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Today, we are going to talk about a theme park called ” Planet Zoo Africa Pack “. Planet Zoo Africa is a theme park in Johannesburg, South Africa.  it is located on a reclaimed old air force base. The park was opened in 2014 and is designed to educate and entertain children and adults alike. It features a diverse range of animals and exhibits that are exciting for the whole family.

I’ve written several Planet Zoo Africa Pack reviews and am very happy with this review pack. Planet Zoo Africa Pack is a useful resource for anyone who likes new technology. I like the idea of being able to review these items rather than just reselling them like I did with my last review pack. I was quite surprised that I received around 50 reviews. I was expecting just 10 or 15. I think this could be a great way for people to get reviews on some of the more expensive technology.

Planet Zoo is an ever-expanding game, with content appearing before we’ve even had a chance to fully explore the previously released Planet Zoo DLC packs.

Each new content pack focuses on a new part of the world, with animals and landscapes specific to that area. The last Planet Zoo expansion was Planet Zoo Africa, which was also released with the free Planet Zoo 1.6 update.

What’s new in the Africa package

  • 4 new African animals
  • 1 New show animal
  • 180 new set of elements
  • New challenge scenario
  • Free accompanying update

As with all new Planet Zoo content packs, I recommend starting with a trial version, as it will give you an idea of what to expect from the new animals and items, and allow you to try out some of the new features without affecting your franchise or your main Zoo sandbox.

What new animals are included in the Planet Zoo Africa pack?

When a new content pack is released for Planet Zoo, the first thing we all want to know is what new animals will be in it, and the Africa pack did not disappoint.

  • The meerkats
  • Foxfennek
  • African penguin
  • southern white rhino

The most interesting of these new animals to me is the meerkat, because who doesn’t like to watch meerkats, and just like in real life, Planet Zoo’s meerkats can dig burrows thanks to the new digging feature added to the package.

In addition to an impressive number of new animals, the new Africa pack also introduces a new show animal: the sacred beetle, better known as the dung beetle.

The sacred beetle makes piles of droppings and rolls them into a ball, making it a much more active and interesting display animal.

New African Landscape

Like all content packs, the new Planet Zoo DLC adds a bunch of new landscape elements, which of course have an African theme.

As always, this shows that a lot of thought went into the creation of the new sets, making the zoo even more impressive.

As with the other packs, players will have to explore the landscape before they can use them in their zoo.



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Not only will guests be surprised by the new items, but there are many new items to use in your pet’s habitat, with the most memorable item being a new disco ball as an enhancement.

Latest free Planet Zoo content update

Once again, Frontier has managed to coincide the new content pack with a free update, giving players twice the fun.

You can read the full description of the patch here, but the most interesting feature of the new update is the return of vision points in the series. Planet Coaster enthusiasts shouldn’t forget Planet Coaster’s observation points, which are designed to draw your guests’ attention to a specific part of your park.

At Planet Zoo, these vantage points not only allow you to draw visitors’ attention to the best locations for each of your enclosures, but also provide your park with a marketing advantage.


Planet Zoo just keeps getting better. With each new content pack, we can add animals from all over the world to our zoos.

The new tunnel system works very well. Watching my meerkats stick their heads through the holes is adorable, and my guests think so too.

At such a great price, whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the series, the Planet Zoo Africa pack is a must-have addition to an already excellent game that I continue to follow.


For every game, add-on or application we review, we look at both the good and bad aspects of the software.

We often find more bad than good, but it’s always nice to write a review of Planet Coaster & Planet Zoo games.

It’s almost impossible to find something bad that’s a breath of fresh air, especially these days with so many Early Access games and games with so many problems. Planet Zoo truly shines among the best games of our generation.

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Review of the Planet Zoo Africa pack

Price: $9.99

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Game name: Planet Zoo Africa


Game description: Planet Zoo Africa Pack adds over 180 new fantasy landscape elements, 4 new African animals and a new show animal to the game. The new expansion was released along with a free content update, Planet Zoo 1.6, which includes a host of new features.

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  • New tunnel function
  • New beautiful animals
  • Large choice of decorations
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  • No

8.5 4.25

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