When it comes to software, there is no shortage of free and open source solutions. However, those can be difficult to find. This is especially true when you are in the process of converting an entire PDF document into something else. What can you do when you want to convert a PDF document into something else?

For the last year or so I’ve been searching for a high quality yet inexpensive PDF converter and editor. One that works with every PDF format including ZIP files, non-DRM protected PDFs and even PDFs that have DRM protection. Today I tried a new converter called PDF-Mate and was very impressed. This little FREE application is easy to use and enables you to convert files in just a few clicks.

We deal with PDFs on a regular basis, whether it’s a phone bill, a credit card statement, an e-book or an important email, it’s all in PDF format. It is therefore essential that you have a tool on hand that allows you to work comfortably with PDF files. There are many PDF converters and editors available online; EasePDF is one of these tools. While working on the revision of EasePDF, we explored the different possibilities of this program. It contains more than 30 tools that make working with PDF files easier. Let’s find out more about this topic and explore it.

What is EasePDF and what does it offer?

EasePDF is a secure and efficient online utility that makes working with PDF files easy. With this tool you can convert Word and Excel files to PDF, unlock, split, merge, rotate and edit PDF files. EasePDF offers more than 30 tools for working with PDF. It can be your versatile assistant when working with PDF files.

EasePDF Diary

We used EasePDF in the Google Chrome browser. To use this online tool, all you need is a stable internet connection and a browser. You don’t have to worry about installation and setup, because all you have to do is sign up on their website and you’ll have access to everything they offer.

User Interface (UI)

The user interface of EasePDF is clear. You can comfortably navigate through all functions without getting lost. Moreover, no ads or pop-ups appear when you use the EasePDF online tool. I didn’t like the user interface because there is too much information and text with each function. Although the information field is located below the window of the currently used tool, it is not necessary and may even contain irrelevant links. alt=Text and information below the PDF activation function data-ezsrc=http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/An-Efficient-PDF-Converter-and-Editor.png />Text and information below the PDF activation function As you can see above, many texts and links appeared when you tried to use the PDF unlock tool.


alt=Features of EasePDF width=1028 height=529 data-ezsrc=http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623929961_203_An-Efficient-PDF-Converter-and-Editor.png />Features of EasePDF EasePDF offers some great features that we would like to mention in the following sections.

Safety and security

With online tools, we are more concerned about the security of the documents we upload to their servers. With EasePDF, however, you don’t have to worry about that because they don’t scan, copy, analyze, or store your files on their server. The PDF files you have downloaded will be deleted after 24 hours. EasePDF applies 256-bit SSL encryption to all files, documents and data you enter into the tool. They also ensure that the data is not passed on to third parties. In addition, the password you apply to the PDF to lock it is not stored on EasePDF’s servers. So when it comes to backing up your important files, EasePDF is a great choice.

Unlocking and registering the PDF

alt=PDF data unlock and secure-ezsrc=http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623929962_720_An-Efficient-PDF-Converter-and-Editor.png />PDF secure Sometimes submitting account or bank statements can be a cumbersome process if they are password protected. You have to share passwords and your PDF files before anyone can access them. With EasePDF, you can get unlocked versions of password protected PDF files. I was trying to unlock one of my phone bills and the process was simple. To unlock a PDF file once, you only need your password. Once you have downloaded the unlocked PDF file, you can open it without a password. You can also add passwords to the PDF files you want to protect. Protecting PDF files is also very easy: You upload the file, add a password, and that’s it. The downloaded PDF file will ask you for a password if you want to open it.

PDF editing

With this tool you can rotate PDF files, electronically sign, edit, add watermarks and page numbers. I tried inserting the image into the PDF file and it worked without any problems. Adding numbers to a PDF was confusing, especially if you wanted to exclude a specific page or have the numbering start from a specific number. But if you do it once or twice, you’ll get the hang of the process.

PDF files convert

EasePDF allows you to convert PDF to Word, HTML, RTF, PPT and many other formats. You can also convert multiple files at once with this PDF converter.

Scheme PDF

If you want to split the PDF into several parts or merge it with another PDF, you can do this with EasePDF. It is also possible to compress and crop PDF files. Some users may find it difficult to use the split function, but you will understand how it works once you have done it.

Convert other files and images to PDF

Sometimes it is necessary to upload images or text files to PDF forms. Often you can do this with your computer’s built-in software, but if that’s not possible, you can use EasePDF to do it in minutes. It can also be useful for children who want to upload their homework to the school’s platform. This part of the tool is also easy to use, and you don’t need any tips to help you. All you have to do is read the instructions on the page and click until you get the converted file. All of the above features are only available to free users. However, there are some restrictions on free use. We will discuss this in more detail in the Price section of this EasePDF review.


EasePDF does not offer support via chat, phone or email. Instead, you should fill out a contact form to ask them questions or provide feedback. This is a central place to ask questions, share comments, and make suggestions. alt=EasePDF Support Form data-ezsrc=http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623929963_535_An-Efficient-PDF-Converter-and-Editor.png />EasePDF Support Form You can also check the FAQ page for quick information. A separate form or support chat room is ideal for asking our questions and requests, but this is not available for EasePDF.


There is confusion and ambiguity about the pricing of EasePDF. On the EasePDF website, you will see the line Efficient, secure and free online PDF solution, but this tool is not completely free. This is more of a freemium plan, and the free plan has some limitations. alt=EasePDF data-ezsrc=http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623929964_415_An-Efficient-PDF-Converter-and-Editor.png />EasePDF Website Now the plans: EasePDF offers two plans, one is free and the other premium. The premium plan costs $4.95/month and can be purchased for $3.33/month at an annual rate. alt=EasePDF Price Plan data-ezsrc=http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623929965_499_An-Efficient-PDF-Converter-and-Editor.png />EasePDF Price Plan The free package allows you to work with a PDF file of less than 10 MB and up to 50 pages. In addition, only two tasks/operations are allowed in a 24-hour period. Once you complete these two tasks, you will be locked out for 24 hours. alt=EasePDF Restrictions data-ezsrc=http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1623929966_433_An-Efficient-PDF-Converter-and-Editor.png />EasePDF Restrictions What I liked about EasePDF is that you can explore all the features and then decide if you want to upgrade to a premium plan or not. The downside is that it is very easy to exceed the free level limit, even if you only need to use it occasionally.

Pros and cons

Considering all the features of EasePDF we tried for our review, the service is excellent!  However, the presentation and support could be improved.

Benefits of EasePDF

  • No learning curve, all tools are easy to use.
  • Access to all features even in the free plan
  • does not share documents and passwords or store them on its servers
  • Provides 256-bit SSL encryption
  • To a free plan

Benefits of EasePDF

  • No chat or email support
  • In the free component, only two edits are allowed per 24 hours, which makes it difficult to learn or use all the features from time to time.
  • Price information in the rate list should be more open.
  • There is no desktop version.

The above pros and cons are my experience using the service for this EasePDF review. But of course your experiences and opinions may differ depending on your usage and needs.

Should you use EasePDF?

One of the reasons to try out freemium tools is that you can use their features for free and then decide if they work for you or not. This review of EasePDF focuses on exactly that. With EasePDF, you have access to all the tools. Although the free version has some limitations, you can try out all the features as you go along. Some PDF editors and converters are complicated and you may need some guidance in using them. However, anyone with or without knowledge of PDF tools can easily use EasePDF. However, if you do not have regular access to the Internet, EasePDF may not be the right option for you. EasePDF is an online service that requires an Internet connection and a browser. If you need a PDF processing program that works locally on your computer, you should look for other PDF processing software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best PDF reader and editor?

Over the past 15 years, there have been a number of major developments in the way that we read and process information. Each of these changes has affected the way we read and write, and as a result we have had to adapt our habits and our tools. PDFs are one of the most popular documents online, but there are numerous free options available for downloading and viewing them. While it’s possible to open all PDFs with any of these, they may not meet all of your needs. An efficient PDF viewer will allow you to do one thing and do it well, making it easier to browse documents and share them without hassle.

What is the best free PDF editor?

PDF is an excellent format for storing and sharing documents, as it’s easily readable and searchable, yet very resistant to corruption. On top of that, it can be edited with a variety of programs. This makes it the ideal format for retaining important documents and archiving important data. PDF is supported by almost all modern operating systems, both Windows and Mac, as well as on virtually all the mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Maintaining a well-organized collection of PDFs is a tedious task. Every time you need to open a file, you have to spend time looking for the right PDF. If you’re using a program that you didn’t design, it’s even worse. What if you could get all your PDFs in a single tool? That’s where the best free PDF editor comes in.

Is there a free PDF editor?

The PDF format has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1990s. It has become the standard way to distribute a wide variety of documents, from technical reports to marketing materials, and it is used by businesses all around the world to send and receive files. In addition, all modern operating systems and software applications support it, so you don’t need to be a techie to use a PDF reader. There are a number of free PDF readers around and the one I use the most is Foxit Reader. It has a slick interface and provides good overall functionality. It’s also extremely reliable as it’s been my PDF reader for a while now.

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