Android motion scan RecyclerView

Easy to use swipe gestures for Android RecyclerView.

1. Introduction

Implementing an easy to use and highly customizable scanable for android RecyclerView.

  • Support for left and right scrolling for all RecyclerView
  • Define the colors as background for each direction of finger movement.
  • Define symbols for each direction of impact.
  • Defining texts next to symbols

2. Planned

  • The actions are performed only when the colored button is clicked, which is cut off during the scan, not immediately after.
  • More than one action for each direction of motion (more than one button is displayed)

3. Setting

3.1. Add a JitPack to your project


  • Add it to the root build.gradle at the end of the repositories:

all projects {
repositories {

maven { url ‘’ }

Dependencies {
implementation of ‘com.github.WilliBoelke:simple-recycler-view-swipe-gestures:v1.1’


  • Add the JitPack repository to your pom.xml.

  • Add the dependencies to your pom.xml.

Simple Circuit View Wind Gestures

Or find other versions here:


3.2 Import SwipeGestureManager

In your activity, add

import SwipeGestures.SwipeGestureManager ;

4. Use of

4.1 Implementing SwipeCallbackLeft and/or SwipeCallbackLeft:

Use the interfaces in your activities.

Here you place the code that will be executed when the Recycle element is deleted.

private SwipeGestureManager.SwipeCallbackLeftCallback leftCallback = new SwipeCallbackLeft()
public void onLeftSwipe(int position)
// your code here

4.2 Initialize SwipeGestureManager in your activity:

recycling SwipeGestureManager agentSwipeGestures = new SwipeGestureManager(rightSwipe, leftSwipe) ;

If you only need a scanable, you can implement and pass one of the interfaces:

SwipeGestureManager recycle agentSwipeGestures = new SwipeGestureManager(rightFailure) ;

4.3 Color setting:

Use the adjustment tool to adjust the color:

resyclerAdapterGestures.setFontColorDrawable(new ColorDrawable(Color.RED)) ;

You can set a different color for the two directions.
The standard colours are red and green.


Blue yellow

4.4 Symbols defined:

Optionally, you can use icons that are displayed during deletion.

recycleAdapterSwipeGestures.setIconRight(ContextCompat.getDrawable(this, R.drawable.your_icon)) ;

This works again for both actions.
you can also change the size of the symbols with

RecirculatorAdapter WipePadGestures.setIconMultiUltiplier(2) ;

4.5 Text

You can define the text (internal or with icon), the text can be modified via parameters

recirculatorAdapterWipe.setTextRight(RIGHT) ;

Text Structure :

//Set text size
recycleAdapterSwipeGestures.setTextSize(60) ;

//Set text color
recycle agentSwipeGestures.setTextColor(Color.BLACK) ;

The texts can also be set up separately with the typewriters as follows:

//Set text size
recyAdapterSwipeGestures.setTextSize(60, 100)

//Set text color
recycleSwipeGestures.setTextColor(Color.BLACK, Color.YELLOW) ;

Text Text
Text on the right Small
Colour of text and symbols Text only.

4.6 Join RechylerViewAdapter

You must assign scan motions to the RecyclerView adapter with the ItemTouchHelper

ItemTouchHelper itemTouchHelper = new ItemTouchHelper(recyclingerAdapterSwipeGestures);
itemTouchHelper.attachToRecyclerView(recyclingerView) ;

And that’s it.
You can find an example implementation in MainActivity


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