Want to learn SQL? Whether you’re a developer or just someone new to SQL, this video will teach you how to use SQLite3, a lightweight, cross-platform SQL database engine. You can use it to create your own database, or use it without any SQL knowledge to open a database on your computer and see its contents.

The SQLite project that produces a fully free SQL database system for mobile devices is out with another video. In this latest short how to tutorial you will learn how to use SQLite to store and retrieve data. You will learn how to use SQLite as a database and manipulate data within the database. You will then learn how to make queries and run queries within the SQLite database. Finally, you will learn how to insert, update, delete, and retrieve data from the SQLite database.

In this new video tutorial, we take a look at how to learn to use SQLite, a database management system popular amongst Apple and Android users, in a way that is both easy and fun. We will look at the basics of the SQLite language, and how to take a few simple steps to start with some simple database management tasks. By the end of this video, you should be able to:


Knowledge requirements …

If there’s one programming language I recommend to everyone, it’s structured query language (SQL). SQL (often pronounced Sequel) is the primary language for interacting with databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. It is a set of commands used to write and receive data. Technically, basic SQL is not even programming, but rather a scripting language. With just a few commands you can very quickly insert, extract and update large amounts of information in your database. SELECT * FROM customers WHERE city = Boston. UPDATE Addresses SET City = ‘Orlando’ WHERE PostalCode=32789 INSERT INTO Books (Title, Author) VALUES (‘Dune’, ‘Frank Herbert’) You can probably follow the above commands without knowledge of SQL – it’s that simple. Many database management systems, such as. B. Microsoft Access, have interfaces that allow you to read and write to the database without knowledge of SQL. It’s great for getting started quickly and doing things easily, but there’s a level of abstraction between you and the database. Eventually you become dependent on this interface and never understand the processes behind it. This is a problem because SQL, like any other programming language, can be written well or poorly. The way it is used can affect other operations performed on your database or the integrity of the data itself. Poorly designed queries can reduce the efficiency of your database and even your network. Ultimately, the impact on an interface that was programmed by someone else is significant, and when you see how easy it is to learn SQL, there’s no reason not to take the time to add it to your skill set.

What is SQLite?

SQLite is a free database software that you can install on your system in minutes with a sample database and a free graphical interface. No complicated installation or system mess; just download a few files and you’re done. SQLite is used as a database manager in many applications, including web browsers and smartphone applications. This is probably the most widely used database mechanism. While you may not use SQLite for your specific data, it uses a popular SQL dialect and is a great tool for learning SQL. Since no software installation is required, you can transfer it from system to system on a USB drive and have access to many free tutorials and resources to learn how to use this popular database software and SQL itself. Watch my new video to learn how to install SQLite on your system and how to explore it. So I hope you’ll watch the video and take 10 minutes to see how easy it is to learn SQL and take responsibility for your data with two of the most popular software development technologies.

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2020 StackOverflow developer survey Official SQLite website DB browser for SQLite SQLite Tutorial W3Schools SQLIn this video tutorial, expert author Bill Campion goes over how to use SQLite database software to write and retrieve data in SQL.. Read more about sqlite tutorial w3schools and let us know what you think.

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