It’s time for housing to catch up with integrated graphical interfaces. We understand, because you can’t read an article or attend a meeting without someone saying: Our users want their smartphone in the car and on the fridge! It is too easy to combine powerful functionality with good user interfaces, and built-in GUI systems are not always sufficient.

What is a Graphical User Interface?

A graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of user interface that allows the user to interact with an application on the screen. Graphical user interfaces typically include elements such as icons, buttons, navigation bars, menus, and other graphical components. The user can interact with these components by a specific movement or pointer, such as a mouse, finger or pen.

What is an embedded system?

An embedded system is a computing device based on fixed-power microprocessors. Unlike a traditional desktop computer, these computers run software that performs specific functions.

Embedded systems are either stand-alone devices or elements of massive systems. In-vehicle equipment has become an important part of our daily lives. The use of embedded applications will continue to be important in the future. They are also needed to further drive demand and increase value through IoT.

Evolution of the development of embedded graphic interfaces


It is a common myth that the slip between hardware and UI is the least you can do for the UI, because it is smaller. Application architecture, graphics library limitations, and suboptimal performance often lead to embedded graphics interfaces.

We understand that this is due to a lack of development time and a desire to get the most out of the material. Yet consumers roll their eyes and wonder why you can control a smartphone that does fifty things and not a dishwasher that only does one.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. As hardware processors and GPUs become more powerful, the user interface toolkit evolves to the MPU. Just look at the recently included ARM Dynamic and Mali-G72 processors, or the first MCU with 2D GPU, which was developed with Microchip Technology Inc. On-board DDR2 memory.


Consumers expect more from their user interface and involving more consumers in the development phase are three points, and this is particularly important for embedded systems.

The design of the integrated graphical interface is proportional to the code.

Perhaps the best improvement is that programmers, or at least the unique UI architecture expertise, form priority development teams. Developers understand how to build, test and optimize applications. However, many traditional-looking user interfaces are still sold by embedded organizations because the designer lacks experience and expertise.

Only by providing a designer with a production team, goods that make an excellent, functional, attractive and practical brand are adopted and maintained. The survey shows that Facebook, Amazon and Google have not only increased their art and design staff by 65% in the past year, but two in five coders are already creating code.


Users need not worry that their graphics library does not support pixel shaders or acceleration. Integrated devices are highly sophisticated, but they are not catching on with a technical audience, largely because they are sold in the world’s dominant new consumer markets. Information infrastructures should be designed, built and implemented to meet global consumer standards, not only in terms of accessibility, but also in terms of inclusiveness, geographically, culturally and socio-economically.

However, the World Wide Web Consortium’s accessibility, interoperability, and inclusion standards originally established for the Internet also apply to embedded systems, since all of our consumers are ultimately individuals. A striking example of an organization turning to Microsoft is the search for the inclusive design toolkit. The secret to inclusivity is creating simple, distinctive surface elements that create an emotional connection. This makes the user interface less complex and more accessible. Unlike developers, they have specific techniques and distill different people. The app can be finished with a great UX/UI that is comfortable for everyone.

4.     Unlocked value of the integrated graphic interface

Despite the challenges of developing an integrated graphic interface, Storyboard from Crank Software reduces the complexity of manually designing and integrating integrated graphics. This makes it easier to import content, add animated graphics and manage changes. Most developers are moving away from primitive graphics, using mid-level libraries like OpenGL and Direct3D, and gradually popularizing higher-level programs. User interface design has been democratized by these easier-to-use standard toolkits. The problem is that we need to go further to avoid misinterpreting the appearance of prepaid libraries and limit ourselves to the benefits of this design initiative. Switching from one design tool to another without changing the design is the only way to protect the best UX/UI for your product. Otherwise, you will fall behind your best experience when it comes to implementation.

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