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Back in the early days of computers, text was copied to the display and then the rest of the display was scrolled to show the rest of the text. It’s all been changed now—there are more complex mechanisms and I think it’s time we introduced another!

Code reader

A simple macOS application for reading code from images, written entirely in Swift using the Vision Framework.


  1. Drag and drop image

  1. Press the conversion key

Storyboard converted to Swift –
import Swiftul
import Introspect
// TODO : Install the SwiftUI-Introspect package from
// DefaultViewController
struct DefaultView : View {
@State private var fullText : String
var body : some View
Stack( alignment : topLeading)
GeometryReader { geometry
TextField( Placeholder, text : $fullText)
introspectTextField(customize : { textField in
textField.adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth = true
extField. backgroundColor = UIColor. systemTeal
textField. minimumFontSize = 17.
textField. Superview. frame = CGRect(x : DynamicSizeHelper.get0ffsetX(20), y :
DynamicSizeHelper-get0ffsetY(274), width : DynamicSizeHelper. getWidth(280), height :
. frame (width : DynamicSizeHelper. getWidth(280), height :
. Font(. system(size: , weight: . regular))
.offset(x: DynamicSizeHelper.getoffsetX(20), DynamicSizeHelper.get0ffsetY(274))
TextField( placeholder, text: $fullText)
prospectTextField( customize: t textField in
textField. backgroundColor UIColor. systemRed
textField. clearButtonMode = . whileEditing
mFontSize = 17.0
textField. . Frame = CGRect (x : DynamicSizeHelper. getOffsetX(20), y :
DynamicSizeHelper-get0ffsetY(202), width : DynamicSizeHelper.getWidth(280), height :
– frame(width : DynamicSizeHelper-getwidth(280), height :
font(. system(size: 14, weight: . regular))
offset(x: DynamicSizeHelper.get0ffsetX(20), y: DynamicSizeHelper.getOffsetY(202))
TextField(placeholder, text: $fullText)
introspectTextField( adjust: { textField in
textField. adjustsFontSizeToFitwidth = true
textField. backgroundColor: UIColor. systemPurple
textField. minimumFontSize = 17. 0
textField. Superview. frame = CGRect (x : DynamicSizeHelper.getOffsetX(20), y :
DynamicSizeHelper-getOffsetY(136), width : DynamicSizeHelper.getWidth(280), height :
frame (width: DynamicSizeHelper.getWidth(280), height:
font ( .
(size: 14. weight: .regular))
.offset(x: DynamicSizeHelper.get0ffsetX(20), y: DynamicSizeHelper.getOffsetY(136))
TextField( placeholder, text: $fullText)
introspectTextField(customize: textField in
textField. backgroundColor = UIColor. systemOrange
textField.clearButtonMode= always
textField.minimumFontSize = 17.0
frame(width: DynamicSizeHelper-getWidth(280), height:
DynamicSizeHelper.getHeight(34)) Police
(. system (size: 14, weight: regular))
.offset (x: DynamicSizeHelper.get0ffsetX(20), y: DynamicSizeHelper.getOffsetY(75))
. frame(width: DynamicSizeHelper.getwidth(320), height: DynamicSizeHelper.getHeight(568))
. background( color(.)
struct DefaultView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
static var previews : some View
Dynamic Size Helper
struct DynamicSizeHelper {
static let baseViewWidth : CGFloat = 320.0
static private
t baseViewHeight :
static func getHeight (_ height : CGFloat) -> CGFloat
return (height baseViewHeight) * UIScreen. Main. bounds. height
static func getWidth(_ width : CGFloat) -> CGFloat
return (width baseViewWidt
in. bounds. width
static func get0ffsetX(_ x : CGFloat) -> CGFloat
return (x / baseViewWidth) * UIScreen. main. bounds. width
static func get0ffsetY(_ y : CGFloat) CGFloat
return ( y / baseViewHeight)
a. Boundaries. Height.


macOS Catalina

Download the application directly.


Md Ibrahim Hassan, [email protected].


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