Animated tabs NSV

Fully customizable animated tab.


To run a sample project, clone Repo and first perform the installation of the Pod from the sample folder.

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Fast 5.0


NSVAnimatedTabBar is available via CocoaPods. To install
, add the following line to your pod file


More than

NSVAnimatedTabBar is a fully customizable animated bookmark panel, where a central element can be used to display additional options.


NSVAnimatedTabBar is based on 5 protocols, so you need to make an appropriate implementation of these protocols to use the animated bookmark panel. You can fix anything or almost anything.

Confirm in NSVAnimatedTabControllerDelegate to select each tab or central element.

NSV Animated TabOptions .

Basic protocol for providing all necessary information.

TabHeight: CGFloat
Sole height

the plates: UIEdgeInsets
Bookmark Line Kits

Tab background colours : UIColor
Background colour tab

Select the color of the item : UIColor
Colour of the selected badge element

Color not selected: UIColor
Pattern colour of the non-selected element

Corner radius: CGFloat
Angle blast plate

not selectedColour selectedSignature
Product colour sticker not selected

Shadow information: ShadowInfo
Set this setting to have a shadow on the top tab.

Options : NSVTabItemOptions] Table of table elements

Animation possibilities : NSVTabAnimationOptions
Animation options in the tab sheet

Centre Options : NSVCenterItemOptions
Central tab item option

Alphabet Accounting Page : CGFloat
alpha value for the hedge type when a central element is selected

main backgroundColor : UIColor?
The background color of the main view is visible for the curved tab, and if tabInsets is not set to zero. Set the value to zero if you want the same color as the selected frame controller automatically.


An animation protocol to provide basic animation capabilities.

duration of the animation : Double
Middle element and animation duration in plate Animation duration

Options : UIView.AnimationOptions
Panel Center Tab and Animation Options

with springMetDamping : CGFloat
Central element and animation Name plate spring and damping value

initialSpringVelocity : CGFloat
Centre element and plate animation Spring starting speed

Delay: Double animation delay
for middle element and tab

tab Percentage of displacement : CGFloat?
The tablet will change the percentage depending on the height, set it to 1 if you want to hide it completely or to zero if you don’t want the animation.

Director of the center: CGFloat?
Center the element to change the percentage according to height, set it to zero if you don’t want animation.

suboptionsDepartment type Animation : SubOptionsAnimationType
SubOptions of the central element AnimationType:
.basic – first gif, show/hide all suboptions simultaneously.
.fading – second gif, simply cross-fade with the alpha of each element
.movingByOne – third gif, simply cross-fade, zoom if needed.

SelectionAnimationType tab : TabSelectionAnimationType
The selection animation of each tab, which is also used for the selection/opening animation of the central element, can no longer be used.

If the screen changes, you need to animate it: Bulldozer
If you change the selected fader, the playback will be animated.


Move the mouse pointer over the tab set for each parameter

Titles : Cord?
Set to zero if you only want one image.

a picture: UIImage?
Set to zero if you only want the header.

selectImage : UIImage?
A panel with the image of the selected item, when it is at zero, uses the supplied selected color (use the images in Template mode if you want to change the colors of the image).

elements: UIEdgeInsets
Tabletop Element Sets

the distance: CGFloat?
Distance between image and title

The police: UIFont?
Name Tag Element Title Font

NSVC Centre Options .

The options in the middle.

The size: Size of the central element

Heel size: CGSize
Subvariants of the size of the center point

deposits : UIEdgeInsets
Centralized element sets

Options : NSVTabItemOptions
The configuration option for the central elements is similar to that for the tabs.

Arrangement of central element sub-variants

backgroundColor : UIColor
Background colour of the central element

Corner radius: CGFloat
Radius of the middle corner element, set to size.width/2 to round the knob.

Shadow information: Shadow info?
The central shadow of objects

distributionType : SubOptionsDistributionType
Centre the sub-options for
items For example .custom (itemsSpacing: 40, minYOffset: 40, maxYOffset: 50)
itemsSpacing – distance between X
minYOffset – minimum position for Y
maxYOffset – maximum position for Y
Set minYOffset and maxYOffset to the same values if you want the sub-options on the same line.

A twisted pipe: CurveType
Set the .bottom value if the curve should be below the middle element.

NSVC Centre for Sub-Options .

Focus of sub-options

a picture: UIImage
Image sub-variant

backgroundColor : UIColor
Background colour subvariant

Corner radius: CGFloat
Radius of sub-option angle

Shadow information: Option ShadowInfoShade

View the example application to see the NSVAnimatedTabBar in operation.

What is the next?

Animation, animation, animation. I will try to add more animations for everything (element selection, appearance of sub-variants, etc.), add an option for a top-curve for the central element, add an option to open a new screen instead of the sub-variant, etc……


Narek1994, [secure email]


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