YouTube Kids is the ideal platform for kids to discover media content that is relevant to them. As a parent, you can choose the videos, channels and video collections they want to watch. The Parental Controls feature also allows you to limit usage time, block inappropriate channels and much more. In terms of compatibility, you can access YouTube Kids on all platforms except Roku. The next section shows you the different ways you can watch YouTube Kids on Roku.

YouTube Kids

Watch YouTube Kids on Roku with the YouTube application.

You cannot watch YouTube Kids directly on your Roku because there is no separate application. However, you can watch all of the YouTube Kids content through the YouTube application.

  • Install and launch YouTube on Roku.
  • Find the YouTube Kids title you want and stream it to your TV.

Start YouTube Kids on Roku

Another access option is screen mirroring from your smartphone or PC. Regardless of your device, you must enable screen mirroring on your Roku.

  • Turn on Roku and go to Settings.
  • Press the System Preferences menu and select Screen Mirroring.
  • Set the screen mirroring mode to Always Allow.

Watch YouTube Kids on Roku

Use Android :

Step 1 – Install YouTube Kids from the Google Play Store.

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Step 2 – Start the application and complete the implementation process.

Step 3 – Resize the application and go to the device settings. Also, make sure your Android device is connected to the same network as your Roku.

Step 4 – Under Settings, locate and select the Casting menu.

Watch YouTube Kids on Roku

Step 5 – The device will search for nearby wireless devices.

Step 6 – Select the Roku device and turn on screen mirroring.

Step 7 – Launch the YouTube Kids application and you will be able to stream the desired content.

Using an iPhone :

Unlike Android, the iPhone requires a third-party application to display the screen. Before mirroring the screen, install YouTube Kids on the iPhone and complete the installation process.

Step 1 – Connect your iPhone and Roku device to the same WiFi network.

Step 2 – Install and launch the Mirror for Roku application on your Roku device.

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Step 3 – On the other hand, install Mirror for Roku on your iPhone and run it.

Step 4 – Authorize the necessary permissions and wait for the iPhone to find nearby devices.

Step 5 – Select the Roku device on which you want to play the media.

Step 6 – Select “Start Mirroring” and then “Start Broadcasting” to mirror the screen.

Step 7 – Minimize the application and launch YouTube Kids.

Step 8 – Play the content you want and show it on the big screens.

Using Windows 10 PC :

Step 1 – Start a web browser and visit

Step 2 – Sign in to the required Google account.

Step 3 – On the keyboard, press the Windows + P keys.

Step 4 – Select “Connect to Wireless Display Menu.”

Watch YouTube Kids on Roku

Step 5 – Select the Roku device and mirror the PC screen.

Step 6 – Now play the title you want and watch it on your Roku TV.

There are many ways to watch YouTube Kids on Roku. Among them, using YouTube is an effective way to access it. You should keep an eye on your child, as they may also be viewing inappropriate content on YouTube.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I share YouTube with my kids on Roku?

Open the YouTube Kids application on your mobile device. Type Cast at the top of any page in the application. The icon only appears if your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the receiver. In the pop-up window, select the Chromecast device, game console or smart TV on which you want to play the video.

How do I watch YouTube on my Roku?

How to watch YouTube TV on Roku in 3 easy steps | Cable Cutter …

How can I view my children’s YouTube account?

See YouTube Kids on the web – Guide for parents of YouTube Kids

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