Nowadays there are many good custom launchers, but Nova Launcher is probably the most popular of them. High level of customization and many features, including notification badges (a premium feature). However, it seems that for some users, the notifications on Nova Launcher are not working because the badges are not displayed in the applications.

We have tried to highlight this problem and propose some applicable solutions.

Table of contents :

  1. Delete Tesla Unread
  2. Check the parameters of Nova Launcher and restart the launcher.
  3. Make sure Nova is your default installation
  4. Disable battery optimization
  5. Install a new release mechanism
  6. Android firmware update

No notification badge for Nova Launcher Prime

Solution 1 – Delete unread Tesla

Tesla Unread is (or rather, was) a companion app to Nova Launcher that brought digital icons to Android. Today it is no longer available on the Play Store due to certain permissions. You can still download it from the Tesla Coil website here.

Tesla Coil now has digital dots (as well as simple Oreo-like dots and dynamic icons) integrated into the launcher itself. The problem is that they don’t stay in place after the designation is rejected, as in the case of Tesla Unread.

You will also need Nova Launcher Prime (paid version) to use the badges. It’s money well spent in my opinion, considering it’s the most popular and perhaps the most feature-rich Android launcher.

In short, we recommend uninstalling Tesla Unread, as it may have problems running properly on Android 10 (even Pie).

Solution 2 – Check Nova Launcher settings and restart Nova Launcher.

Now make sure that the numeric dots (or other icons) are correctly included with the required permissions. After that, make sure you restart the launcher so everything works properly.

Apparently the Nova Launcher badges require notification permission to work. In this perspective, here’s how to select and activate favorite notification icons in Nova Launcher:

  1. Tap and hold on the home screen to open the Nova Launcher menu.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Select Notification Badges.
  4. Click on the authorization bar at the bottom and type Nova Notification.
  5. Select the desired icons and return to the main settings menu.Nova launcher is not working
  6. Scroll down and expand More.
  7. Press Restart Nova Launcher.

Solution 3 – Make sure Nova is your default installation.

Some custom skins for Android severely restrict third-party services. They tend to limit their work to the background, which causes problems for a system application like a launcher.

So make sure Nova Launcher is installed by default. This should solve the problems with displaying notifications or missing notification badges in some applications. Of course, if a particular app isn’t working, make sure all notifications are on. You can do this by going to Settings > Apps > Notifications.

  1. Open Preferences and type Autostart Bar in the search box and open Default Autostart Bar.
  2. Under Default launcher, select Reinstall.Nova launcher is not working
  3. Restart the device and test the notifications to see if the notification icons appear.

Solution 4 – Disable battery optimization

At the same time, aggressive battery optimization may limit some of Nova Launcher’s capabilities. It is therefore advisable to check whether automatic starting is permitted and whether this is limited by the permanent storage of the battery charge.

Here’s how to optimize Nova Launcher’s battery in a few easy steps:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select All Applications (Application Manager or Application Control).
  4. Find the Nova Launcher and open it.
  5. Activate the automatic start.
  6. Open permits and secure all required approvals.
  7. Go back and open the battery optimizer.
  8. Exclude Nova from all optimization options.Nova launcher is not working

Solution 5 – Reinstall Nova Launcher

The next step, if the previous solutions were not useful, is to reinstall Nova Launcher. Reinstalling the application cleans up any data and cache that may have been corrupted. You will also receive the latest operational version. It is not necessary to uninstall the licensed application Nova Launcher Prime.

Moreover, we recommend you to exit the beta program before reinstalling the launcher from the Play Store. Of course, if you are already participating in the beta test of the application.

Follow these instructions to reinstall Nova Launcher on Android :

  1. Re-open the Nova settings on the home screen.
  2. Choose Save and Import Settings.
  3. Save your Nova configuration locally or download it to the Drive.
  4. From the Nova Settings menu, press Select Default Startup.
  5. Select the default system boot.
  6. Then open the play store and remove Nova Launcher.Nova launcher is not working
  7. Restart your device and reinstall Nova from the Play Store.
  8. Finally, restore the backup and recheck the notification badge as a precaution. Permission to reapply if desired. Finally, define Nova as the default launcher.

Solution 6 – Android firmware update

Finally, make sure your phone’s firmware is up to date. You may encounter issues when running Nova on older versions of Android, as the application has been gradually optimized for several recent iterations of Android.

That should do it. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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