The Google Assistant is very useful when it comes to getting things done without touching the phone. You can send messages, search on Google, set reminders, and change settings by sending voice commands to Google Assistant. This feature can be annoying at times, especially if it comes out of nowhere. However, there is a way to disable Google Assistant in Android.

If you find that you no longer need Google Assistant to get your work done, you can simply turn it off. You can also prevent it from appearing after you click the Home button. Let’s see how to disable Google Assistant and prevent it from appearing when you click the home button.

Turn off Google Assistant on your Android device

You can easily turn off Google Voice Assistant by changing the settings in your Google app. To do this, you can follow 4 simple steps, briefly described below.

4 steps to disable Google Assistant in Android

1. Open the Google app and press More (3 dots).
2. Tap the Set Up button and then tap Google Assistant.
3. Open the General option by clicking on it.
4. Toggle the button next to Google Assistant to turn it off.

If you are confused about a particular step or procedure to disable Google Assistant in Android, you can follow the steps outlined in the screenshot below to help you.

Step one: Start the Google application on your Android phone.

alt= Google App data-ezsrc= /> Google App

Step two: In the Google app, click the 3 dots above Details in the bottom right corner. Then click on Settings to open it.

alt=Open Settings data-ezrc= />Open Settings

Step three: On the next screen, tap Google Assistant to open the settings menu.

Step four: Scroll down in the Google Assistant settings and tap General. If you cannot find the general settings, tap Show all settings.

alt=Open Google Assistant general settings data-ezsrc= />Open Google Assistant general settings

Step 5: Flip the switch to the left of Google Assistant to turn it off.

alt=Disable Google Assistant in Android data-ezsrc= />Disable Google Assistant in Android

Step six: When asked to confirm, press the OFF key.

alt= Google Assistant disable confirmation data-ezsrc= /> Google Assistant disable confirmation

Disables Google Assistant on your Android devices such as mobile phones and tablets. And you won’t see it if you say Ok, Google or Hello, Google. However, every time you press the Home button, you’ll see the option to activate Google Assistant.

alt=Google Assistant by Pressing the Home Button data-ezsrc= />Google Assistant by Pressing the Home Button

You can leave it as is or disable it manually.

Turn off the Google Assistant display on the home screen.

If the appearance of the Google Assistant window every time you press the Home button bothers you, you can disable it in the settings of the Android smartphone.

Message: The settings listed below may differ depending on the Android version of your phone and the device manufacturer. If you cannot find one of the specific settings listed below, you can check for similar settings on your phone or on the manufacturer’s website.

Open the Settings app on your phone and tap Apps & notifications. In some cases, these may be attachments.

alt=Open app & notification settings data-ezsrc= />Open app & notification settings

Then click on Default Applications.

alt=Click on the Default Applications option data-ezsrc= />Click on the Default Applications option

Then tap the Help application to open the available assistant options on your phone.

alt=Open helper application data-ezsrc= />Open helper application

Now select No to disable the Google Assistant pop-up when you press the Home button.

alt=Don’t Select Data ezsrc= />Don’t Select Data.

When you press the Home button, you cannot see or activate the Google Assistant window. If you want the wizard to appear again in the future, you can undo the changes you made to the settings above.


Google Assistant can be handy on Android smartphones, but it can also be annoying if you unknowingly press the home button or say Hey Google without wanting to use Assistant. The Android device provides an option to disable Google Assistant in Android and you can easily do so by following the instructions in the article.

If you’re still a little confused, you can ask Google Assistant how to disable Google Assistant and it will give you the detailed steps for the updated version. Once logged out, you can click the Home button as many times as you like; Google Assistant will no longer help you. However, if you’ve missed your Google Assistant, you can turn it back on via settings.

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