We are almost all movie lovers, especially if we can enjoy it at home. Today, there are many ways to use it, either by paying a subscription or by being completely free.

The most recommended method is to pay, but okay, if that doesn’t work for a good reason, there is a second option even if it gets hacked. All audiovisual content is protected by copyright, so access to it should be free of charge.

This is why websites like TorrentLocura are controlled by governments and institutions. But don’t be sad, because here we present you other alternative sites that are currently active.

What happened to TorrentLocura? Are they closed or have they disappeared? Can I participate and how?

TorrentLocura is a website where you can download movie files. Yes, even if you think it is no longer available, we want to tell you that it is still available online, but not with the same domain extension, because it has already led to many lawsuits for copyright infringement.

The US authorities are not only responsible for dealing with complaints, but also ask Google to impose sanctions. But the owners already knew this could happen sooner or later, so they already had a package up their sleeve.

His original domain had a .com extension. When we browse the page, we see a 522 code that tells us the host error. We can now find this famous site, but not with the .com extension, but with the .cc extension. We don’t know if they are the same owners or not, but what interests us is that it offers us the same services, with the same models and the same architecture.

List of Top 10 Alternative TorrentLocura Sites for Secure P2P Downloads

The world of piracy is huge, and just because one of our favorite video and movie download sites is closed doesn’t mean we won’t be anymore. There is a huge list of alternative torrent sites, with better or equivalent features that allow us to enjoy all the audiovisual content we want to see.

We present here a list of 10 websites that you will surely like, and the best part is that they are still active :



If we are looking for quality and reliability, this is probably our best choice…. Many people choose this site as the most recommended site for downloading movies and series in Spanish. This site offers us a world of films, organized by catalogs and with brief descriptions of each of them, as well as excellent video quality, ranging from CAM, 720p, 1080p and other …

When we want to download a file, we have to select the option Magnet and we will see that it automatically opens the torrent download software that we have to install on our PC in order to enjoy these files.



It is an excellent alternative to TorrentLocura, which, like all the other sites we present in this post, allows us to download files, movies or TV series without paying anything.

This is a page full of Spanish audio files, and if it contains the original audio file, it is subtitled in Spanish. It has several resolution options so we can always enjoy our movies to the fullest.



With Divxtotal, we can enjoy all the content we love without leaving our data in the form, so our identity can be protected. Also, there is not as much intrusive advertising as we would like.


Pirate Bay

It is one of the most popular torrent download sitesDespite the fact that institutions have seriously prosecuted it, they have managed to cope and evade justice on several occasions.

This page, for this 2020 changes the domain, will revert to .org, although perhaps if you are at the moment it does not load, because it is a few drops, but with a good proxy we can enter the page.


GRBAR (rarbg.to)

Rarbg has been in business since 2008 and so far remains a mainstay for many others growing up in this world of torrents. The company’s reputation grows every day as it strives to always provide content in the latest audio and video quality.

Unfortunately, this is the best site for downloading torrents, but it’s also the focus of copyright-conscious countries. For example, in countries like… Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal and the United Kingdom have blocked the site.



1337x is an excellent site that allows us to find all the torrents we love so much. If we don’t know what content we want to see, we can find very good suggestions here. The interface is very clear and work is done daily to reduce security risks, starting with the most serious ones.

Currently one of the most popular torrent search engines in the worldGoogle search is also one of the most popular to exclude from indexing.



This site collects a large number of torrents to benefit from a large list of files. Torlock specializes in high-quality anime and excellent reading material.



YTS is an exclusive film research center, created with one big and wonderful goal in mind: to provide free, high-quality film content to all its users. It has a high download speed, which is a very important feature for us.



Zooqle is one of the best torrent sites, although it specializes in video game archives. The repertoire includes over 37,000 movies, 600 series and novels – everything we need to have fun.

This site is very user-friendly and also allows a good arrangement of the files by grouping them by category and size. But if we want to find a specific file, we can use the search engine that the web offers.



Do you think there are any rare and hard-to-find rivers? If your answer is yes, it must be your favorite online merchant. It offers simple and clear navigation despite an extensive library.

For the fact that many countries apply legal measures blocking access from your country to this website. If you are in one of the countries that prevents access to this site, please change your IP address to take advantage of all the features of this site.

What are the risks of using pirate portals for downloads and why not?

Even if we don’t immediately recognize the risks of downloading illegal content, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We know that it is very convenient to enjoy any content without paying anything, but it violates copyright law, so it also exposes us to various threats.

Below are some of the most common threats related to downloading and watching movies on illegal websites:

Viruses and malware

Viruses and malware are the most common risks, and we can find them not only on movie download sites, but also on other places that want to provide us with free content.

Personally, we differ from the free content in that they end up making us pay when they show us ads, and in more serious cases they add viruses that can steal all our information, and if there is a way to steal our money.

This strategy of stealing private information is very common, and the most viable method has always been to introduce computer viruses into our computers. Many of them copy all the important files we have, and others, more aggressively, can give the keys to their creator to our bank or our social network.

Can we warn them? The truth is: Yes, if we install a good antivirus program, we will definitely not give them access to our computer, but when we talk about antivirus programs, we recommend buying licenses because it shows that they are free from any program, limited and have enough space for any virus to access them.

Data protection

Daily web browsing is less private, and it’s not because of Privacibut but because of the policies we set aside, even when we go to dangerous and hacked sites. Most of these websites track every user activity and do not protect our identity either.

It’s true that some sites allow torrent downloading and promise us completely private browsing, but if we don’t pay once, we can’t say it’s an exact promise.

The trust we place in websites is up to us, but to avoid this, it is highly recommended to refer to the little padlock that appears on the left side of the toolbar. The url of our browser when we click on it tells us whether we can trust the site or not.

Reduced speed

Every time we download a torrent file, it’s as if we’re not part of the seeders or the seed box, because we’re indirectly encouraging another person to use our internet to download the file.

Speed has always been important to internet users, but especially for torrent downloads it is incredibly important and is affected by almost everything. In other words, it is affected by: Viruses, background software, poor configuration, file size and other variables.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible and it will also be a great help to other members of the community. Thank you!

Mario José

Author: Mario Jose

As a licensed journalist specializing in investigative reporting, I seek the truth in all things. Today it is 100% focused on technology, computers and the internet.

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