Although today’s smartphones make it easier than ever before to create animated videos with ease, there are still tools out there that make the process more efficient. Here are ten tools for creating animated videos with ease.

If you’re a content creator, you’ve probably been told over and over again to use a video editing tool to create your own videos, such as iMovie, Final Cut, and Adobe Premiere. Of course, if you’re like me, you don’t want to buy each of those products individually, and that’s where tools like Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and other 3rd party applications come in.

Video is a crucial medium for distributing informative and entertaining content. Video is the fastest and most effective way to convey information and share ideas. But animated video is usually impractical without the aid of video editing software. Although there are tools that make it possible to create shared videos, the only way to truly make animated videos is to use specialized software. So, here is a list of the best tools to make animated videos in the future.. Read more about free tools to create animated videos and let us know what you think.

In only a few hours, you can produce animated films for your YouTube channel or vlog with the appropriate software. In this blog article, we’ll go through the top ten tools for producing animated movies to make your life simpler.

It is self-evident that videos have become a significant component of the internet. Who wants to read a lengthy blog article when they can watch a short video instead? Animated videos have become even more popular as a result of its ability to capture the audience’s attention while also being amusing.

There are plenty of programs available to help you produce animated films, ranging from basic explainer movies to sophisticated motion graphics. While some of these programs are free and others need a monthly subscription, they all have one thing in common: they all have a highly user-friendly layout. So even if you’ve never made a video before, you’ll have no trouble making a fantastic animated clip.

We’ll go through the most popular and helpful tools for making animated videos for YouTube and other platforms in this blog article.

The Best Tools For Making Animated Videos

Animated videos are available in a variety of styles and formats. Infographics, motion graphics, kinetic typography, and other forms of animation fall under this category.

The first consideration should be the kind of video you intend to make. If you’re making a motion graphic or kinetic typography, for example, there’s no sense in utilizing a limited-featured software.

However, if you’re searching for an easy way to make explainer films, there are a slew of applications to choose from. Take, for instance, Powtoon.

Adobe Animate CC is a software program that allows you to create animations (formerly Flash)

adobe after effects

Adobe Animate CC is a popular animation program for producing a variety of interactive media. It’s the most comprehensive writing environment for responsive HTML content, motion graphics, and WebGL experiences in the market.

You may use this program to animate almost anything, from high-quality animations for games and TV shows to web-based interactions.

Interactive online advertisements, infographics, e-learning films, gaming settings, doodling and avatars are all examples of animations produced.

You may also export your animations in whatever file format you choose, including HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, and bespoke platforms like SVG.

Furthermore, due to its support for current web standards like HTML Canvas and WebGL, animations produced with Adobe Animate cc can run on computers, tablets, and mobile devices without the need for additional plug-ins. You may also save your animation as an SWF file and share it with others.

This application is free to download and use for 30 days after installation. You may build up to five projects using it. If you need additional features, Adobe Animate CC is available in four different subscription plans: $19 per month, $29 per month (with Accessibility tools), $49 per month (with Adobe Stock), and $79 per month.

Toon Boom Studios is a studio that creates cartoons.


Toon Boom Studio Pro is a vector-based, frame-by-frame animation program that includes some of the industry’s most sophisticated tools. It’s ideal for producing high-quality cartoons, comics, and graphic novels.

Over 40 sketching tools are included, as well as a collection of royalty-free pictures, soundtracks, and backdrops. You may also upload your own backdrop illustrations.

Toon Boom Studio Pro was the first program to have re-timing capability, which enables you to change playback speed without affecting frame rate, or vice versa. Anyone working on lip syncing videos with voice over or conversation should have this capability.

Furthermore, Toon Boom Studio Pro is an excellent choice if you need animation capabilities such as onion skinning, interpolation, and minimal proportion distortion. Video files in common professional formats like as AVI, WMV, MPEG-DASH, and PNG sequence may also be imported or exported. This program is exclusively accessible to Toon Boom Studio Online members.

You may pick from four different plans: $29/month, $39/month (with Adobe Stock), and $49/month (with Digital Glitter).

TVPaint Animation 11 is the eleventh installment of the TVPaint Animation series


TVPaint Animation 11 is a robust frame-by-frame animation program that includes industry-standard features. This makes it the ideal tool for quickly producing beautiful animations, cartoons, and drawings.

This program supports all common file formats, including AVI, MPEG-DASH, and PNG sequences, as well as allowing you to import any other file type.

You also get access to a vast collection of backdrops, characters, and props, as well as the ability to build custom shortcuts for your commonly used tools. Retiming, onion skinning, and color coding are just a few of the additional capabilities included in the program.

TVPaint Animation 11 is a Windows and Mac OS application.

There is a free version with minimal functionality, as well as two premium versions: The complete edition costs $459, however you may alternatively pay $19 per month to subscribe to TVPaint Animation 11 Online. It comes you full access to all features on up to three machines, as well as assistance from the creators themselves!

Maya is a software program developed by Autodesk.

best animation maker

Maya is a sophisticated 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering program by Autodesk. It has received many accolades for its power and professionalism, and it is considered one of the industry’s top 3D animation standards.

Film, television, video game development, architecture, and design are just a few of the sectors that utilize this program.

Maya has a highly user-friendly interface with numerous capabilities such as configurable workspaces, multi-viewport technology, node-based materials, and modeling tools.

Maya has a lot of sophisticated capabilities including a non-linear animation editor, an integrated character studio, and configurable workflows, so it’s a great option for anybody with a cinema experience.

Furthermore, when it comes to character animation and motion graphics, Autodesk Maya is a popular option. The program also supports industry-standard formats like as FBX, OBJ, and Alembic, making it simple to incorporate into other applications. You may also immediately export your films to YouTube, Facebook, or any other video site. Maya also supports importing and exporting a variety of file formats, including OBJ, FBX, and Alembic.

Autodesk Maya is a software program that runs on both Windows and Mac OS.


Blender Software For Linux

Blender is a popular open-source program that may be used as a substitute for professional animation, modeling, and rendering tools. It’s been utilized in a variety of sectors, including cinema, video game production, and architectural design, but it’s also suitable for a variety of other tasks.

Modeling tools, materials, lighting, high-quality rendering, and compositing are all included in this program. Blender also has sophisticated capabilities like sub-division modeling, sculpting, and a built-in game engine that help with animation, simulation, and rendering.

Blender is extremely user friendly, but it also has a lot of configurable options, making it a great choice for those who wish to learn more about the program.

Blender also boasts a vibrant community, which makes it ideal for learning and honing your abilities. Blender is also accessible on all major platforms, so you may use it with different operating systems such as Windows or Linux.


PowToon app

PowToon is a popular option for a variety of businesses since it is simple to use, fast, and offers a large selection of professional designs. It offers basic capabilities such as video editing and animation, as well as the ability to add words, shapes, and pictures to your animations.

PowToons has a huge collection of characters, themes, and stock pictures that you can use in your animations, which is one of its strongest selling features.

If you want to make animated movies but need more professional capabilities like unique branding, HD quality, or sophisticated animation styles, both the free edition and PowToon’s Pro option are excellent options.

Furthermore, since PowToon is so simple to use, it is popular not just among novices but also among experienced animators.

App Animaker

Animaker Software

YouTubers, marketers, and other online influencers use Animaker, which is one of the most popular softwares. Thanks to the fact that it is simple to use while still providing a wealth of professional capabilities.

This program contains a library with hundreds of different animations, such as people in various postures or a vehicle moving along a street, that you may use in your movies.

Furthermore, Animaker enables real-time collaboration, which is a feature that many animators and marketers like. Furthermore, this program is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as being able to be used directly in your browser.

The basic edition of Animator costs $14 a month, but you can try it out for free for 30 days before committing. Animaker is only compatible with Windows and Mac OS.


Bitable app

Bitable is a cloud-based application that allows you to quickly make animated explanation films.

Bitable is a great option for marketers and content producers who want to include a little video or GIF in their blog posts, articles, or social media postings.

This program allows you to make your own films in seconds and contains many high-quality templates that work with all major browsers and can be used on a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

Bitable is also excellent for novices because of its easy interface, which allows them to start using the program without any prior expertise. Although this application integrates with YouTube, it lacks professional capabilities such as sophisticated animation styles, HD resolution, and unique branding choices. This program is accessible in a free version, but if you require additional capabilities, you’ll need to upgrade to pro, which costs $24 per year.

Furthermore, because of its quick loading speeds, high-quality designs, and compatibility with all major browsers, Bitable is an excellent option for posting videos on social networking sites like as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



Another popular tool among marketers and content producers is GoAnimate, which allows you to create animated movies without any design or animation expertise.

This program comes with many templates that you may customize with your own pictures, words, or shapes to create your own explainer films. GoAnimation also has a slew of professional capabilities, such as HD quality, branding choices, and bespoke characters.

Furthermore, although the basic version of GoAnimate is free, if you want to take use of additional features like HD resolution, a library with hundreds of animations, and branding choices, you’ll have to pay $39 per month for Pro.


VideoScribe animation maker

If you want to make your own explainer video but don’t have any creative abilities, VideoScribe is a fantastic option.

This program has an intuitive interface that allows users of all skill levels to quickly open the tool and begin adding text, pictures, and shapes to their movies.

Furthermore, this program comes with a slew of professional capabilities, like HD resolution, unique branding, and character development. VideoScribe, on the other hand, is exclusively accessible for Mac devices, thus Windows users will be unable to utilize it.

The basic edition of VideoScribe will set you back $99, but you may try it out for free first. In addition, if you want additional capabilities like HD resolution, unique branding choices, and character development, you’ll need to upgrade to Pro, which costs $149 each year.

More Animated Maker Tools Online

You may make animated movies using a variety of additional tools as well. Here are a few examples:

Digicel Flipbook: Software that allows you to make excellent explainer films without having to know how to design or animate.

Doodly: This is a great option for marketers and content producers who don’t want to learn how to code in order to make a basic explainer film.

EasyVSL: This is a fantastic choice for marketers and content producers who want to make professional-looking explainer films.

Toonly: For marketers wanting to produce animated films with unique branding choices, this program is a fantastic solution.

Videoshop: For novices who wish to make their own animated videos without needing any design or animation expertise, Videoshop is a fantastic option.

Moovly: Moovly is a cloud-based application that allows you to make animated explanation films using just text and pictures.

Toontastic: If you want to make your own animated videos for kids, Toontastic is a fantastic option.

Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark provides a variety of templates for creating animated films for a variety of applications.


You may use a variety of tools to make your animated movies. Each has its unique set of features and pricing, so do your homework before choosing which one is right for you!

This list contains some of the more common options, although there are many more. All of them have positive ratings, user-friendly interfaces, and excellent customer service representatives who can assist you with any issues or queries you may have along the process. Regardless of which tool is ideal for your requirements, all of these applications will enable you to create an outstanding film in a short period of time!

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The post is an update to “10 Best Tools To Create Animated Videos (2018)”. The first, and only, tool to make animated videos is good old VHS tape. But at times, there is no need to let it go to waste. New technology makes it possible to save the video as an animated GIF. Here are ten tools that can help you create animated GIFs.. Read more about best online animation maker and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best animation software 2021?

The best animation software is a bit difficult to answer, as there are so many different types of animation software. However, the best animation software for beginners would be Animate CC.

What are the best free animation software in 2021?

The best free animation software in 2021 is probably Blender.

What are the top 10 softwares for creating a animated video for yt?

The top 10 softwares for creating an animated video for Youtube are Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Blender 3D and Unity.

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