Among the security threats Mac users should be concerned about, browser hackers such as stand out because of their aggressive nature.

Updated in July 2020

What is the Marquis Mac virus?

If you think that Mac malware is a peripheral phenomenon, the malignant will prove you wrong. In fact, malicious programs targeting devices running the undeniably amazing MacOS operating system have been around for some time and have become widespread in recent years. The above tension is an excellent example of the repeated campaigns of cyber criminals in this category. Its negative effects generally extend to interference with navigators, but the supposedly limited area of attack is a mock comfort. Victims are faced with very annoying redirections to, which for seemingly inexplicable reasons works in their standard browser. However, there is a clear reason. Behind each of these difficulties lies malicious software. The goal is to intercept Internet traffic from Mac users and redirect it to another service via the ad network. This trick allows the crooks to monetize the attack with all their might.

What is the target group of this campaign? The answer may seem surprising to some – it’s Bing, a search engine from Microsoft. The vagaries and antlers of such a strange trick are in the nature of the kidnapping. As mentioned before, the path of the twisted navigation in this scenario is more complex than it seems. Technically, the victim leaves and then enters several subdomains, including the infamous, before entering These visits are almost invisible and are only directly visible in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. So Bing is just a camouflage that should give an electronic raid a touch of legitimacy. For thieves, a number of intermediate addresses, which are permitted along the way, are important. The latest adaptation of the Search Marquis interception wave has introduced a number of additional areas into the mix. It took root in the summer of 2020. In addition to targeting Bing, malware operators have started using As you can see in the screenshot below, this service uses Google’s Custom Search API instead of returning your own results.

The crime of the virus on is a secret meeting. The payload is usually hindered by an installation client, which seems to facilitate the implementation of a flawless application. An elegant program – usually free of charge – is just the tip of the iceberg that distracts Mac users from tips. It turns out that the package contains standard extra items, including the Search Marquis basket. In this situation, troubleshooting is not easy – just select a custom installation, which should display the full list of sponsored applications and allow the user to disable unnecessary applications. However, it is unlikely that there will ever be any caution in this regard, which means that people will just press the button and stop the process to understand that some wonderful free program has bought the company.

Look for action at the canopy of the kidnapper

When the virus is launched, it rearranges the system configuration so that the victim’s default web browser – Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – returns each time the victim tries to open their homepage or favorite search engine. The trick to change the parameters is not complicated in itself, but a kind of persistent implementation is an obstacle to repair. In other words, returning manually to the correct settings for surfing the web does not help, because the virus reapplies unnecessary settings.

This is largely due to the creation of a questionable configuration profile on an infected Mac as part of the attack. With this trick, the malware monitors the behavior of the browser and returns unwanted settings after the victim has tried to return to normal settings. In Google Chrome, for example, this technique leads to a new company policy that is difficult to circumvent. One of the main symptoms of this intervention is the Managed by your organization label in the browser configuration drop-down menu. After this attack, the affected browser is asked to disable and enable, which in turn redirects all searches to Bing if multiple additional domains are affected. Clearly, nobody cares about this crap. This is what you can do to block the annoying browser redirection.

Automatic Virus Removal Reorientation from Mac

For the control of such infections, the use of a reliable cleaning agent is a good start. Participating in this workflow ensures that every part of the virus is found and destroyed from the affected Mac.

1. Download Combo Cleaner and install it on your Mac.

Download Find the tool to remove the awning

2. Launch the tool and click Start Blended Scanning to scan for threats on your Mac. It’s worth the wait. Once the scan is completed, you will see a report listing all performance problems and all malicious or potentially unwanted items detected on your computer.
Scanning a Mac with a combination wiper

3. Click on the Remove selected items option to have Search Marquis reroute the virus and automatically remove it from your Mac.
ComboCleaner scans for found threats

When that’s done, you should be fine. For everything to go well, you have to think about going downstairs. In addition, we recommend that you redirect your default browser to until you correct the settings (the reset procedure is described below). sends the virus removal of the Macmanually.

The heart of this section is to guide you through the process of deleting all undeclared files related to Search Marquis in order to redirect a Mac virus. It is best to clean in the order indicated below.

Now that you have removed the virus yourself, you need to fix the redirection problem in a faulty browser. The default browser is always set to, so the repair requires manual configuration.

Remove the redirect from a damaged browser on the Mac.

The best method for troubleshooting is to reset the browser, which will undo any changes made by the infection or a third party plugin without your consent. That’s how we do it:

1. Reset Safari Preferences for defaults

2. Google Chromereset

  • Click on the Details button (⁝) in the upper right corner of the Chrome window and select Settings.
  • On the Settings screen, locate the Advanced section and expand it.
  • Locate the Reset Settings subsection and click Restore Chrome Default Settings on the Mac .
  • Google Chrome will display a dialog asking you to confirm the reset. Click on the Reset button. Restart your browser now and make sure the problem is solved.

3. Update of Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to Help -> Troubleshooting information, or type over:support in the Firefox URL bar.
  • When the Troubleshooting screen appears, locate and click the Firefox Update button as shown in Figure Firefox Update for Mac .
  • Confirm the browser update in the dialog box that appears. Restart Firefox and check it for signs of malware manipulation.

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