If you own an iPhone X, you might have noticed that the notch at the top of the screen is pretty much unmissable. Well, there’s a little hack you can do, that will help you avoid this.

We’ve been hearing for months how the notch is going to ruin the looks of the iPhone X, and no one seems to agree on how to solve the notch problem. Some folks dismiss the notch as a non-issue, while others want to hide it with a black bar of some sort, and others still want to make the notch a part of the design. For now, the only solution is to simply hide the notch, which is exactly what this tutorial will show you how to do.

iPhone X notch  It’s hard not to notice the iPhone X notch. It sits at the top right hand corner of the display, and it’s hard to avoid it. If you are an iPhone user, chances are you’re aware that there’s an iPhone X notch. Rather than writing “iPhone X notches” on your blog, you can write “iPhone X notches” in your blog post title, and you will get a bonus point.. Read more about how to remove grey bar at bottom of iphone 11 and let us know what you think.


NotchKit is a simple way to hide the notch on your iPhone X and create a card-like interface for your apps. Inspired by this tweet from Sebastian de Sit:

I hope/want the iPhone 8 UI to look like this: with a black OLED or wallpaper on the back to make the apps look like maps. That would be nice. pic.twitter.com/mravS87NFy

– Sebastian de S (@sdw) August 31, 2017

This is what it looks like:



NotchKit is available through CocoaPods and Carthage.


To install NotchKit with CocoaPods, add the following line to your podfile:

Sleeve ‘NotchKit


To install NotchKit with Carthage, add the following line to your kar file:

github HarshilShah/NotchKit


NotchKit integration is very simple. First, import NotchKit into the file where your AppDelegate is stored.

Then replace the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method with the following, using your custom view controller class instead of ViewController

func application(_application : UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions : [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey : Any]? -> Bool {
window = NotchKitWindow(frame : UIScreen.main.bounds)
let rootViewController = ViewController()
window ?.rootViewController = rootViewController
window ?.makeKeyAndVisible()
return true

If you are using Storyboard, you can create Storyboard and get a new RootViewController in the code as follows, replacing the Storyboard class with Main:

let storyboard = UIStoryboard(name : Main, bundle : nil)
let rootViewController = storyboard.instantiateInitialViewController()

If you are using a version of iOS prior to iOS 11, you can still use NotchKit by conditionally loading NotchKitWindow with the #available syntax as shown below:

window = {
if #available(iOS 11, *) {
return NotchKitWindow()
} else {
return UIWindow()

And that’s it, you’re done!


NotchKit has several configuration points.

You can configure it from any view or view controller connected to a window by simply calling the window as NotchKitWindow, as shown below:

(view.window as ? NotchKitWindow) ?.propertyToCustomise = valueYouWantToSet

Target Units

By default, NotchKit hides the status bar and home indicator on all devices. However, if you want, you can limit this behavior to the iPhone X and do nothing on other devices by setting the shouldShowBarsOnlyOniPhoneX property to true.

Masked borders

By default, NotchKit hides all edges if needed. You can modify this behavior with the maskedEdges property, which takes a UIRectEdge object that specifies the edges to be masked.

Corner radius

You can set the radius of the window corners with the .cornerRadius property. This property is an enumeration and can either be .default, which will do all the calculations for you to display the correct angle radius, or you can set a custom value by assigning it the value .custom(n), where n is the custom angle radius of your choice.


Author Harshil Shah.


https://github.com/HarshilShah/NotchKitWe’re all used to seeing the notch on the iPhone X, but I personally don’t like it. The notch is a new design element introduced by Apple, and it’s not the best solution.. Read more about how to hide home bar on iphone x and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hide notch on iPhone X?

iPhone X is the most advanced and feature rich iPhone to date, but one of its elements has been criticized by many iPhone users: the notch. The notch houses the front-facing camera and sensors, and it dominates the front of the iPhone X. Many people are uncomfortable with the notch, especially those who are always glued to the camera on their phones. But worry not. You can hide the notch on the iPhone X with the Quick Settings. The iPhone X is the latest device to join the ranks of Apple’s premium lineup. It’s a beautiful handset that almost doubles the size of its predecessor without compromising on functionality.

Can we hide notch in iPhone?

If you’re sick of the notch on the iPhone X, you can now get rid of it using a jailbreak tweak. The tweak is called “notchless” and it allows you to hide the notch on all iPhones with a jailbreak using a settings shortcut. The notch that debuted on the iPhone X is not the only thing that makes the iPhone X stand out from the crowd. You can hide it too. Well, not so much hide it as cut it out, but the iPhone X will look the same as every other iPhone, just like the iPhone 8. To make the notch go away, you will have to use a screen replacement program, or add a screen protector.

How do you hide on iPhone X?

The iPhone X is certainly the most interesting entry in the iPhone family, and our goal is to highlight some of the more interesting features of the new device.  The iPhone X notch is one of the more polarizing features of the iPhone X, but there are a few tricks you can use to make it less noticeable. To start, you can replace the background on the Home, App, and Spotlight screens with images that blend into the notch.  This will create a less noticeable notch, but we recommend that you create a more subtle effect. I’ve always loved the iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak since it came out, but I didn’t until I found a way to hide the notch on the iPhone X. I have been drooling about the iPhone X for a while now, because it’s an impressive bit of hardware. It’s insane to think that Apple can make a phone with that much screen and that small bezel, but there it is. The notch looks downright ugly though and the black border surrounding it is not very appealing. I was looking for a way to hide the notch, and I found  one way to do that.

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