Mutual funds are one of the most important investment vehicles for Indian investors. With expected returns of 10-15% over a period of more than 5 years, this is a popular choice for investors of all sizes.

If you have invested in mutual funds through different platforms and financial advisors, you can track your mutual fund investments from a single platform.

Most financial advisors offer you their own platform to view your portfolio, which is very convenient if you are only investing through one person. But if your story is similar to mine or many others who have invested through a different platform, it’s important to be able to view all your mutual fund investments from one platform.

Here, in this guide, I share a few options that will allow you to view all your mutual fund investments from one platform. So without further ado, let’s get to work.

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To be able to track your investments in investment funds in one place, an e-mail address must be included on your investment fund statements. If you don’t have one, you can ask your financial advisor to add your email address to your mutual fund.

First tip: If you have used multiple email addresses in the past, you should start using one email address for all your investments. Previous investments can only be updated with this email address.

Tip #2: When investing in a mutual fund, keep the fund name and folio number in one place (use Google List or something similar).

Best mutual fund portfolio tracking platforms

MyCams :

  • Fees: Free
  • Ease of use: For beginners
  • Platform: Web, Android and iOS

MyCams is an online CAMS (Computer Age Management Services) portal. With MyCams, you can see all your investments from one place.

This is how it works:

  • Go to MyCams and create an account with your email address (the one you use for your investments).
  • Log in with your email address and password, and you will see a toolbar that looks like this.

You can access all your fund’s investment data from a single platform. Otherwise you could have done a lot more:

  • Transfer your funds from regular plans to direct plans and save on your expense ratio.
  • View all your recent transactions
  • Your investment and the preservation of funds
  • Selling mutual investments and more.
  • See investments in different asset classes

In my opinion, every mutual fund investor should know and use MyCams.

Sign up for MyCams | Download Page. | Download the iOS app.

Supervision of family funds – supervision and portfolio of family funds.

  • Fees: Free
  • Ease of use: For beginners
  • Platform: Web, Android and iOS

Today, there are many robo-advisor platforms that offer a data-driven approach to help you invest. Most of these robo-advisor platforms also allow you to track your investments from one place.

What all these platforms have in common is that they receive data through MyCams. You should get regular email updates from MyCams to see the latest data.

One such robo-advisor platform is Goalwise, which allows you to track your investments and those of your family members. Using the platform is simple, and here’s what you need to do:

Click the Get CAS button and add your email address to receive the Consolidated Statement of Accounts (CAS) report.

Click on the Send CAS Request button. Within minutes, you’ll receive an email from MyCams (the platform mentioned above) containing a .pdf file of all your investments.

Just forward this email and within a minute you can track your investments in mutual funds.

Under Goal Wisdom, you can replicate the investment process done under your last name. The best part is that all the investments are listed under the name of the PAN card, making it easier for you to view your portfolio individually.

Using Goalwise to track your external mutual fund portfolio has a number of distinct advantages:

  • You see a factory that has no PAN card data.
  • You can see the ratio of equity investments to debt investments (see screenshot above).
  • You can convert your regular funds into direct funds and earn an extra 1%, which is usually arranged by an intermediary. (However, you should only do this if you are sure of what you are doing).

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Like Goalwise, there are other similar platforms you can use to track your mutual fund investments. Here are some that you can refer to:

I will update this guide with additional resources as we progress. Meanwhile, you can get an overview of your investments in one place.

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frequently asked questions

How can I track all investment funds in one place?

Step one: Download the consolidated CAMS statement. If you have registered an email address in your personal account with funds managed by CAMS, Karvy, FTAMIL (Franklin) and SBFS (Sundaram BNP), you can use the CAMS Mailback service to receive a summary account statement in PDF format at your registered email address.

How can I track investments in investment funds?

The procedure is simple. Once you have activated automatic tracking in Groww, Groww will forward your request to CDSL (the CSD that holds your securities) and place the request on your CAS or consolidated account statement. The generated consolidated account statement shows all your investments in mutual funds based on your PAN.

How do I keep an overview of all my investments?

Use an investment firm’s SigFig wealth management application to track all your investment accounts for free. SigFig automatically aggregates your investment accounts from over 50 leading brokers into one dashboard to give you a real-time view of all the stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and options you own.

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