A radio player which streams audio from Radio Sai Global Harmony

The global community of radio listeners has grown substantially in recent years, with many people searching for new ways to listen to their favorite music. From the Internet, to satellite radio, to regular broadcast radio, there are so many options to choose from. Yet, the quality of these services varies greatly. Some streams are so unreliable that you can barely hear the music, some streams have bugs and glitches that frustrate you, while others are simply too expensive. Most people would agree that they want a high-quality streaming radio that’s easy to use, doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg, and offers access to a wide variety of radio stations from around the world.

A radio player which streams audio from Radio Sai Global Harmony.

Voice of Sai

A radio player that plays the sound of Radio Sai Global Harmony. Sai Voice is an audio application that plays the sound of the Sai Global Harmony radio station. Radio streams are here:

  • Asian flow
  • African flow
  • American electricity
  • The river of Bhajans
  • The flow of discourse
  • Stream in Telugu language.

Smooth: The application is designed to provide a seamless user experience. You can change the streams you want to listen to by simply dragging the panel up and selecting a new stream. A flawless listen: It can continue to run in the background until the application is removed from the process. Listen to your favorite radio stream with one touch after opening the application (the option to set a favorite stream is at the top of the application). Media monitoring : It can manage audio from the handset to the headset, from lock screen notifications to headset button presses. It also pauses when another player starts and does not interrupt incoming notifications. It’s a dark subject: The application also has a dark theme. You can change the desired theme in the settings. Split screen: The application is adapted to split screen. Work with this application while working in another application. Schedule: View the schedules of the different radio stations in the application (leads to the official website). Sai is an inspiration: The Sai Inspires thought of the day is available in the app. It can be read at any text size by zooming in. You can also share content by clicking on the copy icon (copied to clipboard). You can also view and save the image. Free and without advertising: The application is free for everyone and will remain so in the future. No advertisements are displayed in the application. This is a thank you to Radio Sai Global Harmony for the donation of content. Like the Sai Organization, we believe in selfless service and expect nothing in return. Open Source : We believe there is nothing to hide and we want you to experience Swami’s bliss. The source code of the application is therefore open and will remain so in the future. File permissions : File write permission is only required to save images from Sai Inspires. You can deny these permissions in the settings. Sai Ram, and listen carefully –

Future Updates

*I cannot guarantee any of the following conditions. But I will do my best to include such features in future versions (if I can).

  • Added a player for vedam that supports all media controls
  • Add support for android car
  • Added support for Google Chrome Cast

Radio stream

Stop status -> Play back in application screen (user action) -> Play back status Stop status -> Change radio stream (user action) -> Change radio stream -> Stop status Play status -> Change radio stream (user action) -> Stop status -> Change radio stream -> Play back status Play status -> Pause in application screen (user action) -> Stop status Playback status -> Pause in notification (user action) -> Pause status Playback status -> Stop in notification (user action) -> Stop status


I love listening to different bhajans, which made me fall in love with Sai Radio. I installed the app and kept listening to the radio, which gave me peace of mind. I found that the user interface/UX of the application was inadequate. Meanwhile, the sound stops and processes no sound when I answer a call or read other media. The idea was born to develop an application that would solve these problems. I started collecting sources from radio broadcasters and reached the point where I made the application available to the public. In creating this application, I referred to the Radio Sai application and its features. I feel like this app solves the problems I (and many others) are experiencing, and I want to share it with everyone. It is up to each individual to use the application they are most comfortable with.


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Most core functions use a block architecture with providers and threads. By using this architecture, the application does not have to update itself completely, but only the necessary components can be updated smoothly. lib ├─────audio_service # audio service related task ├─────block # business logic files, linked to screens │ ├─────radio │ └─────settings ├─────constants # constants ├─────screens # all screens │ ├─────radio │ ├─────sai_inspires │ └─────settings │ └─────general └─────widgets # widgets associated with screens ├─────radio └─────settings The above data is stored with the command tree in lib/

Open source libraries

shared_preferenecs: used to store short data locally, for example. B. Save the radio stream when the application closes and show it when the application starts, show your preferred radio stream when the application starts. sliding_up_panel: used to select another radio stream by sliding the panel up. Flicker: used to indicate loading progress on the Sai Inspires screen. flutter_custom_tabs: used to redirect application URLs to a Chrome-based browser. Internet_connection_checker: used to determine the internet status of the device. just_audio & audio_service: the basis of the main application helps to play audio without multimedia management problems and many other open source libraries. Thanks to the open source community for providing such great libraries and frameworks, which were very helpful in creating the application.


https://github.com/immadisairaj/radiosaiThe Sai Global Harmony radio is a community radio station which focuses on the  world’s greatest wisdom traditions of peace and harmony through music. Sai Global Harmony is a break out radio station for  peace and harmony.. Read more about radio sai live today and let us know what you think.

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