The PS4 decoders have been awarded the title of bestseller of the latest generation. They were developed by Sony and build on the legacy of the first PlayStation, making them the favourites of half the world when it comes to enjoying video games. They all have a system of user profiles inside that is synchronized with the network to keep good control over purchases, friendships and everything related to the game and more generally to the online ecosystem that the company offers to users.

It’s a very simple feature that, along with the PlayStation Plus system, allows you to bring great games, special offers and even additional cloud backup systems for free. However, the user may decide to replace the PlayStation 4 model with a more advanced model such as PS4 Pro, or you may decide to log out of the main profile because you want to permanently disconnect from the system.

This process can lead to some rather restrictive situations, but if you know how to wear it properly, it only becomes a transition. If you want to learn how to delete a PS4 account, this tutorial will explain you step by step how to do so.

Steps to permanently close my PS4 user account

If you want to delete a few profiles saved on your game console, or even the main profile you logged in for the first time, we’ll give you hints so you don’t get any problems. In fact, we also explain what needs to be done to avoid these annoying six-month account processing restrictions experienced by some user sectors.

If you close the PS4 user account forever, you should be aware that there is a difference between the main account and the other accounts. If you delete the first one, you need to reset the console to the factory settings, but not the others.

We will explain it in detail below, indicating the steps we need to follow to reach a conclusion:

1 – Connection to your basic profile

Turn on your PlayStation 4 console and sign in with an account associated with the main account. Select it from the menu that appears immediately after starting up the system by pressing the X button to accept it.


You have to go to Settings first, it’s as simple as clicking the left stick up and then to the right until you find it.

Enter the PS4 parameters

After entering this section, press X to scroll down until you find the initialization option. You will need to enter them to manage all accounts in the console.

Enter the initialization to delete PS4 users

3 – Removing profiles

In the previously mentioned menu, you need to go to the Delete User section to start deleting PS4 accounts.

Deleting a PS4 user

All you have to do is find the user you want to subscribe to and click X to delete them. You will probably be asked to confirm the process, so press XAgain to accept it.

If you want to delete the main account from this console, please note that all associated and unstable information will be lost. If you click on the Delete option, you will be informed that the game console will be reset to its factory settings, i.e. completely empty. All you have to do is agree to move on.

Remove PS4 profile Confirm

It is recommended to copy downloaded games or even games in the PS4’s internal memory. You can transfer them to a USB device or, if you’re a PlayStation Plus user, request cloud storage to protect everything and easily access the Internet.

How can I deactivate my PS4 account without waiting 6 months?

If there is a problem with the master account, the PS4 system provides a 6-month suspension, which can make it very difficult. However, this restriction only applies if you act remotely, i.e. if you manage your profile on the PlayStation Network website.

If you follow the process described in the previous paragraph and disable the profile through the console itself, you will not have any time problems. This restriction only applies to those who carry out the process via a PC or smartphone as a security measure to prevent misuse by third parties.

If you have any questions, please leave them in your comments, we will contact you as soon as possible and this will certainly help more members of the community. Thank you very much.

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