While all the big tech brands are launching new devices, San Francisco is unveiling its most ambitious project yet this spring: a 13-inch laptop that can be upgraded and customized beyond users’ expectations.

Framework founder Nirav Patel, who previously worked at Oculus and Apple, said his main goal in launching the device and the startup as a whole is to address the many flaws that consumer tech companies face on a daily basis.

To further highlight his point of view and ideologies, Patel reiterated that most technology and electronics brands currently strive to produce multiple types of materials and then distribute them through different channels to reach consumers one by one. This has led to chaos in the form of waste and inefficiency, which has exacerbated environmental damage.

Patel emphasizes that the Framework laptop is more than an electronic product, it is an ecosystem.

As far as the specifications of the device are concerned, the Framework laptop has a 13.5-inch display with a screen resolution of 1504p. It is integrated with a 1080p 60fps webcam to facilitate communication via video calls. In addition, the aluminum construction of the body provides extra durability, while keeping the device light at 2.87 pounds.

For the basic performance of the device, the Framework laptop is powered by the latest 11th generation Intel processor. Generation, with up to 4TB NVMe SSDs for storage and 64GB RAM for storage options.

What makes this device unique is its customizable and easily adjustable design. It allows the user to replace certain parts of the device if he wishes to improve the performance and efficiency of the device. The same goes for RAM, storage and battery.

In addition to this basic feature that allows for easier updates, the company is trying to improve the user experience by including three other benefits in the product. First, the easily configurable options, especially for the external chassis components, including keyboards and connectors.

Another factor that brings it to the forefront is the fact that Framework will sell its own modules on the online marketplace, making customization and expansion options much more accessible to users. So if your device’s screen is no longer working optimally and you want to replace it, you can find an identical screen designed specifically for that device. This reduces the time spent searching for unnecessary parts and equipment for the unit.

The last benefit that users can get is a set of custom parts that the user can buy to put together their laptop. It allows the user to use the device freely in certain respects, the most important being the operating system. This allows the user to install the desired Linux or Windows operating system.

While all these new updates and ambitions look promising, the framework must support this ecosystem if it is to be successful in the long term. The question is whether the framework will continue to produce modules for this future device for a long time, or whether they can be sourced from third party suppliers.

Pre-orders for the new Framework laptop will begin in the spring and units will ship in the summer. Although the startup has not yet announced the exact price, Patel said that the price will be similar to some other popular laptops currently available in the market.

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