People love that their work can be done easily and without problems. Android’s Smart Lock is one of the things that has revolutionized the way people access and unlock their Android devices. But sometimes, with technology, things can go wrong. If it needs to be unlocked because it is in your hands, it cannot be unlocked for any other technical reason. While this is a convenient way to unlock your phone, you should be rested and ready to troubleshoot if it doesn’t work as expected.

Here are some of the steps people can increasingly take to reach an agreement.

Turn on the GPS

Your phone’s internal GPS sensors are highly sensitive to changes in location, which means they are accurate enough. Make sure GPS is enabled on the phone. You can connect it to reliable locations because its accuracy is unsurpassed.

  • Check the GPS settings of Android-1
  • Check the GPS settings of Android-2

To enable GPS services on your phone, go to the Android phone settings. Choose the Location tab and select Location method. Then adjust it with great precision to get the best results for your location.

Disables other devices in Google location reports from.

If you’ve used more than one phone with an account, or recently switched to another phone, your Smart Block may not work. This takes you to the settings menu of your phone. Click on Location and make the changes step by step. Make sure you have disconnected other devices and added your current location to the phone you are currently using.

Has your location been updated?

Sometimes a Smart Lock error is likely because your position is not updated correctly. It can’t be added to the places of trust, so it doesn’t work. So you can go to the homepage of Google Maps and set the correct position on the start screen. He’s turning the Smart Lock back on.

Allow location permissions for Google Play services

All Smart Lock features on the Android device are dependent on Google Play services. In order to gain access, it is necessary to use a specific account and to ensure that location permissions are granted in order to enjoy the benefits offered by the gaming services.

  • Google Play Services - Location - Permission-1
  • Google Play Services - Location - Permission-2

Go to the All Applications tab, click on Google Play Services and click on the Permissions button to enable them.

Delete other Google Accounts on your device

Smart Lock requires you to know exactly which Google account you are using and where you are. Make sure you are not logged in with other accounts. Settings > Accounts, and then select a non-main Google account. On the next screen, touch Delete Account and confirm your choice using the prompts. Repeat this step for all other non-Google accounts.

Delete and send trusted location

Sometimes the system doesn’t work properly, just like the servers. So you can go to Settings > Security > Smart Locking > Trusted Locations and tap the Edit option. You can now add them again and update the whole system to make Smart Lock work again.

  • Android 2 surfaces rechecked
  • Reboot the test website on Android-1

Clear data for Google Play services

This is the last decision you should make if nothing else works, as it is close enough to restart your phone’s Smart Lock function. To do this, go to the phone settings and search for the Security section. Next you will find the Smart Lock option. Make sure your safe places are switched off as well.

Then go to the All Applications page and select Google Play Services. Click Clear Data and clear the cache designed to help you update your accounts and services. Back up your data and re-activate Smart Lock as needed.

Make sure the Play service is not optimized by the battery

Sometimes the Smart Lock function may have trouble adjusting the battery optimisation function. Call the Phone setup menu and go to Battery optimization. Choose the first option that appears and select Google Play Services. You can then select a non-optimized option here. This should allow the Smart Lock function to work again.

Deactivate the residence and add the following address

Sometimes, for some obscure reason, addresses on the list of home and work can be confused, causing Smart Lock to behave in a way that it shouldn’t. To avoid this, go to Settings > Security > Smart Locking > Trusted Places, tap your default address, and select Disable this place. Instead, add a more specific address and customize it so it can be recognized as a place of trust.

  • Separate home address from trusted places in Android-1
  • Separate home address from trusted places in Android-2

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

No matter how much people love technology and how easy it is for them to shape their lives, there are always things that can go wrong.

Thanks to the above steps, everyone can find a solution to the problems they may encounter when using the Smart Lock function of Android phones.

Whatever your problem with the Smart Lock feature, each of the above steps can help and you can choose the options that meet your needs.

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