Here’s how to Turn Off Silence Calls in iOS 14 on iPhone

As of iOS 13, there’s a feature called Mute Unknown Callers that lets you delete spam and block unknown calls. When this feature is enabled, incoming calls from unknown numbers and persons who are not in your contact list are automatically disconnected. However, if there is an unregistered contact to whom you have sent a text message or to whom you have given your phone number via email, calls will continue to be made from that number.

This feature is particularly useful for preventing spam and telemarketing calls. At the same time, you may miss important calls from people you haven’t spoken to in the past at the time of the call. Calls from these unsaved contacts will also not be reported and will just appear in the recent call log. However, the Silent Unknown Calls option is not enabled by default.

If you can’t miss important calls from unknown numbers, for example. For example, if you have a job interview or are going to deliver a courier, you should turn off call muting on your iPhone. This way, you can ensure that important calls are not ignored or rejected without your knowledge and permission.

Now let’s see how to disable call muting on an iPhone running iOS 14.

Making a silent call on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > Phone.

  1. Press Mute Unknown Callers.

  1. Deactivate the selection button next to Silent for unknown callers.

Here’s how. All incoming calls are now diverted and ring as usual.

Are the calls on your iPhone always silent? In this case, make sure that Do Not Disturb mode is NOT active. When DND is enabled, iPhone turns off incoming calls, alarms, and notifications. Depending on the option you choose, calls are always silent or only silent when iPhone is locked.

There are two ways to turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.

  1. Go to Settings > Do not disturb. Turn off the switch next to Do Not Disturb.

  1. Open Control Center and tap the crescent icon to turn Do Not Disturb on or off on your iPhone or iPad.

As an option, you can program call protection and even change the settings as desired.

APPROPRIATE: Muting someone’s calls on iPhone

board: Manually block spam and marketing calls

If Apple’s Do Not Call feature doesn’t work, you can also manually block unwanted calls from strangers. To block a specific phone number or caller on iPhone, do the following

  1. Open the phone application and select the Users tab.
  2. Press the About button next to the phone number or contact you want to block.

  1. Scroll down the list and select Block this caller.

  1. Tap Block Contact again to add the caller to your blocked contacts list.

OPINION: When you block a phone number or contact, you no longer receive calls, messages, or FaceTime calls from that specific person.

To manage locked contacts or phone numbers on your iPhone, select Settings > Phone > Locked Contacts.

ALWAYS READ: Turn standby on or off without turning on your iPhone.

frequently asked questions

How do I turn off silence on iOS 14?

In iOS 14, go to Settings. Swipe down and press the phone key. Press Call barring and Caller ID. Click the button next to Disable Junk Callers.

How do I turn off call scrambling on my iPhone?

First open the settings. Then click on Phone. Scroll down to the Disable Call and Blocked Callers section and find the Disable Unknown Callers button.

How do I turn off silence?

Go to Settings > Phone. In addition, if Unknown Caller Mute is set to ON, touch Mute Unknown Caller, and then set the switch to OFF.

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