With over a billion users, Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app and website. One of the reasons why the app is so popular is that it comes with filters and the app manages to keep the quality of the photos intact. Some websites compress images to make them smaller. There are few compression algorithms that preserve the quality of photos. The photo sharing services that were popular before Instagram launched had basic features – file upload/delete, commenting system, etc. While Instagram is a great service, it’s not the only photo sharing site. If for some reason you can’t or don’t want to use Instagram and are looking for an app like Instagram to upload/share photos, head over to the following sections where I’ve shared 7 great alternative Instagram apps for iOS and Android devices :

Best alternative Instagram apps for Android and iOS


Flickr used to be one of the largest photo sharing sites. With the introduction of new services, their popularity has dropped significantly. Flickr is still a popular application. The photos on Flickr are in the public domain. If you don’t want other people to see your photos, you can make them private. There are now over a billion photos stored on Flickr. You can follow photographers, comment on photos, see details of the camera the photos were taken with, etc. The application detects images uploaded by the user and automatically generates a slide show. This Instagram-like app allows you to upload photos. It can also create HTML code if you want to embed a photo in your web pages.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a gallery application that allows you to store your photos on Google. A few years ago, Google allowed its users to upload as many photos as they wanted. The company has now allocated 15 GB of storage per account. 15 GB is still a lot of memory. You can store 1,000 images in Google Photos. The main difference between Google Photos and Instagram is that photos on Instagram can be public. You cannot see images uploaded to Google Photos by other people.


500px is a great alternative to Instagram. If you’re looking for an app like Instagram to discover interesting photos, you’ll appreciate 500px’s Editor’s Choice section. 500px shows camera and lens details, as well as the number of prints of the photos. Getting started is easy, as you can log into the app with your FB or Google account instead of creating an account. 500px can start a slideshow of photos if you tap on the slideshow option. It allows users to share, bookmark and comment on photos. You can’t download the photos on 500px. If you are a professional photographer, you can view images at 500px.


Imgur is the only Instagram-like app in this list that lets you upload photos without having to create an account. This is one of the best places on the internet to discover all kinds of viral photos. The application provides access to the memory generator tool. Support for comments, tags, etc. It allows you to make a photo public or private. As with other applications, you can follow users on Imgur.


Pinterest offers a gallery feature called boards. You can keep the forum private or make it private/secret. Pinterest, an app like Instagram, supports large images. This can increase your reach because search engines can index the pins. Pinterest offers its users the possibility to bookmark and share contacts. You can also follow the profiles of other users in this application.

The above applications are free. They also offer pay-per-use plans. If you have between $5 and $8 per month to spend on photo hosting services, you can use one of the following applications:

Photo bucket

PhotoBucket’s paid packages start at $6. It offers three plans – beginner, advanced, expert. The beginner plan costs $6. It offers 25GB of storage for up to 2,500 photos. The mid-range plan costs $8 per month and offers 250 GB of storage for 25,000 images. The Expert plan costs $13 and allows you to post as many photos as you want.


Like PhotoBucket, SmugMug offers 4 plans: Basic, Power, Portfolio and Pro. You can save an unlimited number of high-resolution images with each shot. The basic plan allows you to manage a basic photography website with your own domain and gives you access to SmugMug’s mobile and desktop applications. It costs $7 a month. The Power Plan allows users to design and customize their website. The price is $11 per month. The portfolio plan supports watermarking and costs $27 per month. The Pro Plan offers marketing packages and supports all the functions of the Portfolio Plan. It also offers customer management tools and pricing templates for photos and galleries.

Why isn’t the FBI on my list? Well, Facebook compresses every photo you upload. The quality of a compressed photo may differ from the original.

In addition to the above applications, you can use cloud storage applications to save files in JPG, PNG, RAW, etc. Every cloud storage provider offers a large amount of free storage space. They are secure and allow file sharing. You can configure applications to automatically synchronize PNG, JPG, etc. files.

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