The Apple TV is a great little streaming device for watching Netflix, HBO Now, and other streaming services. It doesn’t, however, offer a news section like other streaming devices. The good news for Apple fans is that that is likely to change in 2021, according to a new rumor from Apple Insider . The device is expected to gain a Netflix-like section, allowing you to stream movies and television shows from the service right on your Apple TV.

In the year 2021, the Apple TV will be able to stream content from any of the 400,000 apps available on the App Store, but not all of them are worth the time it takes to download. To help you choose, we’ve created a list of the 50 best news apps for Apple TV in 2021.

Okay, you’ve got a new Apple TV. Maybe you just got that fancy 4K box and you’re wondering what apps you should install on it. Well, here are my top picks for the apps that you should install on that new Apple TV to get you up to speed on what’s new and what’s hot in the world of media apps.

News apps are one of the most popular ways to stay updated on all categories including politics, entertainment, sports, technology and more. There are many information flow applications on the market for each platform. In this guide, we’ll show you the top 10 news apps you can install on Apple TV.

Apple TV is a multimedia streaming device developed and marketed by Apple itself. It runs on tvOS, the operating system developed for the Apple TV. There’s a separate App Store where you can find and view apps that work seamlessly on your Apple TV.

Top news apps for Apple TV

Below is a list of the best free and paid news feed apps for Apple TV.

  1. CNN: U.S. and World News
  2. Fox News: Live the latest news
  3. ABC News
  4. NBC News: Latest news and events from the US
  5. Bloomberg: Company news
  6. Washington Post
  7. Al Jazeera English
  8. iPlay News
  9. Language Center: Newsreader.
  10. Sky News: Live and on demand

CNN : U.S. and World News

CNN, known as Cable News Network, is the most popular free news network in the United States, launched in 1980 after four years of development. It broadcasts American and world news 24 hours a day in HD. It also airs CNN Originals, featuring exclusive programs like Anderson Cooper 360, Anthony Bourdain and more. CNN is available for streaming on all devices, including Apple TV.

Fox News: Breaking News Live

Fox News is a popular news app around the world. In addition to news, it also offers streaming radio and on-demand content with no additional subscription fees. The Fox News home screen displays news content tailored to specific customer needs. You can enable notifications for the latest news, trends and any other categories you want. Pair it with your Apple Watch and get notifications right on your wrist, anytime, anywhere.

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ABC News

ABC News is one of our top three news channels for Apple TV. It is the best channel for news lovers, it offers more entertainment and daily shows like World News America, Nightline etc which are broadcast live every day. See also ABC radio, news clips and more. You can easily customize the notifications and read the news as an article on any of your devices.

NBC News: Breaking News and US News

NBC News is the all-in-one application for NBC Universal’s news channel. Readers of this news channel have access to MSNBC, where they can listen to live audio. In NBC News, the programs are divided into separate lists, such as politics, national news, international news, etc., so that the user can easily navigate. Daily updates on Joe Biden’s presidency and former President Trump’s impeachment proceedings.

Bloomberg: Company news

Bloomberg is for business lovers, as it is one of the best business news sites in the world. The news covers all business related topics such as technology, industry, finance, etc. They also often conduct interviews with global tech luminaries like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc. and these interviews are aired on their channel. Interview topics can be about their childhood, moments in their life, etc. Most features are locked for free users, but if you’re a new user, you can activate a free 30-day trial to unlock all features and use Bloomberg without restrictions.

Washington Post

The Washington Post is not a streaming TV app, but a news reading app currently powered by e-commerce giant Amazon. We mentioned this app in our ranking of the best news feed apps because it has a separate app for Apple TV users. It has a built-in player that allows you to read articles with natural sound on your TV screen. It is one of America’s largest newspaper companies, successfully operating since 1853, nearly 140 years. Therefore, there can be no fake news on their website.

Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English broadcasts all news related to the Gulf States and the main language is Arabic. To make it understandable to consumers around the world, a special channel was created to work with English-speaking readers. It is also available as a free news channel app on Apple TV. You can stream it in Full HD, and the streaming quality is automatically adjusted according to the user’s internet speed.

iPlay News

iPlay News is an IPTV application that streams all popular news channels for free in its app. The list of channels includes BBC World, CNN, CBC News, Fox News, Euro News, etc. There are also documentaries on topical subjects such as sports, animals, birds, cars, technology, etc. It is designed specifically for Apple TV users and is not available on other platforms. The service is free for life, but you have to pay a few dollars to install the app on your device.

  • Price : Free streaming, but you have to buy the application.

Language centre: Message reader

As the name suggests, Speech Central is a news reader browser app that lets you read all the news on the web on your Apple TV. You can search for sites that have a home page or RSS feed, as the reader can automatically schedule you to read the next article as soon as the current one is over. It is a paid application that costs about $2.99 to install in the app store. Ideal for people who want to read articles and news while doing other things like reading, cooking, etc.

  • Subscription Packages : Free streaming, but you have to buy the application.

Sky News: Live and on request

Sky News is a live TV news app created by British developers. It was launched in 1989, almost 130 years ago, and is also one of the leading news channels. It’s free and provides information as quickly as possible. The news channel works 24×7 live with presenters, and it may be the only channel that works 24×7 live. It’s also only available to Apple TV users and can’t be found in the regular Apple App Store.

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Above is a list of the best news channels for Apple TV. It is based on usage and customer feedback, but you can find other news sources that may have better features. If you find any such channels, please share them in the comment section below.

Follow Techown’s Facebook and Twitter profiles for more articles.If you are an Apple TV user, you probably use apps like CNN, BBC and CNN International to stream news. However, it is possible that you might have been wondering what is new in the streaming market. As it turns out, the gaming industry is pushing for the streaming of content to be a core feature of a video game console.. Read more about best apple tv apps uk and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best news app for Apple TV?

The best news app for Apple TV is the News app.

What apps do you recommend for Apple TV?

We recommend the following apps for Apple TV: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Plex, and Vudu.

Are there any news channels on Apple TV?

There are no news channels on Apple TV.

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