Word is a world-famous and widely recommended tool for working with text. Although there is a small detail, and this program is very extensive in terms of functionality and creative possibilities.

But not everyone knows how to use it and how to use the full potential of this beautiful instrument. For example, when it comes to solving tasks such as crossword puzzles or other grids, they prefer to pay someone to do the work.

In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to quickly and easily create a crossword puzzle in Word with a professional finish. We will also show you some other programs for your computer that can make your work easier in less time.

Steps for quick and easy crossword puzzle in Microsoft Word

There are several activities to maintain brain mobility and mobility as a crossword puzzle. Solving this problem contributes greatly to the learning and retention of information for both children and adults.

That is why her resolution is encouraged in a brochure, perhaps after a children’s exhibition or other event. If you need to make it fast, let’s take a look at the steps in Word :

Pre-start parameters

To create a crossword puzzle in Word, we must first have at least one theme for the words that will appear in it.

  • Once all the above points and words have been selected, we need to make a small sketch on paper to get an idea of how we want things to work.
  • Later, when we are in a new document in Word, we have to start configuring the page margin.

Defining the Narrow Field

  • To do this, we enter the position in the top menu and then recommend the narrow fields, because this is a graphical image and not pure text.
  • If the crossword puzzles we are going to do have an important didactic purpose, maybe for 40 or 50 people, you can adjust the number of columns on the page.

Mounting of the columns

  • In the same column layout we can choose between two or three depending on the size and number of pages to be printed.

If these parameters are adjusted to our needs, we can now start creating a crossword puzzle.

Creating a network

  • The Insert section has an option to easily create a grid for crossword puzzles.

Inserting a table

  • We specify it in the table and then insert it into the table to create a chord of the desired size.

Insert Table 2

  • In this case, we have chosen 20 out of 20, we leave everything as it is and we assume.

This gives us our grid, which we can adjust in height and width if necessary, in the lower right corner, after which you are ready to enter words.

Entering words in grid

In the newly created grid we enter the selected words, one letter in each square and preferably in capitals.

  • Before we start writing, it is important that we choose the size and type of font we will use.

Entering words in the grid

  • Of course, words have to cross each other vertically and horizontally to shape our work.

Once you’ve found all the words and everything fits perfectly, we can immediately start refining the crossword puzzle grid.

Drawing text box

  • If we place the mouse in the top left corner of the grid, we get an option to select all these elements.

Select the whole grid.

  • After you have selected the entire grid, click on the Start section, and in the Paragraph section, remove the grid borders with the No borders option.

Margin free rust

  • In this case we only get the words of the crossword puzzle.
  • Next, you must use the CTRL key while holding down the mouse button to select each of the fields containing the letters of the crossword puzzle.

Favorite Words

  • Then we restore the beginning and paragraph boundaries, but only from the boxes we selected.

Words that go all the way

  • Once this step has been taken, you can already see the crossword puzzle taking shape and it lacks a few tricks.

Local reference numbers

When we do crossword puzzles, the people who get them have to decide, of course, so we have to eliminate those decisions.

To do so, select the full grid in the top left corner and press the DELETE button.

We’ll get one:

Crossword puzzles without solutions

Then we use numbers which, together with the legend, indicate where the answers should be written and in which direction they should be placed. Each number is placed exactly where the word begins to tell the player what to write from there.

Although this is only more important than more complex crossword puzzles, they contain words in reverse order or from bottom to top. There are two ways we can do this: We can put the numbers outside each box or in the box, in this example we put them in the box.

Crossword puzzles with selected numbers

To give it some style and keep the numbers similar to the number 1, we need to make small changes to the cell fields, the alignment and the font size.

To do this, select as in the image above, then go to the Position tab in the top right menu and in the alignment we put the option left in front.

Align top left

Then we go to the edge of the cell on the left and reduce it from 0.19 cm to a significant size, and then we reduce the font size.


We’ll get one:

Crossword puzzles with prefabricated parts

We set our crossword to

After the previous step and making a caption with questions for the crossword puzzle, we will have to adjust it a bit to your wishes.

We can play with colours and assign a different colour to each cell, or adjust the size and other things to give the work the finishing touch. Although we’ll leave that up to you. To do this, select the cells you want to change and then choose from the main menu under Start what you want to change and what you want to leave unchanged.

List of the best tools to solve crossword puzzles quickly and easily

Here we present some of the creators and other crossword puzzle generators that are available next to Word. This will certainly speed up the work, just like the work we’ve shown above:

Crossword Puzzle Generator

Crossword puzzle generator

This first crossword puzzle creation program is available on the Teacher’s Corner website with the following link As you can see in the picture, all you have to do is name the crossword puzzle, define instructions and add as many words as you like, then press the Generate button and that’s it.

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzle

Here is another crossword puzzle generator that we can use when visiting your official website. It works very simply and is similar to the previous one, except that you can’t add more than 20 words to the crossword puzzle. The advantage is that it’s free.

Crossword 10

Crossword compiler 10

The following tool for creating crossword puzzles will pay off, but he is fully convinced that the effort is worth it, because it offers functions and puzzles for learning like no other program. It also offers a very useful free version.

Downloading a crossword compiler 10 Demo

Eclipse crossword puzzle

Eclipse crossword puzzle

This is the first free program you can download to your computer. It is very easy to use and you can create fantastic crossword puzzles. You can print them or export them in different formats.

Eclipse crossword puzzle

The promoter: Green Eclipse

The price: Free of charge.

If you have any questions, please leave them in your comments, we will contact you as soon as possible and this will certainly help more members of the community. Thank you very much.

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