There are websites and applications for reading manga online, but many of them require paid rights and try to break into your phone, making the process uncomfortable. For avid readers and manga lovers, here are some applications that can help you discover their world without intrusive advertising.

Which application is suitable for reading manga?

Manga reading preferences may vary from person to person. At the same time, the translations people need to gain reading experience will also be different. So people can do some research before they use an application that they find most effective.

We’ve looked at the top 10 apps to make it easier for you to read manga on your phone, so let’s get straight to the…

Top 10 free manga applications for Android

Manga Cranchiroll

The application can be downloaded for free on Android devices. They have a very good collection of new and independent manga. People who like to read different kinds of good pictures can find them here. There is a monthly subscription that you have to take out.

Best free application for the Android Crunchyroll manga.

It is the most popular anime brand in the world and connects anime and manga fans in over 200 countries. This manga application gives you access to the largest collection of licensed anime, translated into multiple languages for viewers around the world.


This is one of the best applications that can be used when dying manga lovers. There are some in the shopping app, but this app also brings you good translations in English. This allows the player to read offline.

Best free apps for the Android VIZ manga.

Here you will find thousands of manga collections about series of adventure, action, crime, fantasy and romance. VIZ Manga has been an international authority on manga for more than three decades, VIZ Media is at the forefront of the Japanese pop culture phenomenon in America.

Shuishi Manga Plus

If you use this application, you need a monthly subscription, which is cheap. They also brought you the latest manga with Japan. You have a Favorites section where you can add the favorites you want to read.

Best free manga applications for Android Manga Plus .

With this manga application you can read many attractive manga series from all over the world in English and Spanish. It is also at your disposal free of charge and without delay.


It’s completely free and you don’t have to pay anything to read the huge library of good manga. The printout is quite good and the document is adapted to the resolution of your phone or tablet.

The best free manga apps for the Android manga box.

Stop your choice with this manga reading application to read the original manga of popular Japanese manga writers without paying. From all previous versions to all new versions, you have access to all free versions. They are also written by popular manga authors, and you can find new content every day.

Manga Freak

He’s got a big manga locker with good prints. It’s also a free application, which means you can access it without hidden costs. You have links that redirect you to other manga links on the internet.

Best free application for the Android manga geek.

The key to this manga player application is its creative design and user-friendly interface. You can choose to learn manga throughout the week in different languages such as English, French, Spanish and others. Here you’ll find 40,000 free mangas and comics.


Manhwa is a kind of comic book that has its roots in South Korea. It is a great application for watching folk comics, manga and even manhwa.

The best free manga applications for Android-Toomics .

Toomics is one of the best manga-read apps on your phone. It allows you to create a free account on the main site. Simply accept the terms of use and our privacy policy and you will have free access to the manga through Toomics.

Manga Show

They have a huge collection of manga that is updated every day to offer their users a new experience. It’s a practical application. You can share the content with other subscribers to the application.

Best-Free-Manga-Apps-For-Androids-Manga-Tone .

It is a free manga reading program that allows you to immerse yourself in Manhwa and Manhua as in comics. The various comics available here are regularly updated. A free comic strip is also published every week. It also allows you to download your favorite comics and scooters and read them offline with maximum ease.

Manga UP!

This application often publishes new versions and allows the user to download and read them offline.

Best free manga applications for Android Manga-UP .

Here you can find all the manga from your favourite source and read all the chapters along the way. You can enjoy offline playback with high image quality for an efficient playback style. There’s no intrusive advertising.

ComiXology Strips

The application uses guided display technology to find amazing manga from over 125 publishers in good fonts.  Various manga stories such as Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece, Man with One Stroke, Dragon Ball, etc. are available here for free.

Best free manga apps for android comedy by comiXology .

If you choose this manga playback application, you will also be immersed in a world of more than 100,000 digital comics, Marvel manga, graphic novels, photos, DCs, etc.


This application contains more than 10,000 mangas and has huge warehouses of good quality strips. Choose from tens of thousands of comic books and novels on the web. It can easily take you to worlds beyond your imagination, thanks to a multitude of creators from all over the world.

Best free manga apps for Android Tapas .

You can read all the Manga stories here. You can also join the community to get in touch with the creators and readers. Besides reading manga, you will also find stories made especially for you.

Free reading of manga on Android

As a manga lover you will find in the list mainly the manga-translations you can’t wait to read. They are easy to use and have a great collection.

All distributors of the manga applications mentioned above are licensed and thus legal.

We hope our list of manga reading applications will help you find and read interesting manga stories for free.

What are your favourite apps for reading a manga on your mobile phone? Tell us in the comments section below.

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