This Site Can’t Be Reached Error in Google Chrome

Did you come across a message while surfing with Chrome This website is not accessible? Many users face this problem, and if you are one of them, you don’t have to worry anymore, because we have found the most effective solutions to solve this problem.

This website is not accessible due to an error in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is known to be the most reliable, secure and widely used browser in the world, although it is sometimes ineffective at fixing small bugs and crashes. The worst thing about this bug is that it prevents users from visiting some websites with Chrome.

How to fix a bug on this site in Google Chrome

If you are dealing with the same problem and have no idea how to solve it, you don’t have to worry, because it is not possible to get rid of the problem with this website, and you can find all possible causes of this error and the steps to solve it here. The proposed solutions will undoubtedly help you to deal with your mistake.

Method 1 Use other browsers

The problem may be related to the browser you are using. If this is the case, try to solve this problem with another Internet browser. Also try reliable browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Method 2 Scan the device for malware

Because this error can also be caused by viruses or malware in your system, performing a scan can detect and remove all malicious and infected files on your device that may be causing the problem. To perform this task you need anti-virus software.

Method #3 Clear browser cache, history and cookies

The problem can be solved by removing the cache of the browser, the history and the cookies, because overloading can hinder surfing the web. Follow these steps to delete your browsing history:

Step one: Open Chrome and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Select History and then select History again from the submenu. You can also press the Ctrl + H keys.

Step two: In the left pane, choose Delete lookup data and you can delete the lookup data for a range of dates and times. To delete the entire history, select the All time option. Click the Delete button and the item will be removed from Chrome’s history.

If deleting the history while deleting the error This site can not be reached, we recommend that you try the following method.

Method #4 Resetting the Chrome Browser

You can try restarting your browser and it will reset the home page, the page with the new tabs, search engines and fixed tabs. It also disables all extensions and cookies. Your bookmarks, history and saved passwords will not be deleted. You must follow the instructions below:

Step one: First open the Google Chrome browser and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of Chrome. Select Options when the drop-down menu appears.

Step two: Now scroll to the end of the page and click on the Advanced button.

Step three: In the Reset and Cleaning section, click Reset to Default.

Step four: Click Reset and restart the browser.

Method No 5 Resetting the WiFi modem

Resetting a WiFi modem can help solve the problem. If you are using a router, you can also reset it.

Step one: First disconnect your router from the network and locate the Reset button on your router. This is a small jagged hole so that users cannot accidentally press it. Usually in the back or on the ground floor.

Step two: Now press the reset button for 15 to 20 seconds. Use a small pointed object such as a needle, paper clip or toothpick to press the hole. Release the button when you notice the light flashing. This completes the reset process.

Step three: When you release the key, the router will return to factory settings. Once the reset process is complete, the settings need to be changed, as this process resets all settings to the default settings.

Method #6 Reboot DNS client

Many users have noticed that restarting the DNS client has solved the problem of this website. It is a simple and effective method, and we recommend that you try it. Go through these steps to do the same:

Step one: Press the Windows + X button or right-click the Start menu in the list of options, select the command line (Admin), and click Yes to give permission to work with administrator privileges.

Step two: The command line window opens, copies and pastes these commands, and then press Enter after executing each command.

net stop dnscache
net start dnscache
ipconfig /flushdns

If the process ends with an access denial message, you can call NET HELPMSG 3521 for further assistance. When all commands have been executed successfully, close the command line and reopen the browser. I hope the error This page cannot be called up without reappearing.

Method No 7 Changing the IPv4 DNS address

Changing the DNS address of IPv4 has helped many users solve this problem. So use these steps:

Step one: Open the control panel and select Network and Internet. Now click Network and Sharing Center and then click Change Adapter Settings in the left pane.

Step two: Then right-click on the network interface that connects your computer to the Internet and select Properties from the menu. Select the option Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and choose Properties.

Step three: Select the option Use the following DNS server addresses, enter your preferred and alternate DNS addresses. If you are using Google’s public DNS, enter 8.8.8 at your preferred address and alternatively click OK to save your changes.

Method No 8 Deactivate the experimental protocol marker QUIC

Try deactivating the flag in the QUIC experimental protocol and follow this approach:

Step one: Open the Google Chrome browser. In the address bar, type chrome://flags/ and press Enter.

Step two: Now enter the QUIC experimental protocol in the Search tab. Expand the drop-down menu and select Disabled. Now close your browser and open it again.

Method No 9 Modification of the maximum permissible TLS version

Many users have noticed that changing the maximum allowed version of TLS has helped to solve the problem.

Step one: First open Google Chrome and type chrome: //flags in the address bar. Press the Enter key.

Step two: On the Search tab, enter TLS to find Maximum TLS VersionExpand, open a drop-down menu and select TLS 1.3 instead of the default option.

Now restart your browser.

Method No 10 Reset Chrome profile synchronization

If none of the above methods has worked, try resetting the chrome profile synchronization. Besides, you only have to do it once. As a result, all devices are no longer synchronized and the synchronized data is deleted from your Google Account.

Step one: First make sure you are logged in to your Google Account. Now open your Google Dashboard.

Step two: Select Sync Reset to stop synchronization and delete all synchronized data. Click OK to save your changes.

Method #11 Remove the browser extension from Chrome

Google Chrome Extensions are programs installed in Chrome that have the right to change the functionality of your browser. Some of these installed browser extensions, which are designed to block advertising and spam, may prevent you from accessing the site. In addition, some of these extensions may not have a solid base and removing them is the best option. Then keep going down:

Step one: Open your Google Chrome browser and type chrome://extensions in the address bar. Press the Enter key.

Step two: You will find a list of all installed extensions.

Step three: There is a switch at the bottom of each extractor hood. Turn off the switch to disable all suspicious extensions. If deactivating the extension is unsuccessful, we recommend that you delete the extension.

Step four: Now restart your computer and check for any errors. This website may or may not be accessible.

Method No 12 TCP/IP Reset

Try resetting the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), which requires several commands on the command line. Follow these steps:

Step one: First, go to the Startup Type command on the Search tab and press Enter. Right-click on the command line options and choose Run as Administrator from the context menu.

Step two: This opens a command line window.

Step three: Finally, execute these commands and press Enter after each command.

ipconfig / release
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh reset in dns tip set
netsh Winsock

When all commands have been successfully executed, exit the command line and restart the computer to save the changes. I hope the error doesn’t reappear and that you can solve the problem. If the error still occurs, try the following method.

Method #13 ChromeReset

Reinstalling Chrome is a good solution to this problem, but don’t forget to back up your data, because then all data will be erased.

Step one: Press the Windows + I hotkey to open Press Apps and select Apps & Features in the left pane.

Step two: Now scroll down and search Google Chrome. Tap it, tap Remove, and tap again to confirm.

Step three: When the process is complete, restart your computer to save the changes. Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome now.

Take a look at this:


Finally, we discussed all possible causes of the error. It is possible that this site is not available and the solution to correct it. I hope you can solve the problem after using the above methods.

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