So, you want to create a greenroom with Spotify? From my experience, it can be a bit daunting, but it’s not impossible! If you’re interested in following this guide, you’re in luck – I’m going to walk you through the steps to get a free greenroom for yourself!

Every month, Spotify holds an all-day live stream of the best new music from their artists. Themed around different genres, their Greenroom is a place where fans can chat with their favorite musicians, and even join them on stage.

Audio chats have become an issue in the city with the advent of the Clubhouse app. Each social network launches its own audio space to gain a profitable position on that platform. Music streaming app Spotify is entering the audio chat market with a new app called Spotify Greenroom. Most showrooms have a similar interface and control features. The multi-room audio application is very easy to use. Spotify Greenroom is available in the Google Play Store and App Store for installation on your smartphone. Although the intention is to discuss open topics, it concentrates mainly on music-related topics. For more information on Spotify’s Green Room, see the next section.

Spotify Greenroom

Spotify acquires audio chat app Betty Labs, known as Locker Room. In the locker room they discuss sports. It is now open for news, music, entertainment and much more. In this app, users can follow their favorite artists, entrepreneurs, executives and friends. It offers many groups that you can join by sharing your discussions live. Live streaming rooms offer a live recording to use the presentation in other media, as well as a text chat feature to instantly share your thoughts on the speaker’s presentation. Greenroom has Gem for users to offer their thoughts, speech to a speaker in the room live and it is similar to like on Facebook, love on Instagram. You can check the number of gems in your profile.

How to get and subscribe to Spotify Greenroom

(1). Download Spotify Greenroom from the Google Play Store or App Store to your smartphone.

(2). Open the Greenroom application and click on Free Registration to create an account. Then log in with your Spotify account by clicking Continue with Spotify. If you don’t have a Spotify account yet, press the Sign up for free menu to create a new account.

(3). Enter the username and password to create an account.

(4). Enter your phone number and create a bio for your profile. Add a profile picture.

(5). Select the topics you are interested in and click the Accept Privacy Policy button.

(6). Browse the available live rooms on the home screen.

(6). Select Join Room to join the live chat and double-click on the speaker to give him a gem.

(7). Click on Share to share the live stream on social media.

(8). Click Questions to Speak to add your opinion to the discussion, and click Exit at the top to exit the live broadcast space.

(9). Select the Search tab and find the groups you want to join and the people you want to follow in the app.

(10). Click on the calendar icon above to view upcoming calls. Select Add to calendar to add a reminder.

To create a live room on Spotify Greenroom

(1). Select the plus icon (Create a live room) in the lower right corner.

(2). Enter the name of the venue and the name of the show or podcast.

(3). Select the group for the live room and click the Live Recording button to record the live room.

(4). Select Go Live to start a live stream and invite your subscribers to the stream.

(5). Press Requests to view the speaker’s requests, and press Mute to mute the speaker.

(6). Select Exit at the top and choose Leave Room to close the live room.

Greenroom offers a compact and user-friendly interface to listen or talk transparently in an open forum. It has an activity tab that brings together all the groups participating in events, as well as live rooms for quick tours. Spotify has strict rules regarding hateful and explicit content in the live performance space. Social media giant Twitter offers Spaces, while Facebook offers live audio chat rooms.

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