Malayalam is my mother tongue. I’m glad I got to learn it in school. Although my school day was about learning how to read and write, I’m fond of Malayalam typing software, which is my second language when I’m on the computer. Malayalam typing software is my second language when I’m on the computer, it helps me type Malayalam at Malayalam rates.

Malayalam typing software has become essential for us in these days. When it comes to typing, the first thing to come to our mind is typing on one of the best Malayalam typing software. Malayalam typing software will help the users to type easily. As Malayalam typing software will provide the users to type in Malayalam. The Malayalam typing software will automatically convert the words into Malayalam. The Malayalam typing software will automatically suggest the words that the user typed. The Malayalam typing software will provide the great facility to the user. If you are one among those people who want to be best in the Malayalam typing software, then you must need to use the best Malayalam typing

One of the great things about technology these days is that it has brought about a lot of new opportunities for both the informal and formal sectors. For instance, one can now become an expert in computers without having to study in a computer science college or go to a formal training centre. So if you want to do well in typing and want to be an expert, here is a guide.


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Updated on September 2, 2021

Originally published: August 2019

  • Although Windows does not currently support Malayalam, you may get around this by using specialized tools.
  • Virtual Keyboard software that supports Malayalam may assist the language’s millions of speakers in typing in their native tongue.
  • Malayalam keyboard app options for PCs and mobile devices are listed below.


Even though Windows comes with built-in support for hundreds of languages, users still want certain extra features. Those seeking for sophisticated capabilities of a language may have to hunt for another software entirely.

Malayalam is one of the most widely spoken languages for which software is frequently available. To speed things up, they’ll require third-party Malayalam typing software for Windows.

Advanced capabilities like as special characters, additional typefaces, font conversion, and more are included in the English to Malayalam typing program for Windows. Out of the numerous Malayalam typing software applications accessible online, we selected a few of the finest.


In today’s world, we do a lot of our typing on our phones rather than on our laptops. It should be a given that you can use your gadget in your preferred language. Technology firms are working hard to develop the tools that will allow people all around the globe to get the most out of their goods.

This is when Microsoft’s Malayalam Typing application comes in handy. It includes all of the essential keyboard-app functions for a smooth typing experience.

Malayalam Typing is a tiny software that will not take up much space on your smartphone and will have no negative effect on its performance.

The primary aim of the program is to provide a Malayalam keyboard as well as support for manglish typing with real-time transliteration. Its simple and contemporary UI makes switching between different settings a breeze.

Other important characteristics of Malayalam typing include:

  • There are four distinct keyboard styles.
  • completely adaptable
  • a single-handed keypad
  • keys that are unique
  • connection with major chat and social networking applications

Malayalam Typing is a completely free application. You may install it on up to ten different devices with only one Microsoft account.

Malayalam Typing is a service that allows you to type in Malayalam.


Keymagic is one of the finest Malayalam typing software for Windows for those seeking for high-performance software. It’s a one-of-a-kind keyboard that supports Unicode fonts.

It comes with a number of different Unicode keyboard layouts that users may choose between. They may also use the keyboard layout to map or modify their own custom keyboard typing configuration.

Furthermore, the software enables users to manage their fully structured or custom keyboard layout. With the assistance of the kEditor, users may also generate several kinds of keyboard layout files.

Keymagic is free software that runs on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Linux, and the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. 

Obtain Keymagic


Varamozhi is a free Malayalam to English transcription library that can transform Malayalam text between Malayalam and English languages.

It uses the mapping between a Malayalam typeface and the transcription system’s output functions as an input. It’s essentially a collection of apps that assist the system in reading and writing Malayalam.

Those who want to create these applications must be able to utilize transcription and type in Manglish, which will be converted to Malayalam afterwards.

It comes with two Malayalam fonts that are loaded with the software, allowing you to expand your font collection even more. It’s a basic application that lets users type Manglish on the left side of the screen while seeing the Malayalam translation on the right.

It’s also possible to do it the opposite way around. However, you’ll need a Malayalam keyboard to see what’s being written or to figure it out through trial and error. In addition, it has a debug console.

Obtain Varamozhi


Typeit! is a free Malayalam typing program or editor that allows users to type and edit Malayalam texts.

Inscript (ISM), GIST, Malayalam Typewriter, Panchami, Panchari, and Varityper Phonetic keyboard Layout are among the six Malayalam keyboards supported. It has a basic and user-friendly interface that is suitable even for novices.

By pressing the Caps lock, you may switch between Malayalam and English fonts. Users may easily switch between keyboard layouts by using the F4 key on the Malayalam keyboard.

One of its other functions is hyphenation, which automatically hyphenates papers. This allows the papers to be properly exported to other applications.

The hyphenation function may be turned off from the tools menu if you don’t want to utilize it. Furthermore, users have two options for exporting the finished content to other programs.

They may either copy the written text and paste it into other programs like Word or PageMaker, or they can save it in RTF format and import it into other programs. The Malayalam font is set to ML-TTRevathi by default.

Additionally, the SetFont Command from the Format Menu may be used to change the font size. The papers may also be converted to Unicode, which is very useful for people who use the internet.

Typeit! is a free piece of software for the Windows operating system.

Obtain Typeit!


Inkey is a Mozhi-based Malayalam typing program that is responsive and simple to use. After downloading and installing it, users may switch between Malayalam and English by pressing the CTRL key twice.

The program’s initial version was released in 2008, however it was only accessible via a few distribution channels. In the year 2015, the second version was published.

The Mozhi version was created in 2015 in response to a Facebook group complaint about typing difficulties on Windows 7 and higher versions. Tinker keyboard description language is used to create the Mozhi keyboard.

In fact, users may get the program’s source code from GitHub. Users may also download and modify the Inkey-Mozhi keyboard to build their own custom keyboard.

Inkey is free open-source software for Windows that may be downloaded.

Obtain Inkey

Final Thoughts

With efficient typing software, writing in your chosen language may become more than convenient.

Just make sure it’s a reputable program that has all of the tools you’ll need to create Malayalam text in various fonts, has auto-correction based on stored spellings, and can convert documents to Unicode.

Check out the list above, choose your favorite, and start creating awesome content using the finest Malayalam typing software for Windows.

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Typing is a simple yet an essential job for every computer user. If you are the one who needs to type on a computer to submit files or collaborate with other people, you must have used an keyboard for this purpose. And that leads us to the topic of this post. We are going to tell you about 5 best Malayalam typing software that will make it worth your while.. Read more about google malayalam typing software and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which software is used for typing Malayalam?

The software used for typing Malayalam is called Malayalam Keyboard.

Which is the best Malayalam typing keyboard?

The best Malayalam typing keyboard is the Qwerty Keyboard.

How can I type Malayalam in Windows 10?

The best way to type Malayalam in Windows 10 is to use the Language Settings option. You can also download a keyboard for your language from an online store.

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