Man cannot live without food – it is a fact of life. And it seems that most people can’t live without the internet these days.

With these huge opportunities to make a living, bloggers and businesses are likely to get their hands on some of the huge online audience.

As you know, plugins are a quick and versatile way to customize WordPress blogs and websites. There are tens of thousands of them, and fortunately for foodies, some of them have to do with food and drink.

Tips for finding and selecting plug-in foods

Searching for food-related plugins is not particularly difficult, and the search process is the same as for most other categories. For example, try searching on Google for keywords like WordPress plugin for food or WordPress plugin for restaurant reservations, and you’ll be surprised how many results you get.

Otherwise, if you prefer to keep everything in WordPress, you can just browse the plugin directory. This provides some assurance because before a plugin can be included in the directory, the developer must prove that it is stable, at least for the version of WordPress that is current at the time the plugin is launched.

The following tips not only apply to finding plugins for your culinary blog or website, but they are also useful for finding plugins for other non-food applications:

  • Decide what features you want to give your website and compare plugins that cover most of these features. For example, do you want a plugin that only presents the menu to your visitors, or do you also want to give them the option to reserve a table?

You may not find a solution that exactly meets all your needs. However, you can often use several separate plugins to close them. Do keep in mind that sometimes compatibility issues or crashes can occur with your chosen theme or other plugins. If in doubt, please contact the developers or the forums and ask for advice.

  • Check the acceleration values for all plug-in modules shown in the result. We recommend that you avoid those with low scores (e.g., less than 4.0/5.0).

Keep in mind that the latest plugins may not be evaluated yet. Therefore, it is useful to check the release date of plugins that catch your attention and have not yet been evaluated.

  • Check out the Reviews and Support tabs to see what other people are saying about the plugins. This will give you a detailed overview of the functionality and the developer’s attitude towards support.
  • Make sure the plugins are updated regularly. If the last update was more than six months ago, it will probably never happen. Outdated plugins may not be compatible with later versions of WordPress.
  • See what plans there are. Free versions often have limited features and support, but before you pay for premium versions, you should still check if they meet your needs. Also, look for extensions (free or paid) that you can use to further customize the plugin’s capabilities to your specific needs.

To help you find the right plugins, we have selected some of the best plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Plugins for food bloggers

For food bloggers, most of the plugins available are more recipe-oriented. With them, you can create attractive recipe pages on your blog that your visitors will enjoy.

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Moreover, plugins contain many interesting features that can bring some interactivity to your blog. Think of cooking timers, converting imperials to meters or the ability to automatically adjust the amount of ingredients to the number of portions needed. Blog visitors appreciate this kind of interactivity, which can help you build and maintain a loyal user base.

1.   Formulation unit WP

Creating attractive recipes on your blog that are optimized for mobile and desktop devices is easy with this plugin.

In addition to the various customizable templates, you can give your site visitors the ability to leave comments and create collections. Another very useful feature is the conversion from metric to imperial, perfect for an international audience. Guests can also set the number of servings they need, and the plugin automatically updates the number of meals.

Formulation of WP functions key:

  • Free plan with basic features.
  • The Premium versions offer extended functionality.
  • Bonuses are tiered and range from $49 for one website to $599 for twenty websites. Each offers a higher level of functionality.
  • Premium versions are updated annually. If you do not upgrade, functionality will not be affected, but support will revert to that of the free version.
  • 30 day return policy.

This plugin has a 4.9/5.0 star rating in the WordPress Plugin Directory and has over 50,000 active installations to date.

Get the company WP Recipe Maker

2.   Zip Recipes

This plugin claims to attract more visitors to your blog by using microdata and JSON-LD recipe markup, which will help display your recipes in Google search results. Customer reviews and a 4.9/5.0 star rating seem to support this.

The plugin uses WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors to make creating recipes very easy, as well as the ability to easily cut and paste from Microsoft Word and other word processors. The templates are fully customizable, so you can tailor them perfectly to your website. Another handy feature is that recipes can be quickly and easily pinned to Pinterest, increasing your social media presence.

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A tiered system of bonus schemes is proposed. Depending on the plan purchased, features can be added such as automatic meal generation, automatic adjustment of ingredients based on the number of servings needed by the participants, and a search function.

Zipper recipes have essential characteristics

  • Free plan with limited features.
  • Annually renewable premiums with enhanced features. Prices range from $39 for a single website to $249 for an unlimited number of domains.
  • Non-renewal of bonus plans does not affect functionality. However, the support is again of the same level as for the free version.
  • 30 day return policy.

Get the recipes from Zip

3.   Recipe key

This plugin would be a great addition to your WordPress food blog, as it can improve the visual appeal simply, but significantly. It adds cool icons so visitors can see what they’re interested in.

Choose from six icon styles and several color matching options. If necessary, the text labels can also be changed. The icons indicate things like gluten-free soy, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low-carb and more.

Core formulation functions

  • The free plan is available, but limited to four symbols.
  • The premium plan costs $45 per year for a single website, as well as adding automatic updates and unlocking all icons.
  • 14 days return policy.

Get the reception key

4.   Prescribed card units

Gutenberg is a WordPress editor that allows you to quickly and easily create pages with blocks. As the name suggests, this powerful plugin uses pre-made blocks that can be used to create recipe cards in blog posts.

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The plugin comes with several built-in blocks, the most important of which is the recipe card. It uses microdata to help Google with indexing. Other blocks contain various details about the recipes, such as descriptions, ingredient lists, instructions, nutritional information, etc.

Recipe card Blocks Main features:

  • Free plan available (limited functionality).
  • Premium versions cost from $69 for a single website to $139 for ten websites and add premium support and advanced features like social media posting, customizable services, etc.
  • Premium versions are updated annually.
  • Use the Gutenberg editor.
  • 14 days return policy.

There are currently over 8000 installations for this plugin. It received an excellent rating of 4.9/5.0.

Receipt of recipe books

5.   Cooked – Insertion forrecipe

Yes, another recipe plugin, but this one offers handy features like drag and drop ingredients and directions, as well as some nice interactive clickable timers for cooking times.

As with other plugins, SEO is done via microdata and rich snippets. The Pro version offers even more features, such as sharing on social networks, reviews, favorites and recipes.

This plugin is open source, so if you’re familiar with programming, you can really customize it to your needs.

Cooked – main functions of the recipe insert:

  • A free map is available.
  • Pro licenses range from $39 for an annual plan for one website to $199 for an unlimited number of domains. The Pro license offers more possibilities.
  • The professional license is available for free with the purchase of the Basil theme for developers.
  • There is no return policy, but a demo is offered on a trial basis.

Over 8000 active downloads and an excellent rating of 4.2/5.0 make it a worthy competitor to other recipe plugins.

Kitchen – Recipe Plugin

Plugins for gastronomy companies

For owners of hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, takeaways, delivery services, grocery stores, etc., a good online presence is essential. It’s not enough to just have a website – people are pushing to do more and more things online.

Fortunately, there are a number of plugins that can expand the functionality of your website and automate your business – such as. B. Online table and menu reservation systems where customers can view your meal suggestions, place orders and pay directly on the website.

1.   Five star restaurant menu

If you are looking for an easy way to create attractive menus on your website, this premium plugin may be the perfect choice for you.

Five Star Restaurant Menu allows you to fully customize the look of your menu with food and drink images, descriptions, prices and more. The menu can be divided into categories such as starters, main courses, vegetarian dishes, daily specials, etc. The plugin uses Gutenberg blocks so it is simple and beautiful, no need to know any codes. However, if you know a little bit about coding, you can customize things further by using short codes.

The menu is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. This is extremely important because most people today tend to use mobile versions more often.

Key features of a menu in a five-star restaurant

  • Premium plan only – no free plan available, but a 7-day free trial is available.
  • Costs range from $40 for one subscription to $220 for ten sites.
  • Plans are valid for life and do not need to be renewed.
  • Use Gutenberg.
  • 14 days return policy.

This is a very popular plugin, with over 10,000 installs to date and 4.5/5.0 stars in the WordPress plugin directory.

Get the Five Star restaurant menu.

2.   Reservation for a five-star restaurant

The developers of the previously mentioned Five Star Restaurant Menu also produce this premium plugin to automate online table reservations.

It can be used to easily confirm or decline a reservation and automatically notify the customer by email. The reservation form is fully customizable and, like the Five Star restaurant menu, everything is optimized for mobile and desktop devices. A very useful feature, for example, is the ability to block unwanted clients. B. those who have a habit of not showing up – this can save you a lot of money in terms of lost revenue.

Reservations five-star restaurant Main features:

  • There is no free plan, but a free 7-day trial is offered.
  • Premium plans range from $59 for a single subscription to $299 for ten sites.
  • The Ultimate plan costs $300 for a one-time license, but it adds a lot of great features, like email/SMS reminders for upcoming reservations and late arrivals, table selection and assignment, etc.
  • Plans are valid for life and do not need to be renewed.
  • 14 days return policy.

With over 20,000 installs to date and a 4.8/5.0 star rating, this plugin is very popular.

Reservations for five star restaurants

3.   Grocery store

This plugin is ideal for takeaways and food delivery services. It works in conjunction with WooCommerce to create a website with online ordering and payment capabilities.

With this plugin, you can let your customers choose directly from your menu, select their preferred delivery/receipt time and then pay, all online.

The plugin is free software. This means that the code is freely accessible and can be changed. So if you know how to program, you can really customize it to your needs.

Several online payment gateways are supported, as well as several additional enhancements such as a WhatsApp shopping cart and menus for hourly and hourly services to further improve functionality and appearance. There is no excuse for your business not to accept online orders.

Basic characteristics of a grocery store

  • Free to download and use. No premium plan.
  • Optional add-ons are available for a fee to extend functionality.
  • Open Source.

The grocery store is free and open, but updated regularly.

Buy a grocery

4.   WPPizza

As the name suggests, this plugin was originally developed specifically for pizzerias. However, thanks to its many add-ons, it is highly customizable, making it suitable for any type of restaurant.

WPPizza has an impressive array of flexible options, including the ability to create and customize online menus, manage orders, and handle a variety of tax rates, discounts, and cash gifts.

If the plugin is free, the add-ons are paid annual subscriptions. Careful. Be careful when choosing these extras, as the costs can add up quickly. We recommend that you start with a clean limit and gradually add extensions as your site develops.

WPPizza Main features:

  • Free and without subscription.
  • Wide choice of add-ons (to be paid annually) to expand functionality. Adding several of these devices can be expensive.
  • 30-day return policy for renewals.
  • Open Source.

WPPizza has an excellent reputation, with a 5.0/5.0 star rating and over 2,000 active installations in use.

Get WPPizza

5.   Allergen list

This cool plugin works in conjunction with WooCommerce to clearly display food allergens on edibles in your online store. This not only improves the look of your website, but also makes it more user-friendly and creates a more pleasant experience for site visitors.

Allergens can be represented by symbols, words or both. Since it is open source, it is possible to crack the code to further modify it if you wish.

Allergen Listening Key Features

Although it is completely free, it seems that the developer updates this plugin regularly. He has received a 5.0/5.0 star rating and is currently working on over eighty installations.

Listen to allergens

Some final thoughts

With the wide choice of food-related plugins, you no longer have an excuse not to make your recipe blog stand out. Even if you have a restaurant or takeaway, you can easily create a fantastic online presence while streamlining your business by allowing customers to book, order and pay online.

Even with the free versions, you can add a significant amount of additional functionality to your blog or business website, which will improve visitors’ experience and help them stay there.

We would love to hear how your website development is going. What kind of greedy plugins do you use? What experience have you had with them so far? Let us know about this update in the comments section!

All prices, survey estimates and other data in this article were correct at the time of writing.

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