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Sophos Container Policy for Android or “Sophos” is a new mobile security solution that is available for Android devices. It is an application that is used to lock down the device and secure data inside it. The implementation can be done on the device itself through a custom app. This is a commercial product and is not available for free.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to configure Work Document on Sophos Container Policy For Android Mobile. This blog post is under the theme of Android MPA-Mobile Application Management.

This blog post is about how to configure the Work Document on Sophos Container Policy For Android Mobile. This will help you to secure your android device from any kind of threats like virus, trojans or malicious apps. You also have the option to use this method to get the maximum security from your device.

word-image-6042 Overview Keep sensitive corporate data on mobile devices safe and separate from personal data on the device with a secure, AES-256 encrypted Sophos container. User-friendly iOS and Android apps allow users to access containerized content: Sophos Secure Email for email, contacts and calendars, and Sophos Secure Workspace for documents and business navigation. Sophos Secure Workspace is a container-based mobile content management application for iOS and Android that provides a secure way to manage, distribute and edit business documents and view web content. Edit Office documents without leaving the container environment to secure encrypted content. In this article, you will learn how to configure Sophos Container Policy with Work Document to allow storage providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive….. for secure document management. Instructions Step one: Sign up for Sophos Central. Under My Products, select Mobile. Go to Configure > Android > Create > Sophos Container Policy. word-image-6043 Under Change Policy : Name: Enter the name of the desired policy Click on Add Configuration. word-image-6044 Under Basic settings, select Working documents. word-image-6045 Then select the storage providers you want to use, for example. B. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., and activate them. For example, for each storage provider you can choose the following B. Define the following parameters separately: From the net: Users can add files from storage to the application’s favorites list for offline use. Open in (encrypted) form : Users can share encrypted files with other applications via Open In. Open in (unencrypted) form : Users can share unencrypted files with other applications via Open In. The clipboard: Users can copy and paste parts of a document into other applications. Click on Apply. word-image-6046 Click on the Save button. word-image-6047 Step two: Asgin’s policy. Click the blue arrow next to the newly created Android container policy, select Assgin. word-image-6048 In the Select devices area, select the device for which you want to apply the policy (for example: JohnRedmi). You can also select Device Groups to apply the policy to multiple devices in a group. Click on Finish. word-image-6049 Step three: Enable document sharing. Go to Setup > Documents > Add. word-image-6050 Under Edit Document : Category: Enter the name you want to assign to the document. Click on Share document Suggested groups : Select the group to which you want to apply the document policy. Click Upload File and select the file you wish to share (example: Endpoint Detection & Response). Then click the Save button. word-image-6051 word-image-6052 Step four: Install Sophos Safe Workspace To apply the Sophos container policy, you must install Sophos Secure Workspace on your mobile device. After setting the policy, the phone to which the policy is applied receives a Sophos Secure Workspace setup message, as shown below. When you click Open, you will be redirected to Google Play and you can install the application. word-image-6053 When the installation is complete, you may receive the message Sophos Container – access denied, as shown below. word-image-6054 You must grant the user permission to access Sophos Containers. In Sophos Central Mobile, select Device > select the name of the device with the above message > click Action > select Set up Sophos Container Access. Select the container mode: Select Allow and then press OK. word-image-6055 Then, on the mobile device that is authorized to access Sophos Container, you will be prompted to create a password for Sophos Container, enter the password entered, and confirm. Click on Install. Sophos Secure Workplace dashboard after a successful installation. word-image-6056 Working Document Validation has a new shared file, which is the file we shared in Document in the previous step. You open it to view the file. word-image-6057 Google Drive allows you to attach emails that contain files you have stored in Google Drive.


In this blog post, I will show you how to configure Work Document on Sophos Container Policy For Android Mobile. –. Read more about sophos secure email app and let us know what you think.

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