Did you get the error message SIM card is not connected or SIM card is not connected mm#2 when you inserted the SIM card into the phone?

Well, you should know that SIM cards are the link between the mobile phone and the operator. This is so the operator can recognize your device’s account with certain information. And then you can make a phone call. But sometimes you may encounter SIM errors without MM2 on Android. This indicates that your network connection cannot be established.

If you are also looking for solutions to this error, please read this post to the end. Here you will learn the common cause of mm#2 unfunded sim and can easily fix it.

Why does the SIM card error occur?

The error in the SIM card settings means that you have a new phone with a new SIM card. Either your card is not registered, not activated or even blocked by your service provider. This is really annoying, because you can’t do anything with your phone without a SIM card.

This error also occurs when transferring contacts to a new SIM card. Also, sometimes the server of the network operator is unreachable and the SIM card gives the error message MM#2.

How to fix SIM card error without MM2 on Android?

Now it is time to go through the best ways to solve the SIM card problem that are not related to the initialization error. I hope that by knowing the reasons, you have understood why the error message SIM card does not contain MM#2 appears on your device.

Here are the corrections:

Method 1: Restart Android phone

If you encounter an MM#2 error on your SIM card, one of the best ways to fix it is to reboot your phone once. This can happen due to network congestion, and a restart can fix it. It closes all applications running in the background and fixes errors or crashes on your devices.

However, if the error persists after the restart, proceed with the following solution.

Method 2: Inserting a SIM card correctly

Another thing that can help to solve the problem is to insert the SIM card into the phone the right way. The SIM card may not be correctly inserted into the slot. In this situation, you need to turn off the phone and remove the SIM card. Then put it back in place and check that everything is in order.

Method 3: Check your SIM card in another slot.

In many cases, SIM cards are defective because the SIM card slot is damaged. In this situation, a dual SIM phone is of great help to the user. If a slot does not work, you can insert the SIM card into another slot. It’s easy to do and it works for most of them.

Also note that if your SIM card works here, the problem is in the first slot of the card and that is why you have this error.

Method 4: Activate SIM card

When you insert a new SIM card into the phone, it may not be activated immediately and an MM#2 error may occur that is not specified in the SIM card settings. Normally the SIM card is activated within 24 hours, but if this fails, you should do one of the following:

  • Call an automatic number
  • Send an SMS
  • Open the network operator’s website and go to the activation page.

Try one of them; activate the SIM card immediately, and you will get rid of the error.

Method 5: Unlock SIM card correctly

Sometimes the solution is simple, but we don’t care. Dirt on the SIM cards may indicate such errors. If you clean the card and the slot properly, it will work again as usual. Also, make sure the SIM card is not wet before inserting it.

If it works now, the problem was caused by moisture or dirt preventing contact between the SIM card pins and circuits.

Method 6: Purchasing a new SIM card

If you are still getting the same MM2 SIM error message on Android, you need to replace your SIM card. Just go to the nearest store and buy a new SIM card. This can solve the problem, and you can also analyze where the actual problem is coming from.

But first you need to check other corrections. Replacing the SIM card is only a sensible solution if there is a problem.

Method 7: Inserting the SIM card in another phone

If you doubt that the SIM card is in good condition and the problem is in the phone, there is one thing you should pay attention to. Insert the same SIM card into another phone and check that it works. This way you can find out the real cause of the error. If the device has problems, the SIM card is in good condition and can be used as usual.

Method 8: Contact operator or network provider

The last option I can suggest is to contact your service provider. These error messages usually appear after the SIM card has been activated. In such a situation, you should contact your service provider and inform them of the error that the SIM card MM2 has not been supplied. They will try to find the error and correct it to make it work.

Method 9: Best way to solve the SIM not delivered by MM # 2 bug on Android in one click

If you don’t want to waste your time and are looking for the easiest way to fix your SIM card problem instead of backing it up, you should turn to the Android repair tool. This is one of the best and most recommended software which has the ability to fix MM 2 error on SIM card which was not specified in the settings. That way, you can correct the error with one click. With this powerful tool, you can easily fix any kind of problems or errors on Android.

Some of the problems it can easily fix are stopping Android settings activation, Android black/blue screen of death, stopping Android startup loop, stopping Android app, and many more. So you need to download Android repair tool and fix SIM no providers MM#2 error on Android easily.

(*The free version allows you to view only the repair files).


What does it mean if the SIM card is not equipped with MM2?

If your phone says that the SIM card is not protected in Android, it just means that there are problems on the operator’s side. Either the SIM card is not activated or the network cannot be set up and your mobile phone account is not recognised.

Why does my phone say the SIM card is not full?

After inserting the SIM card into the phone, the error message SIM card not intended for voice may appear on the phone. This error usually occurs when an old or damaged SIM card is used in a new phone. This happens even if the card is not activated.



So, in this tutorial, I have provided some useful methods to solve MM2 error on unsecured SIM card on Android. These errors often occur when you insert a new SIM card. There could be several reasons for this, but don’t worry because there are solutions to this problem. Follow the methods described in this post and go to Android repair tool for instant and fast repair.

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frequently asked questions

How do I block the SIM card which is not equipped with 2?

Like hints here, here, here, here, here….

What does the non mm 2 SIM card do on Android?

The main reason why mm#2 is not provided is that your sim is not activated or blocked by your service provider or is not accepted by your mobile phone. … If you just bought a new SIM card, you will probably see this error because you need to activate the SIM card.

What does it mean if the SIM card is not equipped with MM2?

If your device shows a SIM card without provisioning on Android, it means that it cannot connect to the operator’s network or the operator is unable to identify your mobile account.

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