Toast doesn’t have to be complicated. With the release of Android Studio 3.0, Android developers no longer need to rely on third-party libraries to create a well-designed toast. The Toast library from the Android Support library is a robust and easy-to-use library that can give your app a unique, material design look and feel.

I have been wanting to write a Toast library for Android for a long time, and although the time has come there are still some things I don’t know. I still don’t know which widgets are the most important when it comes to displaying Toast messages with material design. I don’t know the correct way to implement the Android design guidelines. This is something only I can do. This is why I’ve created the Toast library for Android.


Toast library with material design for Android


CuteToast is a custom toast library for Android that can be used instead of the default toast. It does everything toast does, but with a few extra spices. CuteToast allows developers to use toast with colorful designs and icons. It is open source and can be used for free. Give it a try!

What’s new

  • Added CuteToast without the pre-release icons. Check the dependencies.

More changes on the Release tab.


Click here to see it in high quality word-image-8978


Add this to your build.gradle root file (not to your build.gradle module): all projects { repositories { … maven { url } } }


Add this to your module’s build.gradle file (make sure the version matches the JitPack icon above): Dependencies { … Implementation ‘com.github.ahmmedrejowan.CuteToast:CuteToast:1.2’ } If you want to use only custom background options (no pre-made icons), then : Dependencies { … Implementation ‘com.github.ahmmedrejowan.CuteToast:CuteToast-Custom:1.2’. }


Each of the following methods returns a toast. Don’t forget to call .show() To display the information toast : CuteToast.ct(this, This is an info toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.INFO, true).show() ; To display a warning message : CuteToast.ct(this, This is a warning toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.WARN, true).show() ; To display an error toast : CuteToast.ct(this, This is an error toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.ERROR, true).show() ; This is how we toast to success: CuteToast.ct(this, This is a success toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.SUCCESS, true).show() ; To watch Happy Toast: CuteToast.ct(this, This is a happy toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.HAPPY, true).show() ; Post sad toasts: CuteToast.ct(this, This is a sad toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.SAD, true).show() ; To display Toast Confused: CuteToast.ct(this, This is a confusion toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.CONFUSE, true).show() ; To view the toast Delete : CuteToast.ct(this, This is a delete toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.DELETE, true).show() ; To display Toast Save: CuteToast.ct(this, This is a Save Toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.SAVE, true).show() ; To display a normal toast : CuteToast.ct(this, This is a normal toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.NORMAL, true).show() ;

If no symbols are required:

Replace true with false at the end of the statement.

CuteToast.ct(this, This is an info toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.INFO, false).show() ; CuteToast.ct(this, This is an error toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.ERROR, false).show() ; and the same for the other guys.

Or just remove the last boolean part

CuteToast.ct(this, This is an info toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.INFO).show() ; CuteToast.ct(this, This is an error toast, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.ERROR).show() ;

If you want to use custom symbols:

CuteToast.ct(this, This is an info toast with custom star icon, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.INFO, R.drawable.ic_star).show() ; CuteToast.ct(this, This is an error toast with custom danger icon, CuteToast.LENGTH_SHORT, CuteToast.ERROR, R.drawable.danger_ic).show() ;


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