Cloud storage is an essential element to back up and keep all your data. This allows you to recover important data if your device fails or is lost. Good cloud storage can help you back up all your data, including photos, videos, documents, application data and more. If you primarily use a Mac, the following cloud services can help you back up and store all your data online.

5 best cloud backups for Mac

Here you will find reliable and reputable online backup programs for your Mac. All these services are highly encrypted, so there is no risk of data loss.

  • iDrive
  • Backblaze
  • CloudBerry Backup
  • Carbonite
  • SpiderOak ONE


iDrive is the most powerful cloud backup tool with an easy-to-use interface. It offers all the content you need and advanced backup options compatible with Mac devices. It is designed primarily to protect user privacy, and all your data is protected by 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, it is equipped with many settings, such as. B. Schedule automatic backups, easy file sharing, unlimited access and more. iDrive is also supported by other major operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows. iDrive provides unlimited access to backed up files and also updates changes to the backed up file in real time. You can use this service on many devices without restrictions.

In addition to backing up personal data, they can also be used for business purposes. iDrive offers three types of cloud backup plans. The basic version offers only 5 GB of cloud storage without registration. You can choose subscription plans according to your preferences, 5 TB storage for $52.12 and 10 TB storage for $74.62.

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Flame of fire

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Backblaze is a simple and easy-to-use cloud storage app for backing up data and information on your Mac. It is one of the leading cloud backup software. Backblaze on Mac lets you back up an unlimited amount of data, regardless of size. You can also store data from multiple servers online for later access. This software works on all user devices, including mobile devices and computers. You can view and edit the files stored on each of your devices. Changes are reflected in real time on all other active Baackblaze devices. It also has built-in multi-layer standard encryption, so files are stored securely and confidentially.

Backblaze is a fully flexible cloud backup software with automatic backup configuration. In comparison, it is available at a modest price, and with a free 15-day trial. Backblaze subscriptions are available at three levels: one month ($6), one year ($60) and two years ($110).

CloudBerry Backup

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Cloudberry Backup is a versatile and flexible cloud backup software that is well supported on all Mac devices. It has a modern interface that allows for easy navigation. It offers two storage directions, one for local files and one for online files. Cloudberry encryption is generally tamper-proof, so you never have to worry about data loss. In addition, you can track actions and view them at any time directly from the control panel. This is a flexible cloud backup utility for Mac that lets you back up your data manually or automatically.

CloudBerry Backup is included in subscription plans at the time of purchase. All plans have a one-time cost of $49.99 to $229.99. It also offers 200 GB of free storage.


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Carbonite is the most popular provider of cloud backup services, with many features. It provides massive cloud storage to back up unlimited data from your Mac. Backup is not necessarily a problem, as files and data up to 4 GB are backed up automatically. It is a simple application that is well supported by MacOS devices. Carbonite allows you to select automatic backup file formats and schedule schedules at your convenience. Moreover, it never consumes more data when loading and restoring files. Safety is an essential feature of carbonite. Your files remain encrypted until they are manually deleted. It also has a private encryption function to establish private encryption security and restrict third-party access.

Carbonite offers a number of premium plans to secure your device. Here you can backup one or more devices. You can secure many devices by paying more money. The price depends on the number of devices you want to secure.

  • Basic Plan – 1 year: $71.99, 2 years: $136.78, 3 years : $194.34.
  • Carbonite Safe Plus – 1 year: $119.99, 2 years: $212.78, 3 years : $302.37.
  • Carbonite Safe Prime – 1 year: $149.99, 2 years: $284.78, 3 years : $404.37.

Spider oak ONE

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SpiderOak ONE is a highly secure, high-performance Mac cloud storage application. It contains everything you need to protect your data, even if he can’t read it. This program has an intuitive design for backing up, managing and restoring data on your server. Plus, you can easily share your backup data directly with others. It does not search for all folders and files to sync. The files are saved and the data is stored only in the selected folder.

A reliable and secure backup tool to sync data across all devices and track activity at any time. SpiderOak ONE offers four premium plans at a very low price.

  • 150 GB storage – $6 per month or $69 per year
  • 400 GB storage – $11 per month or $115 per year
  • 2TB storage – $14 per month or $149 per year
  • A 150GB storage space costs $6 per month or $320 per year.

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These are the best cloud-based online storage apps for your Mac. These services make backups much easier and more secure with different levels of encryption. These cloud backup services have unlimited storage capacity with tremendously useful features. In addition to the built-in security, you can encrypt your data with your own encryption key.

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frequently asked questions

What is the best cloud backup for Mac?

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What is the best cloud backup service?

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IsIDrive better than Carbonite?

According to my tests, IDrive backs up files about three times faster than Carbonite. It runs on more platforms (including mobile devices), offers more storage space, and in most cases is less expensive. It can also sync files across all your computers and devices, as an alternative to services like Dropbox.

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