Peacock TV, the recently launched streaming service, is available on several streaming devices, with the exception of Amazon Firestick. Due to some problems between NBCUniversal and Amazon, the application is not yet available for Firestick. However, you can install Peacock TV on Firestick using the download application.

Launched on July 15, 2020, Peacock TV is a robust streaming service that lets you watch all kinds of media content at home. Its library is packed with classic Universal movies and live sporting events, such as the Premier League and the 2021 Olympics. You can also watch original series, news, TV shows and movies. There are three different subscription packages available from Peacock TV :

  • Free – Limited content with advertising
  • Premium ($4.99 per month) – Premium content with advertising
  • Premium Plus ($9.99 per month) – All content ad-free

To install Peacock TV on the Firestick

As mentioned above, you cannot download Peacock TV directly to the Firestick. You must install the Downloader application to download applications from the third-party source page.

Step 1 – Go to the search menu on the home page.

Search Menu

Step 2 – Enter the downloader and select an application from the search results.

Search for Downloader app

Step 3 – Click on the Download/Access icon to install the download application on the Firestick.

Now you need to enable downloading applications from unknown sources on your Firestick to download third-party applications.

Step 4 – Return to the home screen and touch the Settings icon.

Click the Settings icon

Step 5 – Now click on My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

Step 6 – Click on the developer options.

Developer Options

Step 7 – Click on Install unknown applications.

If you have a Fire TV key of the second generation and above, click and enable Apps from unknown sources.

Install Unknown Apps

Step 8 – Click on Loader and turn it on.

Step 9 – Return to the home screen and launch the Downloader application from the “Apps” section.

Launch the Downloader app

Step 10 – Go to the URL field and enter the Peacock TV URL:

Step 11 – Wait for the Peacock TV apk to download to your FireStick. This may take a few minutes.

Step 12 – Then click the INSTALL button in the lower right corner.

Install Peacock TV on Firestick

Step 13 – Wait for Peacock TV to be installed on the FireStick.

Step 14 – Click “Done”, then delete the apk file of Peacock TV to make space.

Install Peacock TV on Firestick

Step 15 – Launch the Peacock application from the Apps section.

Launch Peacock TV on Firestick

Step 16 – Scroll down to select the Peacock TV icon at the bottom of the page. Click on the icon to open the application.

Step 17 – Wait for the Peacock TV application to open.

Step 18 – Click on the login option in the upper right corner.

Sign in to Peacock TV

Step 19 – Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your Peacock TV login information (email address and password).

Step 20 – After you log in, start broadcasting your favorite content on your TV screen.

Peacock TV is only available to users living in the United States. Users outside the United States can access it through a VPN service. Here are some of the VPNs you can try on Firestick :

Since Peacock TV is not available in the Amazon App Store, the instructions above are the only way to access Firestick. If you download the Android version on the side, you may have trouble navigating the Firestick remote. If this happens, download the Mouse Switch and use it on Firestick.

Do you have any questions about this manual? Feel free to use the comments section. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for immediate updates.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get Peacock TV on the Amazon Fire Stick?

To install the Peacock TV application on Firestick/Fire TV, Android …

Does the Amazon Fire have a peacock?

Peacock began without the support of Amazon Fire TV or Roku – the two largest connected television platforms – but settled its disputes with Roku in September. Fire TV users have alternatives to watch Peacock on their devices, but the native application is still not visible.

How do I get Peacock TV?

Peacock is currently available on Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD; on Google platforms and devices, including Android™, Android TV™, Chromecast and integrated Chromecast devices; on the Microsoft Xbox One series of devices, including the Xbox One S and Xbox One X; and on VIZIO .

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