Chromecast has become enormously popular and is one of the most widely used media players. Injection moulding technology is characterised by numerous applications with an integrated injection moulding function. If you like karaoke, there are many applications for Android and iOS devices. However, not all of them are supported by Chromecast. There are few applications that allow you to sing karaoke in front of your smart TV. In this section we present the best karaoke applications compatible with Chromecast. We also give you a short manual on the use of Chromecast Karaoke applications.

How to chrome karaoke

You can broadcast it on your smart TV with the Karaoke application compatible with Chromecast.

The things you ask for:

  • Smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • Karaoke application with casting functions (the best applications are listed below).
  • Intelligent TV with HDMI connection
  • WiFi connection
  • Google Chromecast or a TV with integrated Chromecast support
  • Compatible microphone and speakers suitable for karaoke (if required)

Pay attention: It is assumed that you have already installed Chromecast on your TV using the Google Home application.

(1). Connect Chromecast and your smartphone to the same WiFi network.

(2). Start Chromecast from the Karaoke application on your smartphone. For example: Karaoke time.

Pay attention: The iOS device requests permission to determine the location. Press Yes.

(3). Find the Cast icon and click on it.

(4). On the next screen, select your name for chrome plating.

(5). Once the connection is established, the Cast button will change color to indicate that a connection exists.

(6). Press the Cast button to exit, then press the Disconnect button.

Alternative way!

If your favorite karaoke apps don’t have a casting feature, you can use Google Home. Allows you to stream your favorite music to your TV via a Chromecast connection. The following method only works on Android devices.

(1). Connect your smartphone to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast device or your integrated Chromecast TV.

(2). Launch the Google Home application on your smartphone.

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(3). Press the Chromecast device on which you want to play the content.

(4). Click on the Cast my screen option.

(5). Select the distribution screen.

(6). To start casting, click on Start Now and open the TV Casting Karaoke application.

(7). Clicking the Stop Mirroring button stops screen transfer immediately.

Best karaoke applications for Chromecast

Here are the best karaoke apps that allow you to play karaoke music on the big screen.

Karaoke time

Get Karaoke Time, the karaoke application compatible with Chromecast. Karaoke Time gives you access to millions of karaoke songs. It allows you to create custom karaoke playlists and broadcast them on TV. You can browse a wide selection of karaoke songs by genre. When the distribution function is activated, you can transfer texts from your phone to the TV.

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With the Formula application you can sing millions of songs. It’s a social singing app that has all the songs you want. With Smule you get the best possible karaoke experience. There are over 10 million karaoke songs in different genres and languages. It offers completely new possibilities for sign language and is therefore the best platform to practice and improve vocals or music. You can sing in duet or solo or take part in a group show. It doesn’t have a built-in casting function, so you need to use the Google Home application.

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Start by signing your favourite karaoke on your Chromecast TV with the Karaoke application. It is the ultimate instrument for singing millions of karaoke songs. The lyrics of the song can be found in the Karaoke application. There are music videos, or you can sing and record songs. With karaoke, you can share it with other people or listen to your friend’s game.

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Other karaoke applications

Other karaoke applications you can use on your Android or iOS devices:

  • Light Karaoke
  • KaraTube
  • StarMaker
  • Red Karaoke Lounge

Our opinion

These were Chromecast karaoke applications from Android or iOS to a TV connected to Chromecast. So far we’ve only found Karaoke Time with a built-in casting function, and TV casting is just a mouse click away. If your favorite karaoke application is something else, you should use Google Home.

I hope you found this section informative and useful. If you have any questions, ask them in the Comment section. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest articles.

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