Microsoft Windows runs on more than a billion devices. With such a large number, chances are you own a device with such an operating system, and are even reading this document on one of those devices. Unfortunately, this popularity comes with many problems. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, Windows computers were responsible for 83% of all malware attacks.

Beginning of operation

The first thing you need to do to make your computer as safe as possible is to download software to help you do that. Of course, some applications come pre-installed, but they don’t protect you from everything. If that were the case, there would be no other companies offering security software.

Anti-virus software

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The first thing you think of when securing your computer is of course good antivirus software. As we already know, these defaults are good enough, but not enough. So you need to get something from a third party and it depends on what exactly you need, and there are many options.

Different companies offer different products, which then offer different features. There is no recipe for the best antivirus program, because you need an antivirus program that fully meets your needs. With that in mind, you need to decide if you want to use cloud backup, family management, and other things that might be useful, and choose the solution that works best for you.

VPN software

Many people download antivirus software and think that’s all they need to protect their computer. Unfortunately, the possible flows go far beyond those that can be corrected by simple anti-virus software. So, if you want to ensure security, finding the best VPN for Windows should be your top priority.

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Why is it so important?

The internet has become one of the most important elements of our lives. It is one of the most influential, if not the most influential, innovation of the 20th century. The century. We use it every day, for hours. Very few people are aware of the dangers.

Attention to public access points

We have all had access to a public network at least once in our lives. Whether it was in your favorite coffee shop or hotel, the important thing is that we weren’t the only ones who had access to it. Especially since more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home, and we are increasingly in these networks.

But how does it work exactly?

When you want to connect to the Internet, in most cases you will connect to a router that will eventually connect you to the network. After all, the data you send and receive is sent over the airwaves and can therefore be intercepted by those with sufficient knowledge to do so.

It’s a man-in-the-middle attack, and that’s what the name implies: someone decides to get between that connection and intercept everything you send or receive. This information may include. B. Your bank details. Moreover, they can also infect your device and gain full access to it. Then when you connect to another network, you infect other connected devices, etc.

There is a way around the problem.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up public networks for good. You can continue to use it without worrying about whether the person sitting across from you wants to steal your data. The way to protect against this is to use a virtual private network, or VPN, which you may have heard of but probably don’t use.

What is the noise at?

VPNs are in the news right now, and for good reason. They protect you from man-in-the-middle attacks by running your connection through the server, which means no one knows what you are sending or receiving. This applies not only to those using the same network, but also to your ISP and the government. Both entities may want to see what you are doing for different reasons, and a VPN will effectively prevent them from doing so.

Where to start

Although it sounds intimidating, VPNs are easy to use. All you need to do is download the software you need, then click once or twice to select the server you want to connect to, and then, of course, connect. That’s it!


As you can see, it’s not that hard to provide additional security with VPN software. It’s always good to have them on your computer, because you never know when you might need them. Just because you don’t use public networks today doesn’t mean you won’t need them in the future. And when you need it, it may be too late to protect your data if you don’t have the right tools.

frequently asked questions

How can I protect my computer against malware?

Protection against malware

How can I protect Windows 10 from malware?

Select Start > Settings > Updates and Security > Windows Security, then select Antivirus and Threat Protection > Manage Settings. (In earlier versions of Windows 10, select Antivirus and Threat Protection Settings > Antivirus and Threat Protection Settings).

Does Windows Defender protect against malware?

Microsoft Defender Antivirus, formerly known as Windows Defender, continues to provide comprehensive, ongoing, real-time protection against software threats such as viruses, malware, and spyware in email, applications, the cloud, and on the web.

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