In recent years I have noticed that people are looking more and more negatively at everything that is black! Whether it’s a video about black history on a video game channel or a video about all things black on a platform that doesn’t normally cover that sort of thing. A quick look at the Like and Dislike report tells you everything you need to know! People are fed up, but why?

I could take the easy way out and say they are racist bigots who hate all black people and leave it at that, but I won’t! Yes, let’s not pretend there aren’t a lot of people with negative opinions about black people, there are, and it’s an obstacle we face every day, but there’s more to it than opinions! It’s hard, and I don’t even know if I can find the right words to express my thoughts, but I’ll do my best.

In my opinion and from my observations, it is clear that people are tired of being read to, feeling bad, or being forced into content that does not feel organic to them. Yes, blacks are underrepresented in the media, but the approach of many media outlets is not the right way to represent them organically without feeling forced. All right, listen up! Modern society agrees that racism is bad, right? And diversity is the way to go, but what the media is doing is further dividing people. A segment dedicated solely to blacks while preaching inclusion takes away some of the hypocrisy and loathing. Yes, black people have had it the hardest, but unfortunately we can’t make exceptions! Other groups had a bad time, and while we try to make a segment for them too, that’s far from the case for everyone. Again, I’m not trying to downplay what Balke’s people went through, I’m just pointing out how people might think.

It’s even worse when you shove it down people’s throats. Look, I understand wanting to bring black people more into the spotlight and show the world that we exist in a positive way, but as with anything, there is a right to do something and an injustice to do something. Unfortunately some people, who only bully blacks, think that is automatically the right thing to do and refuse to hear criticism from anyone! This does not help blacks in the long run and can increase hostility towards anything black. You don’t believe me? I’m making a webcomic with a main character, Black. The first comment I saw was someone (idiot) calling it SJW nonsense! Without even realizing it’s a brand new intellectual property. This happens with almost everything that has to do with Balck’s people. And if you don’t respond quickly, it can lead to even bigger problems.


The irony is that black people have spent so many years trying to get people to see through their skin, but now we do it tenfold.

If you subscribe to a gaming channel or any other media-related entertainment channel and generally never talk about real-world issues, the truth is that you don’t care about anything that grossly addresses race and racism unless you’re actively involved. Shoving it in people’s faces will only make them more resentful, and it won’t end well for black people if it continues! In my opinion, the best way to show and demonstrate diversity is a passive method. Careless expression without being the center of attention. In a strange way, to bring diversity to the big stage, you have to do it afterwards! For example, do you think people watch MKBHD because he is a BLACK TECHNOLOGICAL creator of content, or because he is a TECHNOLOGICAL creator of content? These are the last people, they look up to him because he does a good job, and he happens to be black. It’s a natural, uninhibited shot. Yes, I know what I did was a Tokenistic Fallacy, but I did it in good faith. If we can attract more people like MKBHD, not by promoting their content because they are black, but because of their content, I think the outcome will be better and positive for black people.


Of course, I understand that MKBHD, like many others, faced challenges and found himself in a different reality because of the color of his skin, but he was the only one who focused on his art and presence, which changed the way black people were seen. Yes, I know there are many black designers who go unnoticed, but that’s the reality. This is progress, admittedly not favorable at the current rate, but progress nonetheless. The reality is that this world works with values. If you want people to have time, you have to offer value. The color of your skin plays a role in success in this world, but it’s not impossible to defy the odds or even create setbacks that favor you. You just have to work harder and try to get out of the mentality of blaming your skin color too much.

It is a principle that we must respect if we want to radically change society! For example, the idea that blackwashing is acceptable and whitewashing is a bad idea! The idea of attacking white people and thinking it’s normal needs to go. The idea that it’s against all white people has to go! The idea of having a special awards ceremony should definitely be implemented! Otherwise we won’t get anywhere and that will only increase the reactions.


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