection

Sometimes the Windows Firewall restricts the Minecraft servers, and then you have a problem connecting to the server when trying to access the game. The same applies to the VPN (Virtual Private Network). A common change when servers using VPN restrict access to the host server.

So make sure you use a reliable VPN source that does not restrict access to the Minecraft Game Server.

5. Java Software Update

Minecraft requires an updated version of JAVA to work properly. To connect the game server to the background version of the Java software, the missing elements cause a conflict with Minecraft. The following message appears on the screen: connection denied more information.

The above error is quite common under Windows, usually under the Windows 10 operating system. To connect to a Minecraft server, a Learn to Mod account is required. The minecraft connectexception error is only displayed for users who do not have a Learn To Mod account. However, this problem can be solved by simply updating the JAVA software to the latest version.

6. Reinstall Minecraft

Sometimes corrupted game data can lead to an error in Minecraft. If this is the case for you, uninstall and reinstall the Minecraft software.

Before that:

  • Uninstall Minecraft by going to the Control Panel option
  • Then go to Uninstall a program and select Uninstall Minecraft.

Pay attention: Make sure you have the latest version of Minecraft installed, then try to connect to your game server, which will fix the local channel with io nettyconnectexception.

7. Router/Modem Reset

Resetting the router is the easiest of all the solutions mentioned here. Sometimes the router or modem is responsible for the Minecraft error. Therefore, before you start the game, check your internet connection before connecting to the game server.

Try disabling the router for a few minutes and then turning it back on to restart it. If this does not work, reset and reconfigure all settings on your router. Try to connect to the server after rebooting the router.

8. Access control for supplier network

Check the access to the network of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Sometimes your ISP limits network access to certain domains, blocking your access to the game. So don’t forget to contact your Internet Service Provider to make sure it hasn’t blocked access to the Internet.

Also try changing the source of your Internet connection, i.e. switching to your phone’s 3G data network, to see if it works by correcting the Minecraft server connection error. If this works, it means that the problem is that your Internet access is blocked by your ISP and you need to switch to another network or change ISP.


If you still can’t fix the error$annotatedconnectexception, we recommend that you fix your LAN (local area network) card (if it is broken) and see if the error has been fixed.

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