Network settings have changed quite a bit in the Windows 10 operating system. In this article I am going to show you how to reset network settings in Windows 10, so that you can get things back to the way they were.

If you ever need to reset your home network settings, you may dread the thought of having to search around the internet for a solution. You may also fear that you don’t know enough about computers to find a solution. Fear not, here is a list of a few simple steps you can take to restore your network settings without forking out for an expensive support call.

If you notice that your computer is behaving strangely, then there is a chance that the problems stem from the network adapter. This is because the network adapter is the interface between the computer and the network (internet) or a network. Therefore, it is very important that it is working properly and smoothly, along with all the other devices on the network. If there are any issues concerning this, then a reset of network adapter settings can be performed to solve the issues.. Read more about reset network adapter windows 10 and let us know what you think.Network issues are common in Windows 10, and there are many ways to fix them. You can use Windows 10’s built-in network troubleshooter, or if that doesn’t work, you can reset your network settings. People choose to reset the network as a last resort to get rid of network connectivity issues and Can’t connect to this network errors. Network reset was introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 version 1607, the Anniversary Update of Windows 10. This feature has helped people solve network problems with the click of a mouse, but it also has consequences. You can read about what a network reset does in the next section.

What happens when I reset the network settings?

When you perform a network reset on a Windows 10 computer, all network-related settings are reset to their default values. Network components such as TCP/IP and Winsock are reset to their default settings. Therefore, if you have made any changes to these items, we recommend that you take note of them before proceeding. The network reset also reinstalls the network card drivers and removes all Wi-Fi, Ethernet and VPN connections. It also removes all network software related to VPNs and virtual switches. Therefore, you should be careful when performing a network reset in Windows 10.

Reset network settings in Windows 10

Resetting network settings in Windows 10 is fairly simple and straightforward. We recommend that you make a note of the program names and important connections before performing the reset. Let’s take a quick look at the steps you need to take to reset your network settings.

4 steps to reset network settings in Windows 10

1. Open the Settings application and go to Network and Internet. 2. Scroll down and tap Reset Network. 3. Click the Reset Now button. 4. When prompted, press Yes to reset the network settings. You can follow the following detailed steps with a screenshot to understand the network reset process in detail.

Detailed steps to reset network settings in Windows 10

Step one: Press Windows + I to open the Windows Settings application, then click Network and Internet. alt=Network and Internet Settings data-ezsrc= />Network and Internet Settings Step two: Click on the Reset Network link. alt=Click Reset Network data-ezsrc= />Click Reset Network Step three: Now click Reset Now. alt=Click to reset network settings data-ezsrc= />Click Reset Now. Step four: When prompted for confirmation, press Yes to begin the reset process. alt=Click Yes to reset network settings data-ezsrc= />Click Yes The computer will now reboot to apply the changes. After the reboot, you will need to reconnect to Wi-Fi and Ethernet to access the Internet, as everything will be reset to its original settings.

Use commands to reset TCP/IP and Winsock

You can use the command prompt terminal to reset network components such as the TCP/IP stack and Winsock. These commands also apply to Windows 7 and 8. Type cmd into the Start menu and click Run as administrator to get the command prompt. alt=Run as administrator to reset network settings data-ezsrc= />Run as administrator at the command prompt In the command prompt terminal, type the following commands and press Enter after each command to run it. netsh winsock resetnetsh int ip resetipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewipconfig /flushdns After running the commands, restart the computer and see if this solves the network problem.


The network reset utility was introduced by Windows with the Anniversary Update and made it easy to fix serious network problems. No technical knowledge is required to reset the network settings. However, after the reset, you must reconfigure all network settings, software, and VPN connections. It is therefore advisable to perform a network reset if other troubleshooting methods do not resolve the problem. The above guide will help you to reset the network settings of your Windows 10 computer in a simple and easy way.When you buy a new computer, you have a choice to make: put your personal information and settings on the computer or not. If you do decide to put your information on the computer, Windows 10 will attempt to automatically configure all of the settings for you, and sometimes it does a great job, but sometimes it can be a bit of a nuisance. For example, you may want to change the network settings for your device, and if you have a built-in wireless adapter, Windows 10 will automatically configure it for you, but if you have a dongle, you may have to manually configure it. It’s not that big of a deal, but it can be very annoying if you have to re-enter network information every time you. Read more about how to fix internet connection on windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will reset network settings do?

If you are having trouble with your network settings, resetting your network settings can help. Sometimes your network will become corrupted. This can happen during a hardware issue, or when you get a new router or switch. Sometimes, you will be unable to access certain settings on your network like the SSID, Passphrase, or DNS addresses. In order to make sure that your computer is configured as you want with the proper programs and settings, you will need to reset your Windows 10 settings. There are several ways to accomplish this, but the easiest is to use the Settings app.

How do I reset my Windows network settings?

In this post I will show you how you can reset network settings in Windows 10. I hope this information will help someone in the future, and prevent them from doing something that is not a good idea. In the first few years of Windows 10, the operating system came with quite a few network troubleshooting tools. These are now all gone, though, and we’re told they’ll be replaced by new ones in the future. In this post we’ll be looking at a tool called Restore Networking Settings in Windows 10.

How do I do a network reset?

I’ve seen this question a million times on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, but it never fails to surprise me. Why? Because I always assume that people know what a network reset is. And it’s not as easy as it sounds. Network reset is a term used to describe the process of restoring settings—including the IP address—on a computer, router, or other network device to their default values. This usually occurs when a user is experiencing a network problem and needs to reset the settings.

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