Honestly, I was fascinated by Sea of Thieves from the moment I saw it, and after playing for a few hours, I’m not sure I’ll ever get bored with it. Exploring the open, seamless world that is the Sea of Thieves is unlike anything I’ve ever played in. The game makes you feel like you are in the middle of a grand adventure, and the fact that the developers have made it so simple to move around the world, yet so complex to understand, is simply brilliant.

James, a new pirate who’s looking to make a name for himself in the Sea of Thieves, is found floating facedown in the water. He’s all rusted up, and very much in need of a doctor. So, hopefully you’ve been keeping up with your medicine supplies, because this guy’s going to need it. Before you can do anything, however, you’ll first have to first free him up from the ship’s anchor, which is lodged deep in his chest.

In this guide to the story of the sunken pearl in Sea of Thieves, we tell you how to begin and end the story of the sunken pearl in Sea of Thieves. The Sunken Pearl is the second non-story in the Captain Jack Sparrow event currently running in Sea of Thieves Season 3. This is the second of five new storybooks that are now part of the full game experience. Below, we explain all the steps you need to take to start and finish this amazing story without any problems.

Guide de la perle engloutie – Sea of Thieves

Our guide to Sea of Thieves The Sunken Pearl Tale includes everything you need to know about The Sunken Pearl Tale’s passage through the game.

How do you start a story about a sunken gem in Sea of Thieves?

Since you have already completed the first story, all you need to do now is go to Camp Castaway and vote for the second story, The Sunken Pearl. Once everyone has voted for him, the story begins with the castaway explaining the story and the mission, and then your journey begins. When you open your quest book, on page 6 and 7 you will see a map showing where to go.

This prominent location is directly southwest of Discovery Ridge and west of Shark Bay Cove and Old Salts Atoll. The location is almost at the end of the map. The exact location is marked by a blue light rising into the sky. Therefore, it is hard not to notice it when you are around the site. As you approach the site, you’ll hear the music speed up and also see a bunch of floating wrecks covered in coral, a sign that they’ve been out at sea for a long time.

The sinking of the Black Pearl

Anchor up and stock up on everything you need to dive. Then dive and follow the wreck to eventually reach the sunken ship Black Pearl. Here you don’t have to worry about the air below you, as several corals give off oxygen bubbles. These bubbles can be used to supplement the oxygen supply.

After arriving at the wreck, climb to the upper deck and use the opening here to get onto the lower decks. You can pound on the debris to move it. If you go to the back of the ship, you will find the Ocean Crawler, which contains the key to the captain’s room. Take the key and swim to the upper deck. Now swim to the captain’s room and open the door with the key you just found.

On the table you’ll find the compass of Captain Jack Sparrow, take it and follow the instructions. Make sure you’re near the bottom of the ocean. The compass will lead you to a cave full of coral. Go into the cave.

Statue of a mermaid

Go further to the entrance of the cave and find the statue of a mermaid next to it. This mermaid statue serves as a quick waypoint, taking you back to the ship or to one of the previous checkpoints.

The mermaid puzzle

After the mermaid statue, you can use the illuminated round ball to reach the area behind the barrier. Continue until you reach Siren’s Water Riddles. The challenge is to connect the three little mermaid figurines with their artwork on the wall. To advance, you need to raise the water level, and to do that you need to customize the mermaids with their artistic design. Hit the sirens with your weapon to make them match.

Make sure they all have an orange mermaid heart and that their tridents and other arms are in the right position according to the drawings. When all three are together, you can focus on the largest mermaid. Press the siren and the statues start singing. This makes the water level rise and you can move on to the next puzzle. There are three mermaid puzzles in total, and between each puzzle there are also battles with the Ocean Crawler.

The second puzzle is quite simple, but the third puzzle is about the statue with the stone on a high position. Here you will also find a weapon box where you can switch to Sightseer mode. When the third riddle is solved, go ashore and find the mermaid statue with the glowing ball next to it. Click on the sphere and you will receive the Black Tide Trident and some threatening messages from the Mysterious Voice.

The citadel of the mermaids

Later it will turn out that the voice is that of the Mermaid Queen, and if you return to the top of the wreck of the Black Pearl, you will encounter three waves of mermaids. Make sure you collect all the mermaid hearts they drop after a kill. When the fight is over, take Jack’s compass and follow him.

The compass will lead you to a large door, guarded by two statues. Activate the statues and save them to fit the door pattern. This will give you access to the Citadel of the Sirens. Go further into the cave and you’ll see more mermaid statues. Pair them with their artwork, then move on to the big picture.

Pull the big statue and the water level in the cave will start to drop. At this stage, several ocean vines appear. Kill them all. Once the area is cleaned, you can use the switch to open the next door and move on. Inside, you can use another switch to lower the broken hull of the ship, allowing you to climb to a higher position.

Walk towards the sunken wreck in front of you, then look for a small cave opposite the path you entered the area on. Enter the cave and you’ll find another fragment with mermaid statues. The statues are visible through the coral, but you have to hit them with a sniper rifle. Above the wreck is a gun cabinet where you can change weapons.

Pull the three mermaid figurines towards the model and the water level will begin to rise. Now you can swim to the middle platform and climb from there. Press the switch at the top and a piece of wood will appear that you can use as a bridge. Cross the bridge and if you want the silver knife, you can go left, but if you go right, you’ll find the big mermaid you shot earlier. Go on and enter the room where you will find another mermaid figurine and a switch. Pull the switch and go through the gate.

The collapse of the silver blade

After the gate, go up and to the left and you will come to the wreck of the silver blade. Go to the upper deck, where the Mermaid Queen is sending sea warriors to attack you. The ocean dwellers are far away, so you have to fight them with the ship’s cannons. The barrels contain extra cannonballs and food. You can replenish the stock from there.

When the sea creatures are dead, you can use the captain on the silver blade to hoist the ship up. As you do this, new ocean vines appear and you have to jump back and forth to stay alive while you get your ship off the ground. Stay tuned until the Kraken takes control of the ship and various ocean creatures jump on deck to fight with you. Kill them all, and the Kraken will eventually raise a ship to fight against you.

The battle against the octopus

The fight against the Kraken is tough, and your main goal will be to stay alive. The octopus can hit you anywhere on the ship, so you should always be on your guard. Shoot him in the face and don’t stop. Right now, the guns don’t hurt him. This is probably a bug that will be fixed later, but for now you can kill him with a gun. Once you’ve done enough damage, the Kraken will retreat and you can finally use the captain to revive the ship, climb up the mast ladder.

The battle with the mermaid queen

Swim forward and you’ll come to a dry area. To fight the queen, you have to go through the front corridor, but if you want the Tale of Eternal Sorrow reward, you can use the right door before you fight the mermaid queen. To fight the mermaid queen, go to the corridor, press the switch and start the fight against the boss.

The Mermaid Queen is the same as the regular mermaids, so fighting her won’t be a problem. Make sure you have the trident with you for this fight. When the mermaid queen is dead, the water level starts to drop and you can go to the middle of the room. Use the switch to enter the area inside the barrier.

Destroy the three mermaid statues inside and meet the familiar faces that appear on screen. Give the compass to Captain Jack Gibbs, then swim to the exit. The story is over, and you can use the mermaid statue to return to your ship.

If you need help with other stories, see the guides below:

This concludes our guide to Sea of Thieves The Sunken Pearl. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comment box below.

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