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Android Spinner with bottom sheet dialog is a custom android widget that can show both spinner and bottom sheet dialog. You can use it as replacement of android spinner. Basic example of using the bottom sheet

The classic Spinner with bottom sheet dialog for Android. This example demonstrates the use of bottom sheet dialog in android applications. You can simply use this example to add a bottom sheet dialog to your app. Spinner with bottom sheet dialog for Android A spinner is a list of items from which the user can select one or more items. A bottom sheet is a special kind of dialog in which the content is typically a list of items. In this example, a bottom sheet is displayed when the user clicks a Spinner item.

Spinner bottom sheet

Bottom Sheet Dialogue Spinner for Android.

This is a small library to display the spinner with the options in the bottom sheet dialog. This view does not improve or enhance the standard Android spinner. The library does not support any other type of menu display, only the background sheet dialog.

Library based on BottomSheetDialogFragment and RecyclerView


  • Hardware parts
  • AndroidX
  • SDK 21+ minimum


Add it to the root build.gradle at the end of the repositories:

all projects {
repositories {

maven { url ‘https://jitpack.io’ }

Add this line to the list of dependencies of your application:

Implementation com.github.nestoleh:bottomsheet-spinner:version.


  1. Adding a view to the layout file


  1. Make an adapter and a display stand for the spinner elements. You can use the regular BottomSheetSpinnerAdapter as a base class, or a list-based version of the SimpleBottomSheetSpinnerAdapter. The view support class must be an extension of the BottomSheetSpinnerItemViewHolder class. You can use different layouts and display media for the selected view and the drop-down list.
  2. Add your adapter to the BottomSheetSpinner

trap spinnerAdapter = MySpinnerAdapter(listOf(One, Two, Three))

  1. Have fun!

P.S. You can also see an example use case in the example application


Style indicator

BottomSheetView extends FrameLayout to allow you to use all the style options supported by FrameLayout. The selected view is placed as a child view in the BottomSheetView. Therefore, do not use theme options that can change the child view if you do not want to.

BottomSheetView supports the following custom dialog style settings^.

  • bss_dialogTitle – used to define the title of the dialog, the title is not displayed if it is empty or null.
  • bss_dialogTheme – used to set the theme of the bottom dialog and to set the styles of the internal dialog components. You can set bss_dialogRecyclerViewStyle and bss_dialogTitleStyle as parameters for this theme.







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