Why do you want to delete a line?

Rows are horizontal levels of data (which can also be empty) in a table. In fact, the worksheets in MS Excel are all considered tables. In MS Word, tables can be inserted into documents for use.

In both host applications, character strings can be manipulated with VBA. If we need to remove tables from empty rows or rows containing old data, we can use the Delete rows function available from the context menu. The same function is offered by the VBA.

Delete a row from a table in a Word document

When using indexes, you must first refer to the table. We can then use the index again to refer to the string we want to delete.

For example, if we take 3. Line of the 2. in a Word document, we can use the following code.

tables. point (2). lines (3). delete

To know everything about this method, read this article :

Removing a row from an MS Excel spreadsheet

Delete line manually

If we want to delete a rule manually, we can just select it, right-click on it and choose Delete from the context menu. This action deletes the selected rule.

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It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Delete chain with VBA

There are many ways to delete a channel with VBA. You can either implement simple code to do the job for now, or create the perfect add-on that can be used by anyone and at any time. Here are some ways to remove lines using the VBA code.

Method 1 – Lines. Delete

Open the worksheet on which you want to delete rows. Open the VBA module, enter the following code and start the module.

Sub row_deletion_demo()
End Sub

Allows you to delete the second row of the open worksheet.

Method 2 – Select and remove

Here the worksheet is opened as in method 1. The code is divided into two parts. The first line selects a line, and the second line deletes what is selected.

This indicator selects and deletes the first line of the open worksheet.

Sub row_removal_demo()
End Sub

Method 3 – Open spreadsheet automatically first

Unlike the two methods described above, opening a spreadsheet does not have to be done manually, but can be automated with the code below.

Leaves (Miracles). Select

This code line must be inserted into the module before selecting and deleting lines.

Method 4 – Simultaneous selection and disposal

Here’s a line of code that allows you to instantly delete the specified line without even opening the worksheet. This can eliminate 2 lines of code or your manual effort compared to the above methods.

Sub row_removal_demo()
End Sub

Method 5 – Range selection

This method begins again with the selection of the worksheet, its rows and its deletion. However, instead of a single line, multiple solid lines are selected.

Sub row_removal_demo()
End Sub

And here’s a line of code that does the same thing:

Leaves (Miracles). Lines (5:7). Delete

Method 6 – Clear active cell

The following indicator selects the entire row to which the preselected active cell belongs. The second line then deletes the selected line.

Sub row_deletion_demo()
End Sub

Example programmes

Delete rows if first column is empty

Sub row_removal_demo()

Lines = Input field ( Enter the number of lines to be checked)

Loop to iterate through lines
For i = 1 Up to lines

Value = Then
‘ delete this row if the first column of the row is empty
End If

End of subsection

Clear the chain if it is completely empty

Sub row_removal_demo()

Range of density variation1

Get the range of the rowDefine range1 = Worksheets (Wonders).rows(i &: & i)

Get the number of empty columns in this row
fillcols = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(range1)

Delete the row if all the columns are empty
If fillcols = 0, then
End If

Last Subsection


It can be easy to remove lines manually, but when we want to remove multiple interrupted lines, as in our example programs, VBA comes to the rescue. It should be noted that a task performed by a VBA program cannot be cancelled. To recover or reproduce them, a manual effort is required.

Lines are easy to erase, but difficult to restore. So, before you run the macro code, check the program logic and make sure you do it.

frequently asked questions

How do I delete a rule in VBA?

To delete an entire row in Excel using VBA, you must use the EntireRow parameter. Removal Method. The above code first specifies the row to be deleted (this is done by specifying a number in parentheses) and then uses the EntireRow. Delete Delete the method.

How do I delete multiple lines in VBA?

Delete multiple lines | Excel, VBA – Exceldome

How can I delete a row in Excel if the cell contains VBA?

VBA Delete a string if the cell contains a string value : Syntax and line numbers are the line numbers to be deleted. And a full line. The delete method removes entire rows from an Excel spreadsheet.

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