Rift Apart Armor Sets Guide – All Armor Sets and Pieces

Our guide will focus on Armor sets – or armor pieces, as they’re often called. These are special type of armor that are bound to a single armor set. For instance, the T6 armor set contains 4 pieces: helm, chest, legs and boots. Each piece of armor has a set of stats that are bound to it. These stats affect the maximum health and damage you can receive per hit.

The Rift is one of the most popular and unique gaming devices on the market. It has quite a large following, and also a large pool of people who want to buy the set pieces to make their own armor sets. Since there is a large range of armor pieces available for the Rift, it can be difficult to figure out which armor set you want to buy. This page will guide you through the different sets, which pieces you need to make them, and which pieces you can buy to make your own armor set. (I know you can buy most of the pieces at the store, but I’m covering what you can do to make your own set from scratch.)

Ratchet & Clank : Rift Apart Armor Kits Guide – all armor kits and parts, how to.

This is Ratchet & Clank: The Rift Apart armor set guide shows you all armor sets with individual armor pieces and how to get them. Each armor set consists of three pieces of armor that can be found at different locations in the game.

There are a total of 9 different armor sets in the game. This guide lists their armor items and what you need to do to obtain them.

Ratchet and Clank : Rift Separate Armor Set Manual

We have listed all the armor sets and their elements below.

Galactic Ranger Armor Set

A piece of armor. Location
The space helmet of the Galactic Ranger A pocket-sized copy of Spitl in the Sargasso that you can find if you learn to drive Spitl.
Galactic Ranger Tactical Vest It comes from the pocket dimension when you get a call from Chief Tulio of Blizar Prime.
Galactic Ranger Tactical Pants So after collecting 30 Zurp stones and giving them to Mort in Sargasso.

Carbonox Armor Kit

A piece of armor. Location
Carbonox advanced boots Full A Gruntor named Sue in the Bronze Cup at Zurka’s
Carbonox Advanced Helmet Complete the Zurkie’s Gold Cup Twice the Pleasure tournament.
Carbonox Advanced Chest Complete the Seeker’s Revenge in Zurka’s Silver Cup.

Wasteland Gear Cupid Set

A piece of armor. Location
Wasteland Gear Boots Complete the Lombax hunt in Savali, where you need to get 3 Lorbs.
A trunk full of desert gear Finish the Lombax hunt in Savali, where you need to take 7 Lorbs.
The Wasteland Gear helmet Finish the Lombax hunt in Savali, where you need to take 12 Lorbs.

Praetorian armor kit

A piece of armor. Location
Praetorian plate Found in Visseron in the pocket on the right side of Mrs Zurcon’s shop.
Praetorian helmet Found in Torren IV in the pocket dimension after returning to Mistress Zurcon in Little Junktown.
Praetorian moons Found in Savali near the Pocket Dimension in the Temple of the Crimson Forest.

Pirate Robot Armor Set

A piece of armor. Location
Rogue’s breastplate Located in Savali, in the northeastern gorge, on a moving platform that slopes away as you approach it. A handle to touch.
Pirate helmet Complete the pirate trials in Ardolis to get this helmet.
Buccaneer Pants Complete the welcoming committee for the Bronze Cup in Zurkie.

Star Shield Captain’s Armor Set

A piece of armor. Location
Hero leggings Found in Ardolis, at the end of the path to the Sardallow Caves.
The mask of a hero Found in Savalai from the pocket size located in the purple forest.
Hero costume Found in Cordelion in the pocket dimension after exploring the forge, in the same room as the Blizon crystal.

Camouflage Armor Kit for theRobot

A piece of armor. Location
The robot’s invisibility cloak On Sargasso is the pocket dimension, which you can only find after going to Rivets lair with Clank and completing the dimensional anomaly puzzle.
A mask to camouflage the robot In the pocket dimension, if you’re in Nefarious City. You can find her if you search for Mrs. Nefarious Club. Look for Zurcon.
Robot camouflage boots These boots can be found in Sargasso in the pocket dimension in the cave leading to Rivet’s lair.

Q-Force Armor Set

A piece of armor. Location
Action vest Located near Viceron in the VIP area, in the open prison cell on the left.
Speed pants Located in Blizard Prime, just north of where you meet the Chief Engineer.
Q-Force lid Found in the Zurka pocket dimension, northeast of the landing site.

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