The Ultimate Tool To Mirror your iPhone to PC

Many of us work on the go, which means our smartphone becomes our desk and you do everything with it. Streaming shows and games are other things that are more common on smartphones.

Do you feel uncomfortable working, watching or playing on your small screen smartphone? Want to mirror your iPhone with PC? If you’ve been waiting for this miracle, breathe a sigh of relief, because the wait is over.

Wondershare MirrorGo is an incredible software recently launched by world leader Wondershare to bring out the digital creator in you and make your life easier.

With MirrorGo on your devices, you can do many activities that you will enjoy. You can effortlessly play games, work, take calls, stream online content and much more. Switch easily from portrait to landscape format with MirrorGo and work effortlessly.

The biggest advantage of this software is that you can control your phone from your computer. You don’t need to enter a PIN to unlock your phone and answer a text message.

If you are a fan of the game and find it difficult to play on your smartphone, you can simply transfer the entire screen to your desktop and efficiently enjoy the expanded view and play.

At this point, you should be tempted to use this software that seems so interesting. It’s not just an impression, it’s a certainty. Therefore, in this article we will take a look at Wondershare MirrorGo and tell you about its main features that could be a source of danger for you.

Control your iPhone from your PC

Controlling your iPhone from your PC becomes easy as you can perform multiple tasks on your desktop. You can take screen shots and save them to your local computer. Moreover, you can easily manage all push notifications.

So for an easy workflow, you can connect your iPhone to your computer and do everything through the big screen. You don’t need to use your smartphone after connecting your devices and using MirrorGo.

Mirroring the smartphone screen on a PC

It’s so nice that the whole smartphone screen can be transferred to the big computer screen. You can see objects more clearly, work faster with the physical keyboard (Android only) and mouse (iPhone and Android smartphone), and have better control.

Once the devices are connected, you can easily mirror the screens. Whether you need to write a long letter or play your favorite game, MirrorGo will make sure everything is right for you.

Simple message processing

Who would have thought that one day you would be able to check iPhone notifications on your laptop while performing other tasks instead of using your iPhone directly, let us explain!

With MirrorGo, you can easily manage all the push notifications from your iPhone to your computer. Just mirror your iPhone on your computer and leave the screen on. It’s done. You can use the mouse to check all the notifications.

Recording and Screenshot Recording

No need to press the volume and power buttons at the same time! Technology has evolved, and now you have to do the same. MirrorGo lets you take screenshots and record your iPhone screen from your PC.

Confused? You should, because there’s never been a feature like this before. Gone are the days when you had to press both keys three times and still failed. With the MirrorGo, all your problems are reduced to zero.

Follow these steps to take screenshots with MirrorGo and capture your iPhone screen.

  1. Mirror your iPhone on your laptop.
  2. Go to the settings of the MirrorGo software.
  3. There are two options for saving screenshots to your local computer.
  4. You can select the clipboard or files to save the screenshot. If you choose to use the clipboard, simply take a screenshot and paste it wherever you want on your PC or laptop.
  5. When selecting files, you must specify the path where you want to save the screenshots. When you take a screenshot this way, it is automatically saved to a predefined location.
  6. In addition, you need to define the desired path for the screen records and the file will be automatically saved there.

Simple installation

Go to the official MirrorGo(iOS) website in your browser and download the settings. Then install it on your laptop or PC and create an account. Viola! Your MirrorGo software is successfully installed on your computer and you had almost nothing to do.

Isn’t it simple and done in minutes? Imagine that by installing this little software, you can reduce your overall workload and make your workflow much more convenient and fluid.

Some words from the conclusion

If you want to live a pleasant life and not work in a confined space, switch to MirrorGo now. This application makes your life worthwhile, and all you have to do is spread out your screens and work on a large frame.

This software is used by millions of people around the world, and no wonder it has become so popular. So don’t waste any time and install this software to enjoy a smooth workflow at home.

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