Windows 10 is known for its reputation for software and troubleshooting. A well-documented problem is that of Windows 10, which does not have a login screen at startup. As a result, many users are unable to login to their account and continue to work.

Of course you always have the possibility to log in with a temporary profile, but the work you do with a certain profile has to be stored on an external hard drive. As soon as you leave the temporary account, the work is deleted.

What to do if Windows 10 does not have a login screen

The problem with the login screen can occur in several ways. Some users see a black screen, others see a blue screen with no login or password options. So let’s see how we can solve this problem and get the results we want.

1. Reboot the computer to

With the introduction of the new computer many problems would have been solved and the lack of a login screen is one of them. If you do not see a login screen in Windows 10, restart your computer first and see if there is a problem. In this case, rebooting the computer is also a way to confirm that problems have occurred during the connection.

2. Try Ctrl+Alt+Del

If there is no login screen in Windows 10, you can try to solve the problem by using the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del. However, it is important to note that the combination Ctrl + Alt + Del is the simplest method if you have a problem with the login screen.

You can also solve the problem with the blank screen by changing the brightness level. If the shortcut does not work, you can try increasing the brightness of your computer using a function key with a bright icon.

3. Try the keystroke order of Windows

When users start up their computer, they often see a black screen. If you see a black screen, you can check your system’s response by following these steps.

Press the NumLock and CapsLock buttons to check that the status LED on these buttons is lit. In this case, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to select an account and log in. If you cannot log in, press the power button for 10 seconds and turn off the computer. Then turn the computer back on to see if the login screen problem has been resolved.

If the status lights on the NumLock and CapsLock buttons do not illuminate, turn off the computer and disconnect the adapter. Start the computer after 30 seconds. If you still see a black screen, follow these solutions.

4. Restoration at startup

You can use the Windows startup function to correct the error in the login screen. This is a troubleshooting program that limits the successful start of Windows.

First make sure the computer is turned off. Then press and hold the power button until the computer turns off automatically. It’ll take about 5 seconds. Next, you will see the Windows logo at the bottom that says Get Ready to Repair Your Car. Your computer is then diagnosed for errors or problems.

When the Auto Repair window appears, click the Advanced Settings button. On the recovery screen, select Troubleshooting. Click on the Advanced Options button. Then select Startup Defaults, which automatically restores your computer.

Restart your computer to see if this recovery process normally allows you to access the original account.

5. Going into protected mode

If Windows 10 does not have a login screen, you can go into Safe Mode, login to Windows, and do the rest of the solutions described in this article. Users can also enter Safe Mode from the command line or when starting the PC. You can check how to start Windows 10 in secure mode.

Pay attention: All solutions from 6 to 17 work in secure mode.

6. Change of Credit Manager

Credential Manager allows users to view and delete their passwords and other data on Windows 10 PCs. This service requires you to change the command type to automatic.

To do this, open the Run command using the key combination Win + R. Type services.msc in the address bar and click Run. You can also access it from the Start menu, as shown below.

alt=open services 1 width=530 height=480 data-ezsrc= />open services

A window appears with all the background processes that are running on your computer. Find the Credential Manager in this list, right click on it and select Properties.

alt=Open Account Manager Properties to fix Windows 10 without login screen width=640 height=466 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Open Account Manager Properties

Now change the start type from manual to automatic in the General tab. Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

alt= manually switch to automatic mode windows 10 without input screen width=400 height=464 data-ezsrc= /> manually switch to automatic mode

This allows you to correct the username and password you are asked to enter on the login screen. If the configuration steps in this method do not solve the login screen problem, you can try the following solution.

7. Deactivating startup programs

Sometimes startup programs can be the reason why Windows 10 does not have a login screen on your PC. So you have to shut down these launchers to see if they’re causing problems.

To do so, right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. You can also use the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Task Manager.

As soon as the Task Manager window opens, click the Run tab. Now select all processes one by one and deactivate them.

alt=Cancel all processes to repair windows 10 no login screen width=543 height=480 data-ezsrc= />Cancel all tasks

After you have disabled all these processes, restart your computer and go to the normal login screen.

8. Creating a new user account

Sometimes the original user account may not work properly, so there is no login screen in Windows 10. You can then try to solve the problem by creating new user accounts.

Press the Windows + I icon to open the settings window. Select an account from the options offered.

alt=select accounts 3 width=640 height=331 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />click account.

Select More people in the left pane and select – Add another person to this PC.

alt=Add someone else to this PC 2 width=595 height=480 data-ezsrc= />Add another user

Now click Next in the User Accounts dialog box and follow the instructions on that screen to create a new user account in secure mode. Make sure you can login to your newly created account.

9. Disable quick start

The quick start function allows you to start your operating system faster if too many programs are installed. This feature can sometimes create obstacles and prevent users from logging in quickly.

First start the computer in safe mode and open the control panel. Select the power options from the supplied options.

Then select the power buttons on the left. Click Change plan settings in the right pane.

alt= click Select what the power buttons can do width=561 height=427 data-ezsrc= data-ezsrc= data-ez= /> click Change what the power buttons can do

Then click on the Edit Settings button, which is currently unavailable.

alt=Please choose the currently available settings for correcting windows 10 no login screen width=562 height=385 data-ezsrc= data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Please change the currently unavailable settings.

Disable the quick start feature.

alt= disable quick start 3 width=521 height=480 data-ezsrc= /> disable quick start

Now exit Safe Mode and restart your computer to see if Windows 10 has a login screen. If you still see a black or blue screen, try the following solution.

10. Select automatic input

Many users have indicated that removing the password has solved the problem of the black login screen for them.

Press the Windows + R soft key to open the Run command. Then type Netplwiz and click the button, OK.

alt=start command netplwiz width=393 height=197 data-ezsrc= />Start program

In the dialog box that opens, select your account on the General tab. Next, the user must uncheck his or her username and password. Click Apply and OK to save these changed settings.

alt=unchecked and saved settings to correct windows 10 no login screen width=436 height=480 data-ezsrc= />unchecked and saved settings

After deleting the password, restart your computer and try logging into your account as usual.

12. Device Driver Update

Outdated device drivers can often lead to problems with the operation of Windows 10 PCs. If Windows 10 does not have a login screen on your PC, you can try updating your device drivers to make sure you are not experiencing problems using programs or software on your PC. Users can follow the update manual of the device driver for Windows 10.

13. Execution of the command line at startup

If you are using a Windows 10 PC in secure mode, you can use the command line at startup to solve the connection problem. The solution consists of detailed steps, so these need to be followed carefully.

Go to the Start menu and restart the computer; press and hold the Shift key.

On the next screen, tap the Troubleshooting button and then tap Advanced Options.

In Windows 10, click the command line and enter the next command.

Network user Administrator/Active:yes

If these steps do not work, try logging into Windows Safe Mode. Then open the Register Editor from the Start menu. Or type Regedit in the Run command window. Click on the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Then select File and click Download Hive.

alt=Select file and click to load Hive width=613 height=350 data-ezsrc= />Select file and click to load Hive

Now go to the next track: C:WindowsSystem32config

Then select the SAM file and open it.

alt=open file sam=640 height=459 data-ezsrc= data-ez= />Open SAM file

Enter REM_SAM when the basket loading window opens and click Ok.

Now go to the next track:


Then locate the binary value F in the right window.

Find line 0038 and change its value from 11 to 10. Click OK and close the Register Editor.

Now restart your computer and try logging in with your original account as usual.

14. Bypassing the Windows 10 login screen

If you cannot connect to your PC via the Windows 10 login screen, you can bypass it. This allows you to log in to your computer without having to enter a password or PIN. However, do not use this solution until you have followed all the detailed steps of the methods described above.

First, you must open the Local Group Policy Editor by typing gpedit.msc in the Run dialog box.

Pay attention: The Local Group Policy Editor is only available for the Professional and Enterprise versions of Windows 10.

As soon as the local policy editor of the group is open, go to the next path:

Computer/Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Commissioning

Then double-click in the right hand box on the welcome screen when you log in.

In the next window, select On, click Apply and OK to save the changed settings. Reboot your computer to see if you have successfully bypassed the Windows 10 login screen.

15.  Using Windows 10 bootable USB

If the above solution does not work, try using Windows 10 USB Bootable if there is no login screen in Windows 10.

Insert the Windows 10 bootable USB stick. Now start with the advanced settings for system recovery. Then open the Register Editor from the Start menu.

Now go to the next path in the left bar:


Search in the right window for the username of the DWORD(REG_WORD) registry dontdisplaylast. Double click on it and set the value from 0 to 1. Click OK to save your changes and close the Register Editor.

Restart the computer and try switching to normal mode to see if the solution works.

16. MBR recovery

Some users have difficulty accessing secure mode when there is no login screen in Windows 10. In this case, you can use Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) to restore the main boot record on your PC.

To open WinRE, start your computer with the installation medium of the installed version of Windows.

Then click on Next and open a command prompt.

Carry out the following commands one after the other:

  • boat repair/fixmbr
  • boat repair/fixboat
  • bootrec/rebuildingsccd

Now try restarting your Windows PC normally to see if the connection problem is solved.

17. System repair

System restore is used to restore a Windows PC to an earlier state. It is used to change the settings and restore the default settings of a previous period. According to the reports, many users have solved the problem of the lack of a login screen when restoring the system. Perform a safe start before using System Restore. You can read a complete manual with detailed steps to perform the system recovery process.


If Windows 10 does not have a login screen or shows a black screen, you will encounter obstacles when logging into your account in normal mode. There are several reasons why there is a problem with the login screen, but there are plenty of solutions to solve it.

As mentioned earlier in this article, any user who has problems logging on to Windows should follow the order of the solutions. If none of the above solutions work, reinstall your Windows operating system or consult a professional.

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