Sony Will Record Voice Chat on PlayStation 5 and PS 4

Many players are waiting patiently for the release of PlayStation 5 in just a few weeks. There’s not much time left. But now Sonia has surprised them with probably very angry news. PlayStation 4 users have been informed that Sony may record their voice chat in moderation when communicating with anyone on PlayStation 5.

PS4 detection

Unknown users who have downloaded the latest 8.0 update to their PlayStation 4 have received a message on the console that Sony may record their voice chat in moderation.

The users were not friendly. One of the users tweeted: Sony not only destroyed all PS4 devices because the update is so bad, they even registered us.

In case you didn’t know sooner. But apparently, Sony’s latest update for PS4 and will continue at 5 will record your voice while you’re in the party chat, – tweeted another user.

Messages Ps5 Chat recording player

Initially there was no mention of voice recordings in the update notes. Sony then explained what the message from the console meant when it updated the blog post.

After this update, users will see a notification of the protection of the game and the fact that voice chats can be recorded on the games. Recording a moderated voice chat is a feature that will be available on PS5 when it is introduced, so users can record their voice chat on PS5 and send it to the moderator, Sony wrote.

The pop-up window that you currently see on PS4 to notify you when you chat with a PS5 user (after booting up), they can send you these recordings from their PS5 console.

What doesmean ?

Basically, this means that if you have a voice chat, even if you use the PlayStation 4, another user can record the chat and send it to Sony in moderation. Anything you say can be sent. This can also be useful if you have many concerns about other requests that are important to you.

New Ps5 Cat on hold headphones

Looks like Sonia’s not actively listening. So if you just sit, play the game with your friends and talk, you’re good. But if you talk to somebody you don’t know, maybe they can hit you.

At this point it seems more despicable than useful, because it focuses on privacy. People are going to hate the idea of losing their personal space more than the idea of denouncing someone else.

Updating the software also changes the way components and messages work. It adds avatars, parental communication control, and support for two-factor authentication applications.

Read on to find out more about PlayStation 5, which was released in the early hours of the morning and has been very popular with everyone.

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